How To Reduce Face Fat Naturally: Exercise, Home Remedies And More

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Sep 27, 2018
How To Reduce Face Fat

You probably hate it when people pull your cheeks and say that you should not feel bad because you have baby cheeks, something that everyone loves, but only you know when it stops being cute. Face fat is very common. Having said that, I would like to add that it is a very common thing and NOT a problem! Everybody is beautiful in their own way. Nothing about you needs to be reduced or increased just because. But if it makes you feel uncomfortable about yourself, there are ways to fix it.

We identified that a lot of women, of all ages, feel conscious about their chubby face and want to know how to reduce face fat naturally for a slimmer face. So, we did some research for you. Here is everything that you need to know about face fat, why you have it, how to lose face fat and more.

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Home Remedies
Different Treatments
Face Exercise And Yoga
Facial Massage   
Face Fat Reduction Creams
Makeup To Make Your Face Look Thinner
Surgical Procedures

What Is Face Fat?

When fat gets deposited on certain areas of your face, leading to a rounder, fuller and puffier appearance, it is called face fat. Our face has several layers starting from the bone which gives the face its shape, followed by muscles, then comes fat and the final layer is the skin. It is the fat layer where the face fat is located.

How to reduce face fat

How To Know If You Have Face Fat?

There are different fat pockets on the face where the build-up of fat usually takes place. For example, the sides of your face, the cheeks, the eyelids, the jawline, the chin and around the neck. If your face has gradually swollen around these areas over time, you have face fat.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Face Fat?

An extra fat percentage on your stomach won’t make much of a visible difference. On the face, it will. Face fat is commonly seen as ‘a problem’ because it makes people self-conscious. This is the primary reason why people want to know how to reduce face fat. But having chubby cheeks is not always flattering and “cute”. Face fat or facial bloating may be a sign of a serious health condition. It can be a sign of obesity, for example. If something goes wrong in your body, your face will be the first to show it.

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What Can Cause Your Face To Look Fat?

Your face is getting fatter because the rest of your body is about to follow suit. There are many different factors that can cause your face to look fat such as:

Genetic Factors 

While face fat usually cannot be genetically inherited, it can be your bone structure and frame of the face that is making it look fatter. If your bone structure is broad, it can give the illusion of a bigger face.

Hormonal Factors

Sometimes, right before the period strikes, the body experiences a spike in the hormone progesterone, making facial swelling a common PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptom.

Medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, which is a lack of thyroid hormones, resulting in rapid weight gain which is why the face becomes bloated. Although, this kind of facial bloating has a different treatment than face fat.

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Lack of water is one of the biggest causes of weight gain. When you are dehydrated, your body tends to retain as much water as it can. And not many people know that the face is one of the areas where excess water is stored. When the body realises a drop in water intake, your facial tissues store whatever they can and thus bloat your face.

Alcohol Intake

How to lose face fat

Drinking too much can be harmful in many ways. While enjoying the occasional glass of wine is fine, going overboard with your alcohol intake, whether with beer, brandy or a dirty martini, can be one of the biggest causes of face fat and bloating. Alcohol is high in calories, low in nutrients and makes you dehydrated. And you already know how the body responds to dehydration.


Apart from mouth cancer, smoking can cause the weakening of the muscles and the ligaments that hold the fat pockets on your face, causing the fat to relocate to other areas of the face, making it look chubbier. Ageing and stress too can have a similar effect on your face. 

Poor Diet

The root cause of any form of weight gain is a poor diet. Consumption of more junk food, carbs and sodium-rich foods is where the fat accumulation begins. Not just eating fatty food but a lack of essential nutrients can also result in face fat.

Undiagnosed Allergies

Bloating is a common symptom that something is not right with your digestive process. That is why people with certain food allergies and intolerances steer clear of the particular food. Having an undiagnosed allergy can also be a contributing factor for face fat. Maybe you have been consuming something that your body does not accept.

