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25 Awesome Wedding Gifts That Couples Will *Actually* Use!

25 Awesome Wedding Gifts That Couples Will *Actually* Use!

The wedding season is here! While we can’t wait to be a part of our friends’ and families’ big day, eat delicious food, have a dance battle on the Sangeet night and flirt with the cute guests of the other side, deciding on the wedding gift puts the best of us in a spot. We spend hours discussing and debating what to give the newlyweds and eventually end up giving them cash, something that may be very helpful for them but is totally impersonal.

You also don’t want the newlyweds to be stuck with a gift that they’ll never use and will only end up passing it on to other people. A blender, a vase, a suit piece, no one really wants that, right? And you definitely don’t want to be the one gifting any of these. So girls, if your bestie, school friend or colleague is getting married anytime soon, here are 25 wedding gifts for couple will actually use and love. Take our advice and place the order soon!

Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple 
Affordable Gifts For Wedding 
Under Rs. 5000 
Under Rs. 10000 
Luxury Gifts 
Personalized Gifts 
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Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples

Budget Wedding Gifts

Gifts Under 5K

  1. A Wellness Box
    The Kama Ayurveda wellness gift box includes a rejuvenating hair and body oil along with a face cleanser and retexturizing soap. The nourishing effects of this one kit are just what a newlywed couple needs after all the hectic celebrations.
    Buy it here for Rs 1,920.

  2. A Framed Cork Board
    wedding gifts corkboard
    The newlyweds will be making a lot of memories together and taking a million pictures to document those memories. This framed cork board that they can hang in their room will give them a place to pin up all the pictures they’ve taken or little mementos they’ve collected, like plane tickets!
    Buy it here for Rs 2,500.

  3. Feed Their Binge-Watching Addiction
    Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best gifts for anyone who loves binge-watching shows and spending nights with their partner, cuddling and eating take-out. There is something so comforting about just watching television with your partner and doing nothing else. Don’t you want the newlyweds to experience that?
    Buy it here for Rs 3,999.

  4. All Hail The Tea Lovers!
    Nothing can replace tea for the people that love this beverage. But this tea gift box will even convert coffee addicts. Well, if you get the flavours - Berry Biscus Black Tea, Chamomile Mint Black Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa & Rose Tulsi Green Tea - in one box, you’d be converted too! Imagine sitting on the porch in winters, sipping chamomile tea with your husband. Sounds like bliss, doesn’t it?
    Buy it here for Rs 2,100.

  5. Some Bling For The Bed
    wedding gifts cushion
    A cushion cover may seem like a weird gift but if it is this gorgeous, it has to be gifted to the newlyweds. With its ornate gold embellishments, it’ll add the much-needed dose of bling to the couple’s bedroom! Also, if you love them a little extra, you can also gift them two of these - they’ll still be in your budget!
    Buy it here for Rs 2,200.

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Gifts Under 10K

  1. A Camera To Capture The Moments
    If your friends who are about to get married love capturing moments that they love, there is no better gift for them than this adorable little camera that’ll let them freeze time. Add in some accessories and they’ll be all set!
    Buy it here for Rs 5,530.

  2. A Warm Escape From The Winters
    Most of the wedding season is during peak winters. So it only makes sense to give the couple something to keep them through the months. This monochrome quilted bedcover set is perfect for that. Not only will it keep them warm, but it’ll also add a lot of elegance to the bedroom!
    Buy it here for Rs 8,990

  3. Blessings From God
    wedding gifts painting
    Every home needs some colour and art to brighten it up. And if that colour comes in form of this beautiful Lord Ganesha Tanjore Painting, it’ll be even more special and cherished. Not only is it a valuable gift, but it is also a beautiful way to bless the couple and wish them a happy married life. Lord Ganesha, after all, is the god of new beginnings and good luck!
    Buy it here for Rs 8,500

  4. A Portion Of Lotus
    One thing you can be sure of is that your newly married friends will now be doing a lot of entertaining - whether it’s family or friends. And when you’re hosting people, one of the things that make you the happiest are when they appreciate your dinnerware. This marble and brass lotus platter will be the starting point of a lot of conversations when you serve nuts and chocolates in it.
    Buy it here for Rs 7,590.

  5. Lights, Camera, Action
    A dramatic piece of decor can add some character to any room. And this brown metal lamp does not take up too much space, thanks to its adjustable tripod legs. And since it looks like the lights used during shoots, it’ll be appreciated even more by your Bollywood obsessed friends.  
    Buy it here for Rs 7,779.

Luxury Wedding Gifts (10K and above)

  1. Accessories That’ll Change Your Look
    wedding gifts earrings
    Jewellery is a way to bless the newlywed bride and give her your aashirwaad. These magnificent gold-plated kundan and green stone drop earrings will be the ultimate gift for the bride as she’ll be attending a lot of formal dinners involving ethnic wear. It’s possible that the groom may feel a little left out but well, he got the beautiful lady, could he want anything more?
    Buy it here for Rs 15,000.

  2. A Motivation To Travel
    All newlyweds welcome travel gifts because, well, it gives them another reason to go on a vacation! With this cute little vintage trunk, every little getaway will become even more colorful. Travel in style will have a totally different meaning with this!
    Buy it here for Rs 12,500.

  3. The Hosts From Heaven
    This one is a really pricey gift so I’m sure it’ll be reserved for the most loved family members or your best friend! But no matter who you gift this dinner set for six to, they’ll thank you for the rest of their lives because of just how gorgeous it is. With a 24 carat gold and platinum decal, their dinnerware will be getting all the attention (and a few envious glances!) when guests are over.
    Buy it here for Rs 31,100.

