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50+ Unique And Beautiful Names For Your Baby Girl That Start With The Alphabet A

50+ Unique And Beautiful Names For Your Baby Girl That Start With The Alphabet A

Baby girls are truly a blessing! There is nothing more special than having a little angel of your own and it can be quite a task to pick the right name for your daughter. There are a number of girl names that start with A and they are so special. From unique girl names that start with A to cute girl names that start with A, we have a ton of options for you all to choose from!

10 Baby Girl Names That Start With A

There are many amazing baby girl names starting with A. If you are looking for interesting and special baby girl names starting with A, then you have come to the right place. These names are lovely and your baby girl will always thank you for it.

  1. Alanna: Precious, are, serenity, beauty
  2. Aaliyah: Rising, moving forward in life
  3. Aadhunika: Someone with modern thoughts and a fresh vision
  4. Advika: A unique girl, someone with no copy or duality
  5. Aadriti: Another name for Goddess Durga, a ray of sun
  6. Amaira: Forever beautiful and elegant
  7. Angelica: Messenger of God or angel
  8. Alia: Noble, sublime, exalted
  9. Adrianna: Female name of Latin origin that means Person From Hadria (Northern Italy)
  10. Alyssa: Flower derives from the Greek, noble natured

10 Unique Girl Names That Start With A

Unsplash: Unique girl names that start with A

In case you just became parents to a little angel, chances are that you must be looking for unique baby girl names that start with A. Here are some rare girls names for your little one:

  1. Abhinandani: Message of congratulations
  2. Anika: graceful, brilliant or sweet-faced
  3. Aadhaya: First power or the beginning
  4. Amelia: Work, someone who is hardworking, industrious and sincere
  5. Aishwarya: Prosperity, wealth
  6. Alekhya: Someone who can’t be described, about whom nothing can be written
  7. Anamika: Person without a name, little sister, ring finger
  8. Aadya: One who is always First, Another name for Adisakth/Parvati
  9. Aarwi: First ray of sun, special
  10. Aanadi: Someone who is always happy

20 Cute Girl Names That Start With A

Unsplash: Cute girl names that start with A

Isn’t there something special about picking a cute girl name that starts with A? We know you agree. Here is a list of baby girl names that start with A that you will find particularly interesting:

  1. Aadanya: Derived from the name of King Cheran
  2. Akira: Bright, clear and ideal
  3. Aadya: Excellent and the first or primaeval
  4. Aanchal: Someone gives shelter and protection to the needy
  5. Aarathi: Someone who praises the Lord very humbly
  6. Amisha: Beautiful, without deception, pure and truthful
  7. Aneesa: Someone who is friendly and gentle with others
  8. Aarna: Another name of Indian Goddess Lakshmi
  9. Abhigita: A happy go lucky girl, positive person
  10. Alessandra: Defender of the mankind
  11. Aura: Special quality or feeling that seems to come from a person
  12. Aadhila: The one who is honest
  13. Afroza: Quintessence of fire
  14. Alhena: A ring, a star in the constellation Gemini
  15. Aliyyah: Exalted, noble, highest social standing
  16. Anasuya: The one who is free from jealousy or envy
  17. Aditi: Boundless, one with no end
  18. Anindita: Beautiful, someone with remarkable appearance 
  19. Aarti: Hindu ceremony in which lights with wicks soaked in ghee are lit
  20. Aarohi: A musical tune

10 Special And Adorable Girls Names Beginning With A

Credit- Unsplash: Adorable baby girl names beginning with A

If you still haven’t found the perfect name for your baby girl, then don’t worry as we have tons of more girl names that start with A. Picking a baby girl name starting with A can be a bit tricky, but not impossible!

  1. Amyra: A princess, the one who commands
  2. Anfisa: Female name of Russian origin that means flowering
  3. Amara: The one who has no flaws, perfect
  4. Arivai: A young woman
  5. Anju: Someone who lives in the heart, a special girl
  6. Asin: One with a clean heart or pure
  7. Aruna: Lovely, sweet, someone who is kind-spirited
  8. Anaiya: A girl who brings sunshine, positivity
  9. Aakshya: Another name for Goddess Parvati
  10. Aamita: Boundless, limitless

Royal Baby Girl Names In Marathi

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Hoping that you are going to pick a special baby girl name that start with A!

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