Home Remedies To Reduce Face Fat

how to reduce face fat home remedies

There are some home remedies to reduce face fat as well that you can try. Not only will they help you in getting rid of face fat but also make your skin naturally beautiful and glowing from within. In fact, most people go for home remedies because they have almost no side effects at all. Here are 15 ways about how to reduce face fat at home that you can try:

Green Tea To Get Toned Face

Rich in antioxidants, green tea boosts the metabolism and helps get rid of toxins in your bloodstream, allowing a more free flow of blood to the face and other parts of the body. Drink 3-4 cups of green tea in a day. No need to worry about its caffeine content as green tea has very less quantity of it. In fact, this caffeine can’t be stored by the human body. It is excreted through urine after up to six hours. Thus, it helps your body to reduce water retention as well. No wonder why it is a favorite beverage for anyone who is trying to lose face fat. Add a little bit of honey to it if you can’t drink it as it is.

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Milk is packed with several essential nutrients that tone-up and tighten your skin. It also acts as an anti-aging agent that helps retain the elasticity of your skin. There are three ways in which you can include milk in your journey towards reduced face fat:

Take some raw milk and massage it in the face and neck. Wash it off with lukewarm water. It will help you to get rid of double chin.

Make a paste by mixing a few drops of honey in freshly extracted milk cream. It will form a watery paste. Apply it on your face and neck and let it act for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water. Consuming milk regularly also enhances skin moisture and improves skin condition and this is how you can lose face fat.


Lemons are known to be beneficial in burning fat and reducing inflammation. A lot of people drink warm lemon water every day in the morning for a healthy metabolism. Mix some lemon drops in a glass of warm water. Add half a teaspoon of honey to it (this ingredient is completely optional). Drink it on an empty stomach to get better results. Not only does it serve as one of the most effective ways to lose face fat with home remedies but also from the entire body.


how to reduce face fat naturally

Turmeric is known for its fairness, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties but there is so much more to this ayurvedic treatment. It is ideal for getting rid of those extra pounds that have accumulated on your face. All you have to do is mix powdered turmeric with gram flour and yogurt to make a paste. Apply this mask on your face to reduce face fat, signs of ageing, wrinkles and even stretch marks.

Egg Whites

Egg contains Vitamin A which has a lot of skin benefits. It helps improve the resilience of the skin and also help retain its texture and elasticity. Here are two ways in which you can use eggs:

Blend two egg whites with one tablespoon each of milk, honey and lemon juice. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to it. Apply this mask on your face and neck. Half an hour later, wash it off with lukewarm water. Do it daily to lose face fat in a week.

Mix two egg whites with some apple cider vinegar and a pinch of Epsom salt. Stir well to make a paste. Apply it on your face for lasting results.


Melon acts as a skin-tightening agent and contains Vitamin C that has anti-ageing properties. It can effectively moisturise and remove the face fat. You can use melon extracts in either of the three ways to get rid of face fat:

Take some melon juice in a bowl and apply it topically on your face using a cotton ball. Wash it off after five minutes. It will help to lose face fat in a week.

Grind a few slices of the honeydew melons, add a few teaspoons to apple juice to it and apply it to your face. Let it dry and rinse after 20 minutes to see instant results.

Alternatively, you can drink melon juice to lose face fat fast. It helps flush out the toxins from your body and also keeps a check on your food cravings.

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how to lose face fat at home

Almonds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and B6. They heal, tighten and moisturise the skin deeply. The Vitamin E in almonds help your facial skin to retain its elasticity and the unsaturated fatty acids help to replace the dangerous fatty acids for a younger looking skin. Eat almonds or apply almond oil to your face to retain its elasticity and reduce face fat.


An avocado is definitely a perfect weight loss food as the mono-unsaturated fats found in it actually help burning it. Not just that, it has 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are necessary for healthy weight management. There are a lot of avocado face masks that you can prepare. This is a perfect solution for how to reduce face fat. Alternatively, you can eat it as a salad.

Dark Chocolate

It is often said that dark chocolate is a great way to lose weight. The more the cocoa, the better it is. Dark chocolate is filled with many antioxidants (around eight times more than what is found in strawberries) and a stimulant which has a fat burning property. Just go for chocolates with over 75% of cocoa.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter doesn’t just help to regain the glow and lustre of the skin but also helps in tightening the skin tissues and strengthening the facial muscles. Cocoa butter hydrates your skin which maintains elasticity, plumpness and resilience. A hot oil facial massage using cocoa butter will do wonders for your skin and help you reduce face fat too.


