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Best fruits for weight loss

Weight Loss On Your Mind? 10 Best Fruits To Include In Your Diet For Quick Results

Not many people realise this but you can depend on fruits for weight loss! The truth of the matter is many popular fruits can help you achieve your weight loss goals. The only problem is that people don’t know which are the best fruits for weight loss or they are not aware of the fruit diet for weight loss. If that is the case with you then you are in for a treat as we have a list of fruits for weight loss that can help you get festive ready in no time!

Best Fruits For Weight Loss 

One of the best things about including fruits in your weight loss plan is that they are delicious. You can opt for a fruit diet for weight loss as there are many ways in which you can use fruits. In fact, many people are firm believers in Fruitarianism (a subset of dietary veganism, consisting of primary fruits, and possibly nuts and seeds) and love to depend on fruits for weight loss.

Banana For Weight Loss 

Banana - fruits for weight loss
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Believe it or not, bananas are good for weight loss! They are one of the healthiest and best fruits for weight loss. They have fibre, which slows digestion and keeps you full. One can eat up to one banana a day as part of a healthy diet for weight loss. 

Pineapple For Weight Loss

Pineapple is one of the most popular fat burning fruits. It is rich in fibre and aids in digestion. You can have pineapple to improve your digestive health and boost metabolism. It also has good water content and helps in keeping you hydrated.


Watermelon For Weight Loss

Watermelon is low in calories and high in water content, which makes up 90 per cent of its weight. A 100 gm serving of watermelon contains as low as 30 calories! It certainly falls under the list of fruits for weight loss.

Apart from these fruits, there are many other options too. Papaya for weight loss is quite effective, moreover, grapes for weight loss are also a must.

Dry Fruits For Weight Loss

Just like fruits, many dry fruits are wonderful for weight loss. Dry fruits are filled with healthy nutrients and many of them are considered superfoods due to their high nutritional value. Thus, when you choose to eat them instead of regular snacks you can avoid unhealthy fats. There are a few dry fruits that work well for weight loss. 

Diet Planning For Weight Loss


Almonds for Weight Loss

Almond - best fruits for weight loss
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Eating almonds every day can help you lose weight, boost metabolic rates, fight off bad LDL cholesterol. It is one of the most healthy dry fruits for weight loss.

Pistachios for Weight Loss

Pistachios are not just yummy but also contain abundant vitamins, minerals that help in controlling the blood sugar levels, antioxidants that actively fight against the extra fat. Pistachios also boost the metabolism. If you are looking for yummy dry fruits for weight loss, you don’t need to look further.

Walnuts for weight loss

Walnuts can be quite effective for weight loss. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and they reportedly reduce appetite. Also one of the best things about walnuts is that they are great for snacking. This is one of the best dry fruits for weight loss.

Fruits To Avoid For Weight Loss

It is important to remember that not all fruits are amazing for weight loss. You have to know about the fruits to avoid for weight loss. This will help you to choose your snacking options in a better way and lose weight easily.



Avocado is a high-calorie fruit. Though it is a good source of healthy fats, it can up mess with your diet easily when consumed beyond reasonable amounts. It is best to eat this fruit in moderation. Remember, 100 grams of this fruit contains about 160 calories. So be careful!


Though grapes are great for your health, they are also are loaded with sugar and fats. It can be hard to keep a track of grape consumption as they are delicious! It is important to include grapes in the list of fruits to avoid for weight loss. If you love grapes then make sure you are having them in a moderate amount.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away but do they keep the calories away too? This fruit has many health benefits that make them quite popular. Their high fibre and water content make them a filling fruit but a medium-sized apple has surprisingly high sugar content. This is the reason why it is one of the fruits to avoid for weight loss.

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29 Oct 2021

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