#ChinUp: 8 Easy-Peasy Double Chin Exercises For Perfect Face!

#ChinUp: 8 Easy-Peasy Double Chin Exercises For Perfect Face!

While makeup can lend your face a well-toned look, the chin is one stubborn little thing that refuses to listen to us. Be it genetics, a little bit of weight gain or the inevitable age - a double chin can sometimes be a woman’s worst enemy! (Everyone who’s been in a “candid” photo can agree with that!) But worry no more - we bring you a list of super-effective (and SO easy!) exercises to deal with your face fat and double chin woes!

Exercises To Get A Chiseled Face

1. Up You Go!

Lifting your chin up and maintaining the position for a while helps stretch and tone your jaw and neck muscles. This double chin exercise can be performed while sitting or standing. Here’s how:

Step 1 - Stand or sit, keeping your spine straight.

Step 2 - Now, slowly raise your chin up and make sure your face is facing the ceiling.

Step 3 - Gently pout like you’re trying to kiss someone (in this case, the ceiling)!

Step 4 - Keep your lips in that puckered position and count till 5.

Step 5 - Gently get your lips back to the initial position and repeat the exercise 5 times.

Up You Go!

2. Roll Your Neck

This exercise is aimed at toning and stretching the jaw, throat and neck muscles. It also helps ease tension from the shoulders.

Step 1 - Stand or sit straight, keeping your spine erect.

Step 2 - Slowly inhale and gently turn your head in such a way that your chin touches your shoulder.

Step 3 - Now, slowly exhale and move your head, making sure that it’s now resting on your chest.

Step 4 - Once again, inhale and move your head till your chin touches the other shoulder. (Do this 5-10 times a day)

3. Open Your Mouth (Say “Ahh..”)

This one takes almost no effort, and can be done anytime, anywhere. All it takes for it to show results is consistency. The “open your mouth widely” exercise focuses on tightening the muscles of your neck, throat and chin.

Step 1 - Stand straight, keep your body relaxed.

Step 2 - Now, open your mouth wide and lift your chin up.

Step 3 - Gently move your lower jaw up and down.

Step 4 - Do this for 10 counts.

Open Your Mouth

4.  Stick Your Tongue Out

This one is self-explanatory. It helps tone and shape the chin and neck muscles.

Step 1 - Lay down or sit straight.

Step 2 - Gently open your mouth and stick your tongue out.

Step 3 - Keep the tongue out and stretch it as much as you can.

Step 4 - Maintain that position and count till 10.

Step 5 - You can repeat this however many times you like!

Stick Your Tongue Out

5. Tilt The Head (Up, Down & Up Again!)

The more you stretch, the more flexible you become. Tilting your head is one exercise that will ensure flexibility and will tighten neck muscles. If done regularly, you’re bound to get the perfect chin in no time!

Step 1 - Stand straight and tilt your head back as far as you can.

Step 2 - Stretch till you feel that you’ve reached your limit.

Step 3 - Hold the position for 10 seconds.

Step 4 - Get the chin back to the initial position, and repeat!

Tilt The Head

6. The Platysma Exercise

The platysma is a muscle in your neck that runs down to your shoulders. This double chin exercise involving the platysma will tone your chin and cheek muscles. It also helps keep the neckline firm.

Step 1 - Stand straight, stretch and pull the corners of your mouth in a downward position. (This will slightly contract the muscles around your neckline)

Step 2 - Maintain that position, count till 6 and come back to the initial position.

Step 3 - Do this exercise 5-10 times everyday.

7. Vowel sounds

The vowel sound exercise targets the muscles around the mouth and on the sides of your lips.

Step 1 - Open your mouth wide then say “O,” followed by “E.”

Step 2 - Be sure to exaggerate these sounds and movements and not show or touch your teeth.

Step 3 - Do 3 sets of 15.

8. Keep the Chinup

Chin up

This exercise helps lift the face and chin muscles.

Step 1 - Keep your mouth closed, push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lip.

Step 2 - You should feel a stretch build just under the chin and in the jawline.

Step 3 - Hold the position for 10–15 seconds, then relax.

Step 4 - Do 3 sets of 15.


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