An active ingredient in the production of soaps, glycerin is essential for keeping the skin tight and healthy, thanks to its hydrating properties. Create a glycerin mask by mixing one tablespoon of glycerin with some peppermint oil and half a tablespoon of Epsom salt. Use a cotton swab and apply it to your face and neck. Rinse it off with cold water after a few minutes for a toned facial skin. It should be done 3-5 times to lose face fat, in a week.

Vitamin E

This Vitamin enhances the ability of the stratum corneum to balance out humidity which helps reduce face fat. There are two ways in which you can include Vitamin E in your daily life:

You can use a good Vitamin E oil for your facial massage. Any mineral oil rich in Vitamin E, wheat germ oil or almond oil, as mentioned above, can also be used.

Alternatively, you can include Vitamin E rich food like nuts and seeds, beans, green leafy vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, dairy products, brown rice, barley and legumes in your diet but more on that later.

Hot Towel Treatment

The hot towel treatment gives you steam causing the skin to sweat and therefore, reduces facial fat. It also helps tightens and rejuvenate the skin. To execute this, first, boil some water in a pan. After removing it from the stove, wait until it cools down a little. Soak a towel in it, squeeze out the extra water and press it on the fatty areas of your face. Repeat it for at least 5 times. This is the perfect solution on how to reduce chubby cheeks at home? It will also help open up the pores of your skin. To get better results, do this before going to sleep. You can also take steam through a steamer.

Cucumber Peel Mask

how to reduce face fat

Cucumber can help to reduce the bloated face. Loaded with water and fiber, it is quintessential for staying hydrated and keeping the skin cool. Make a paste from freshly obtained cucumber peels. Apply it on your face. It will reduce any swelling on your face with its cooling effect.

Clay Mask

Natural facial masks help contract and stiffen the facial muscles and help prevent sagging and folding of the skin tissue on the face. Also the clay masks, on drying, tend to absorb the stored water and oil from beneath your skin through osmosis providing instant results and increases collagen level of the skin. You can apply it twice a week, combining with the facial massage for instant results.

How To Get Rid Of Face Fat

Losing weight can be a challenge on its own, let alone from a specific area of the body. Extra fat in the face, particularly, is a frustrating problem to solve. Fortunately, unlike the buttocks, stomach, love handles and arms which are the biggest storage zones of fat in the body, the face hosts much thinner fat deposits just like your fingers and knees. There are many different ways to reduce face fat. You can try a combination of the following methods to lose face fat in a week:

Full Body Exercise To Reduce Face Fat

How to lose face fat at home

You have to lose fat as a whole in order to lose fat from other areas of the body. Exercising is first of the many steps that can help you get there. It may not help you lose face fat last or lose face fat in a week but it will be worth the patience and commitment. Here are all the exercises that you can do for a slimmer body and slimmer face:


Whether you choose a natural setting or a treadmill in your gym, running is the easiest way for how to lose face fat. Running twice a week for at least 20 minutes is a good start. And you don’t need to run very fast. Just keep increasing your pace as you get used to it.


Cardio can help promote fat burning and increase fat loss faster than other exercises when done consistently. Again, you can trust your gym equipment for this or go for activities like swimming, biking, aerobics and Zumba.

Face Exercise And Yoga To Lose Face Fat

How to get rid of face fat - sugar free gum

Facial exercises and facial yoga can be used to improve facial appearance, combat ageing, tone facial muscles and improve muscle strength. But face exercises alone won’t help burn all the fat on your face. This is a perfect solution for how to lose face fat.

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Here are 15 easy face exercises and face yoga poses that can help you burn those extra calories and reduce face fat:

Chin Lifts

Lift your chin towards the ceiling and fix your eyes on a spot. Now curl your lower lip over your upper as much as you can and hold for 10 seconds. Next, smile while your lower lip is still curled and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 10-15 times.

Open Wide

Drop your jaw with your tongue resting on the back of your lower teeth and stretch as far as you comfortably can. Hold it for 10 seconds and repeat for 10-15 times. Your muscles should feel tired quickly and help you in reducing face fat.

Stick Out Your Tongue

Just open your eyes and stick your tongue out. Try to touch your chin with your tongue. Hold it for 10 seconds. Do it for 3-5 times. It will surely make your face thinner, strengthen your facial muscles and reduce face fat from lower parts of your cheeks.