  4. Boom Boom Shake The Room
    wedding gifts marshall speaker
    Every home needs a set of speakers to get the party started. The Marshall speakers are unique wedding gifts for couples. Their vintage look and excellent sound quality coupled with the fact that they can be carried anywhere makes this the perfect gift for your newly married friends.
    Buy it here for Rs 26,499.

  5. Spoon It Out
    I know that this gift might be a little bit of an overkill but if you can afford it, why not? After all, they’re only going to get married once. With this stainless steel cutlery set of 130, the couple will be adding a vintage Victorian touch to all their dinner parties. Get out the finery because the queen is coming!
    Buy it here for Rs 65,700.  

Personalised Wedding Gifts

  1. A Personalised Mini Lamp
    Gift the couple a cute little lamp to go on their bedside. The best thing about this lamp is that it can be personalized with images of the couple. If you have them, great, if not, let the couple choose and insert for themselves.
    Buy it here for Rs 999.

  2. Drink In Style
    wedding gifts wine box
    There will be a lot of nights of wining and dining for the couple, some in their home having a quiet night in and some, out in the city. So to make their nights on winning at home a little more special, this personalized wine rack with enough storage for two bottles will be the perfect gift for them.
    Buy it here for Rs 2,495.

  3. Frame The Date
    If you’re going to be gifting the couple a photo frame, don’t let it be one of the off-the-shelf generic ones. Get something super personal and cool framed that they can actually use and hang in their room. How about their wedding date printed on a collage of their pictures?
    Buy it here for Rs 1,350

  4. A Mini Couple
    Take your personalized gift game up a notch. How, you ask? That’s simple - with these couple clone dolls! These custom bobbleheads are created on the basis of a photo of the couple and will make for an excellent bedside decor item with an adorable twist. This really is one of the most unique wedding gifts we spotted, something everyone will definitely love.
    Buy it here for Rs 10,990.

  5. From The Desk Of…
    wedding gifts stationery
    The couple will be sending a lot of thank you notes for all the beautiful gifts they’ve received. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could do the same with personalised stationery with their names printed on it? We think they’d love that idea. That’s what makes this boxed stationery set with gold edge gilding and foiling such an apt gift. Writing those notes won’t seem like a task anymore.
    Buy it here for Rs 5,800.

Experiential Wedding Gifts

  1. For The Movie Buffs
    We all watch movies. And a gift card from BookMyShow is perfect for the movie buffs! A thoughtful gift like this is sure to make the newlyweds super excited and oh-so-happy.
    Buy it here. Ranging from Rs 150 - Rs 10,000

  2. An Escape From Reality
    Sometimes everyone needs a break from reality, especially newlyweds who’re constantly surrounded by relative monitoring their every move. Some downtime with each other complemented by couples massages will sound like heaven to them!
    Buy it here for Rs 4,762.

  3. Cook Their Way To Each Other’s Heart
    wedding gifts cookbook
    Gone are the days when women used to cook and serve men while they sat around watching television. Now, husbands and wives share the household chores and cooking can be a really fun way to bond between the partners. So gift the new couple a cookbook of recipes they can make together. Maybe fun times in the kitchen and bellies full of food will carry over some of the magic to their bedroom!
    Buy it here for Rs 4,156.

  4. A Date Night Surprise
    If you really want to gift the couple something special, gift them a date night where they aren’t constantly surrounded by relatives or bound by the obligation of greeting guests. It’ll be just them in a beautiful cabana with a three-course meal and some wine! Sounds like heaven now, doesn’t it?
    Buy it here for Rs 12,300.

  5. Paradise For The Makeup Junkie
    We found the best gift to make your makeup junkie best friend squeal with joy. What could be better for her than a Nykaa gift card - a card to open the doors to heaven for her? She could shop from there as much as we wants and stock up on all her favourite things. And about her groom - well, Nykaa has an extensive range of products for men too! But I don’t think she’s going to be sharing it with him, will she?
    Buy it here starting from Rs 100.

What Makes Gifts Better Than Cash?

The first instinct of most people is to give the newlyweds cash instead of gifts. The logic behind this is that with the cash, the couple can buy what they want instead of some generic thing you’ll gift them. But in reality, there is nothing more impersonal than cash and if the two people getting married are close to you, it only shows them that you did not care enough to put in the extra effort.

On the other hand, gifts that you’ve put some thought it will always remind them of your attempt to make them happy to the best of your abilities. Every time they use it, they’ll think of you and your little contribution to making their life better. So take a little extra pain and find them a gift that’ll put a smile on their face. And if you’re still confused about what you can gift, just ask them. You’ll be surprised by how forthcoming people can be with their demands. Even if there isn’t the concept of wedding registry in India, they can still tell you what to get them. That’s about all it takes. So, happy shopping!


1. What should I get the couple since they don’t come with a gift registry?

Wedding gifts can come in all sizes and shapes, while also carrying a definitive purpose to it. We understand that choosing the right gift can sometimes be a wearying task, so we have clubbed the best wedding gifts that you can choose from under different price bars.

2. What if they don’t like my personalized gift?

Why give an ordinary, run the mill gift when you can gift something personal. It’s highly uncommon that the newlywed couple will not recognize your efforts. We bet, their first instinct will be in awe of your gesture.

3 What are the best wedding gifts under budget?

There is a wide variety of gifting options available in the market, yet you can’t be sure if that vase you picked will be the right choice. However, you can make it thoughtful by gifting a wellness box, a framed cock board, a herbal tea box or even a blingy cushion to adorn their bed.

4. My brother loves watching movies, what can I gift him on his wedding?

You can gift your brother a gift card from BookMyShow. This will be the perfect wedding gift for a movie buff like him!

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