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8 Amazing Wedding Gift For Bestie!

8 Amazing Wedding Gift For Bestie!

This story was updated in January 2019.

If you thought dancing on London Thumakda in front of an audience is going to be tough, you probably haven’t thought about a gift for your BFF yet. Picking up the perfect wedding gift for bestie can be a nightmare. If you want to steer clear of the shagun ka lifafa here’s a list to help you out.

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Pick A Wedding Gift For Bestfriend From Our List Of Ideas!

Best friend’s weddings are always a special affair, your gal pal is starting a new life and you can’t help being excited! And since she’s your bestie, you’ve got to pick a gift for here that’s not only special for her, but one that also conveys your love and affection for her! So here’s a list of amazing wedding gifts for the best friend that you can get:

Vacay cay cay

A mini vacation is just the best. Even better if it’s paid for! By the end of the wedding, your bestie would be exhausted and sleep deprived. And the first year of marriage is also going to be an exhausting round of meeting relatives and festivals. Show some love and gift the couple a weekend getaway. Check out Make My Trip’s Gift Cards. They even have an options for a pooled gift!  

wedding gifts

Source: BruisedPassports on Instagram

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Beach kit

Figure out if the lovebirds are off to a beach honeymoon and put together cute little Him & Her beach baskets. ‘Just Married’ beach towels, Mr & Mrs bathrobes and a couple of fun luggage tags. Check out Extra’s – Weddings ‘n’ more for all your personalizing needs. Pack in a Body Shop hamper of beach essentials and top it off with a handwritten good luck note. One of the best wedding gifts you could get for your best friend, we totally have our hearts on it!

wedding gifts

Source: Bath&Towel on Instagram

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New house. New furniture. New crockery. New everything! And while your friend will definitely be receiving lots of dinnerware, it won’t be anything close to yours. Check out Chumbak for their colourful and quirky collection. The Wishing Chair is stacked with charming little home & kitchen products and Goodearth has the most beautiful and luxurious collection when it comes to dining and decor.

wedding gifting

Source: Goodearth


Low on the budget but want to gift something your friend will remember forever? A nameplate with her newly acquired surname for her all new home makes for a very thoughtful gift. You can be assured that it won’t be lying around unused with all the other goodies. While we love the look of teak wood frames, you could even opt for fiberglass or ceramic nameplates. Engrave is the most fuss-free; Adipa allows for endless customization. Your best friend is sure to love this wedding gift!

wedding gifts

Source: Engrave

Handmade Collage

Bachpan ka pyaar type love story? Gift the sweethearts a lifetime of memories with a handmade photo collage. Fish out kiddie pictures, first date, awkward hugs, blushing smiles and do up a little scrapbook or collage. Pinterest is loaded with tons of scrapbooking ideas. Emo stickers, glitter, ribbons, bows, it’s these little touches that count the most. Just keep it really, really neat. You don’t want it to end up looking like your class 5 summer project!


Couple Spa Date

We all need a nice long massage once in a while. The perfect wedding gift for best friend, this one will have you playing right the duties that come with being a bridesmaid. Gift the couple a relaxing and rejuvenating afternoon with spa vouchers. This is what best friends really are for,! We personally adore Amatrra Spa. A little on the higher range, you could get a couple relaxation therapy at around Rs 12,000. Check out Blossom Kochhar – Earth To Bottle for a budget-friendly option. They are priced at Rs 2,500 plus taxes for a couple aroma massage. If you’re looking for something in a different city, O2 Spa has outlets almost everywhere and allows you to book packages online. Approximately Rs 4,500 for a couple of Swedish massage, however, the prices differ city wise.

wedding gifts

Source: O2 Spa on Instagram

Makeup kit

No woman ever said no to makeup. And most of them spend a huge amount of time to put together a vanity kit, especially if putting on kajal and mascara was her idea of ‘make-up’. Show some love and buy her a part of it as her wedding present. While foundations and concealers are skin, complexion, and brand specific, you could always pick out essential shades of nail paints and lip colors. Add on a kohl pencil, the latest mascara in the market, and a few cleansers and makeup brushes. Sephora also stacks some amazing beauty kits that are shade specific. Still wondering what to give your best friend for wedding?

wedding gifts

Source: Sephora

Bar accessories

Put together a set of bottle openers, corkscrews, peg measures, ice buckets, bottle stoppers and table coasters. Depending on your budget you could also add on shot glasses or beer mugs. The point is to keep it fun, so ditch the boring! Our go-to is Happily Unmarried who’ve cornered the market on quirky barware. Trust us, this wedding gift for the best friend is bound to put a smile on her face!

wedding gifting

Source: HappilyUnmarried

No longer do you need to google about best friend’s wedding gift ideas, for our suggestions have you sorted!

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