Fish Face

All you’ve to do is suck in your cheeks and make a fish face so your lips pout out. Here’s the challenge, try to smile in this position and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat 10-15 times.

Say X, Say O

How to reduce Face fat - exercise

Say the letter ‘X’ and ‘O’ several times alternately. Exaggerate and stretch your mouth as much as you can when saying the letters. Repeat for 3-5 minutes. This will strain your cheek muscles and strengthen them giving you a good facial workout to achieve a sculpted face.

Puff Your Cheeks

Puff out your cheeks and push the air from side to side. Or just do an actual mouthwash three times a day. Once you start feeling the muscles working hard, count slowly from 1 to 10 and stop. You can also try this exercise with water if the mouthwash burns your gums. This is good solution for how to lose face fat.

Move Your Jaws

Sit straight on a chair and open your mouth. Push your lower lip forward. It will cause your jaw to move. Keep stretching until you feel stressed near your ears. Hold it for 10 seconds. Move your jaw backward and relax. Repeat it for 10-15 times. It helps in reducing face fat from the lower portions of your face.

Rotate Your Tongue

Close your mouth and rotate your tongue inside in circular motion. Make sure your tongue touches the outer surface of your teeth. Repeat 10-15 times each clockwise and anti-clockwise, at least twice a day. It is one of the most effective exercises that target cheek muscles. This is good solution for how to reduce face fat.

Cheek Workout

This one is the most simple one. Pucker up your lips and move them on alternating sides. This one you can do whenever you are free throughout the day.


Close your lips and smile widely as much as you can. Hold each big smile for 10 seconds. Take a pause. Repeat your big smiles 10-15 times. This smiling exercise will help you get rid of fat on your cheeks.


Named after Marilyn Monroe, this pose is also geared towards creating firmer, fuller lips. All you have to do is simply pucker your lips, press them into your hand, and try to blow a kiss. This is good solution for how to lose face fat.

Chew Sugar-free Gum

 How to lose face fat - Chew Sugar-free Gum

Chewing gum is the best workout to lose face fat. And while you are at it, make it sugar-free so you don’t gain the extra calories from sugar. It is really effective in keeping your muscles active as well as toned. It cuts down the calories from your cheeks. To make your face look slimmer, do it for 20 minutes twice a day. This is good solution for how to reduce face fat.

Blow Balloons

You know what duty you are on in the next surprise party. Blowing balloons is a fantastic way to reduce excessive fat from the face. When you blow a balloon, your face muscles expand. Repeat the procedure ten times to get a noticeable difference in your cheeks. This technique helps to lose face fat in a week. 


It should be done with warm water. To shed those extra calories from your face, try doing warm water gargles, 3-4 times a day. Take a mouthful of water and twirl it inside your mouth. It gives the best results when you do it before going to bed. Also, a great way to maintain oral hygiene. This is good solution for how to remove face fat.

Duck Face

Pull in your cheeks imitating a duck (or the common selfie face) as much as you can and hold it for 10-15 seconds. Let it go and relax for a bit. The exercise is very effective in reducing the flabby fat and strengthening the facial muscles.

Diet To Get Rid Of Face Fat

How to lose face fat - Diet To Get Rid Of Face Fat

Diet plays an important role in your everyday life. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a healthy and balanced diet to lose face fat:

Watch Your Sodium Intake

One hallmark of excess sodium intake is bloating and it may also contribute to facial puffiness and swelling. This is because sodium causes your body to hold extra water resulting in fluid retention – which as we know causes face fat to build up. Consider reducing your sodium intake, example salt, to make your face appear slimmer. Processed foods account for an estimated 77% of sodium intake in the average diet, so cutting out convenience foods, savory snacks and processed meats. It is an easy and effective way to cut your sodium intake. This is good solution for how to get rid of face fat.

Drink More Water

Drinking water is crucial for your overall health and can be especially important if you are looking to lose facial fat. Studies suggest that water can keep you feeling full and increase weight loss while enhancing your metabolism. What’s more, staying hydrated is thought to decrease fluid retention, which prevents bloating and puffiness in your face. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day would be a good start for better overall health.

