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#HeSays: 7 Awkward Sex Situations ONLY Guys Can Understand!

#HeSays: 7 Awkward Sex Situations ONLY Guys Can Understand!

Yes, everyone has embarrassing moments during sex. But there are some that seem to happen only to us guys. It’s like the universe has reserved a bunch of awkward situations especially for us, making us blush and wanting desperately to hide our faces. We bring you just a few of those…

1. Morning wood

It just happens, ladies! And it’s just so embarrassing when you are snuggling with us at night and wake up to it and we basically don’t know where to hide our faces (or it). Far be it from us to push for morning sex – unless you’re interested, of course – but the body wants what it wants!

2. For that matter, a random erection anytime of the day

There are times when just thinking about you (or what we got up to the last time we were, er, together) is enough for us to feel terribly turned on. And again, we don’t know where to hide. Many a guy has spent more minutes than necessary sitting at his desk in office just so people don’t find out where his brain (and body) are at.

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3. Climaxing before you

Unfortunately, most of us guys are NOT multi-orgasmic like you ladies. So when we just can’t hold off any longer and, uh, finish, it leaves us in the extremely awkward position of not being able to continue. And while we’re more than happy to use our fingers and mouths to help you over the edge, we do secretly worry that you’re judging us for finishing too soon!

4. Not wanting to stop oral sex in favour of…anything else

Your mouth is amazing. And sometimes we just want you to go on and on and on – even though we know it’s unfair and it’s your turn to be pleasured as you deserve. We do try to get our feelings in check and not get carried away, but sometimes we just…fail.

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5. Getting tired in the middle of sex

We can’t help it – it just happens. Sometimes the day just catches up with us, and we can’t help but be too exhausted to continue, even though we really, really want to. Trust us, it’s not just you judging us then – we judge ourselves!


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6. Looking for the G-spot…and not finding it!

To be fair, it’s kinda hidden from us, you know. Our sweet spot is right there for you to access, while getting to yours can be…complicated. But we’ll keep trying, promise!

awkward sex situations 6

7. Sometimes, not getting an erection at all 🙁

We don’t know what to say about this. The mind may be willing, but the body just isn’t. And it’s so unfair that when you feel like that and aren’t getting wet enough, you can use lube to help things along – but there is no equivalent for us guys. All we can do is apologize to you (and write a stern mental note to our body parts to behave the next time).  


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09 May 2016

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