Eating Right Is Important

Cutting down on carbs is the first step towards any kind of weight loss. Refined carbs like cookies, bread and mostly all junk food like pasta and pizza are common culprits of weight gain and increased fat storage. These carbs have been heavily processed, stripping them of their beneficial nutrients and fiber and are high in sugar and calories. Because they contain very little fiber, they are digested rapidly, leading to spikes in blood sugar levels and a higher risk of overeating. Coming to eating right, swapping them out for whole grains can help increase overall weight loss and may also aid facial fat loss. You can include the following foods in your diet:

  • Broccoli and other green leafy vegetables
  • Tomato juice
  • Brazil nuts
  • Chia seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Hot peppers
  • Whole cereals

Limit Alcohol Consumption

As mentioned before, alcohol is high in calories but low in nutrients and may be associated with an increased risk of weight gain. Keeping your alcohol consumption in check is the best way to control alcohol-induced bloating and weight gain. 

Sleep Cycle

Catching up on sleep is an important general weight-loss strategy. It may also help you lose facial fat. How you ask? The lack of sleep doesn’t just make you sleepy the next day but also makes you eat much more than what you normally would, leading to overeating and extra pounds. Sleep is important to burn more fat. Switch up your sleep cycle to 7-8 hours and notice the difference in your health and metabolism. This is effective solution for how to lose face fat.

Facial Massage to Lose Face Fat

face massages to lose face fat

Did you know that you could just give yourself a facelift by massaging your face for 5 minutes a day? A facial massage helps to increase blood circulation (which can further help in detoxifying), tighten your facial skin, flush out toxins, release tension, reduce sinus pressure, puffiness and water retention. It also helps your skincare products to penetrate deeper! Massaging your face every day for a few minutes can also help you in getting rid of face fat progressively, especially from your cheeks and chin.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before going ahead with a face pampering session:

  • Facial massaging should be done after cleansing and washing your entire face and neck.
  • Never massage your face when you have pimples and acne. Let them heal entirely before starting with your facial massage regime.
  • The best time to do it would be right after applying your regular serum or essential oil or day/night cream for better skin absorption. If you don’t have a skincare routine this advanced then you can massage with any oil, cream, lotion or moisturizer that suits your skin type.
  • Ideally, your face should be massaged for twenty minutes.
  • The trick lies in the motion of your fingers. Don’t rub vigorously or slap yourself. Firm patting, tapping on cheeks and chin in a gentle circular motion with your fingertips can help you to get a slimmer face. Use middle fingers of both your hands to tap or pat along your jaw.
  • Always massage your face and neck with your hands using upward strokes and medium pressure. Massage your neck and chin area upwards using the back side of your palm.
  • If you want better, quicker benefits of facial massage, you can use facial massage tools or machines as well. Chinese Jade rollers are an effective face slimming tool that has become quite popular worldwide. Here is everything that you need to know about jade rollers, their benefits and where you can get one for yourself.

Give yourself 5 minutes a day and massage those problems right off! Here’s how you can give yourself a facial massage at home in just 5 minutes for a facelift.

Face Fat Reduction Creams

Face fat reduction creams include creams for face tightening, firming and lifting. They have anti-aging properties and make facial skin firmer and nourished. These creams claim to lift and sculpt facial contours with regular usage. For further details, you can check out the description on their boxes. Try one of the following three face creams, one for every budget, to lose face fat, signs of ageing and get a slimmer face:


 How to lose face fat - Vlcc Shape Up Chin Neck Firming Cream

POPxo Recommends: VLCC Shape Up Chin & Neck Firming Cream (Rs 386)

This is the perfect product to refine facial contours, reduce flabs on jawline and cheeks while also regenerating skin elasticity and firmness. The cream treats the lower jaw line area with molecules that stimulate cell regeneration which firms up slacking and sagging skin around the neck area. So, younger and firmer you in only 21 days! Try out this cream to reduce your face fat.


 how to remove face fat - L'Oreal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler Day Night Cream

POPxo Recommends: L’Oreal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler Day/Night Cream (Rs 1,485)

Over Time, The Powerful Natural Collagen Helps Fill In Lines And Wrinkles, Leaving Your Skin Smooth And Plump. The cream fills in a dose of intense hydrations and natural collagen for a younger looking skin, in just 4 weeks! Use It For A Complete Collagen-Infused Skincare Regimen. Try it to lose your face fat.


 how to remove face fat - Olay Pro-X Anti-Ageing Hydra Firming Cream

POPxo Recommends: Olay Pro-X Anti-Ageing Hydra Firming Cream (Rs 3,702)

Formulated with an advanced blend of niacinamide, amino peptides and hexamidine, this refreshing and rejuvenating moisturizer delivers visibly younger-looking skin. It treats your skin by following a targeted approach by tackling the root causes of visible aging—sun damage, sub-optimal skin surface renewal rate and dehydration. Just smoothen out the wrinkles with this one! Try it to remove your face fat.

How To Use Makeup To Make Your Face Look Thinner

 How to reduce face fat - contouring makeup

There are different makeup tricks you can use to create the illusion of a slimmer face. There’s no easier trick in the book than makeup. These are the three best makeup hacks that can make your everyday life easier, happier and more confident:


Yes, it is the Kardashian-approved makeup technique that we are talking about. Contouring is done to alter the face shape such as creating stronger cheekbones or slimmer noses. Learning how to contour for your face shape is actually pretty easy. Contouring a round face is the easiest! All you need to do is add contour along the edges and highlight in the center to illuminate your face. Here’s how to contour like a pro.


Another trick that you can use with makeup to slenderize the face is to add an element of illumination to it and there is nothing better than a highlighter and illuminator to do that. You should use the illumination technique in conjunction with bronzing powder or contouring. It will make your face look slimmer because of the contrast with the bronzing powder. And we have just the right products for that. Here are the best highlighters for that lit glow.

Focus On Eye Makeup

If you use makeup to put more emphasis on your eyes, your face is likely going to look slimmer. Put mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow on them, and leave your lips plain or only put a plain gloss on them. Also, the shape of the eyebrows is really important to make your face look slim. If your eyebrows are higher and more shaped, this can make your overall face look thinner. We are sharing the ultimate eye makeup guide for beginners with you. Go get them!

Everything you need to do, everything you need to eat and everything that you can try to get rid of face fat is here. But before choosing your treatment, make sure you can commit to it for the best results. A suggestion – use the above methods in a combination for faster and healthier fat loss.

Surgical Procedures To Get Rid Of Face Fat

how to lose face fat -  surgical methods like botox

This treatment is for those who want to lose face fat fast like in a week. Instead of exercising, eating the right food and doing things the natural way, surgery is a quick and effective but expensive and risky option to get rid of the fat. Here are some surgical procedures that are tried, tested and trusted by people having face fat:

Buccal Fat Removal

Cheek fat is also known as buccal fat. If you have already lost weight and still have buccal fat, chances are your chubby cheeks may be a genetic disposition. In such cases, buccal fat removal can be considered. A small incision is created between the cheeks and gums in the inner side of the cheeks to reach the buccal fat. The surgeon removes the amount of buccal fat agreed upon during the consultation and closes the incision. It will take about two months to see the final results.


Liposuction is usually performed on the body but in this case, the commonly treated areas are chin, neck and jawline. A suctioning device called cannula is inserted into a small incision on the skin. This tube is moved back and forth to break up the fat and suck it out. Liposuction usually takes about 3-4 months to show final results. The results are permanent but may be affected by weight gain.


Fat-melting injectables are the non-invasive alternatives to surgery. The Kybella injection is used to treat the double chin. After numbing the area, the doctor administers about 10-20 Kybella injections directly onto the double chin fat area. It immediately starts working by breaking down the fat cells. These cells release its fatty contents in the bloodstream which is then metabolised by the body. The best part? Kybella only destroys fat cells without affecting the surrounding cells.


Sometimes, a prominent or an overdeveloped jawline (called masseter hypertrophy or square jaw) can be mistaken for a fat face. Instead of using fat-melting injections, botox injections can be considered to slim down the face. After numbing the treated area, a number of Botox injections are administered to the predetermined spots of the jaw. This will weaken and relax and masseter muscles so they will progressively decrease in size giving you the appearance of a thinner lower face. The final results are visible after 4-8 weeks. However, the results are not permanent and will last for about 6-8 months.

Everything you need to do, everything you need to eat and everything that you can try to get rid of face fat is here. But before choosing your treatment, make sure you can commit to it for the best results. A suggestion – use the above methods in a combination for faster and healthier fat loss.