15 AWESOME ‘You’re An Adult’ Gifts For Your Bestie’s 21st!

15 AWESOME ‘You’re An Adult’ Gifts For Your Bestie’s 21st!
This story is updated in January 2019. Even though we think buying gifts for our best friend would be the easiest thing to do, it is actually one of the toughest jobs in the world! After all, we know so much that deciding on one particular thing among thousands of options is just not easy. Well, we’re here to help. Here are 15 Birthday gifts for your bestie on her 21st birthday that is fun, sassy and sweet at the same time!

Here Are Amazing Gifts For Bestie

1. Some sexy lingerie

1 gifts for your bestie Now that she is a grown woman, it’s time to add something other than just granny panties to her closet. Sexy lingerie is something she might not buy on her own but that’s exactly why she’s got you! Price: Rs 795. Buy it here.

2. A place for all those thoughts!

2 gifts for your bestie One inevitable part of growing up is to learn to not say things. In front of your teachers, your boss, even family members for that matter, you need to just keep some thoughts to yourself. Gift her this notebook for the sake of all those thoughts that get lost somewhere in the process of adulting! Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

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3. A fashion basic

3 gifts for your bestie We all need a few basic outfits in our closet. Like this white mid-length dress, for example. This will be perfect for all the lunch dates she’s soon going to get asked to or maybe, one with you. Price: Rs 1,550. Buy it here. Also Read Naughty Gifts To Give Your Bride-To-Be Bestie!

4. A relief book

4 gifts for your bestie While she is running around trying to figure out her life and feeling like she is miserably failing at it, it’s your job to tell her to stop and just breathe for a while. That’s exactly what this book will do when you’re not physically around. Sarah’s funny scribbles are the perfect way to laugh after a bad day! Price: Rs 500. Buy it here.

5. A bit of protection

5 gifts for your bestie Whether sex-ed taught you this or not, we know we’ve been saying this for a long time now - protection is important. And that is something you need to tell your bestie in this hilarious and kind of embarrassing way! Price: Rs 418. Buy it here.

6. Something to wake up to!

6 gifts for your bestie Let her wake up to this awesome poster every day so that even when she is done sleeping, she remembers to never stop dreaming! Price: Rs 170. Buy it here.

7. A funky coffee mug

7 gifts for your bestie Even on her bad days, you want your bestie to know how awesome she is, right? Well, this coffee mug will do the job for you and put an instant smile on her face every morning! Price: Rs 390. Buy it here.

8. Something FLAWLESS!

8 gifts for your bestie Do we need to say anything more? Get this funky cushion cover that will double as your selfie prop on all those pajama parties! Price: Rs 1,050. Buy it here.

9. A little reminder to do epic sh*t!

9 gifts for your bestie A swanky crop top with an even better quote, this is what your bestie needs to be reminded to do every day - epic shit! This t-shirt is that reminder and she will absolutely love it! Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

10. A relaxing bath set

10 gifts for your bestie We all need our lazy wine-in-hand hot water baths, right? Well, make it extra special for your awesome best friend with this bath set that consists of a bath puff, a natural oval loofah, three different kinds of bath bars and two great smelling tea-lights! Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

11. A cutesy backpack

11 gifts for your bestie Backpacks never go out of style - at least not in your 20s! Here is a cute but simple one she can carry to college every day or even when she is out on her travelling adventures! Price: Rs 1,399. Buy it here.

12. A personal recipe notebook

12 gifts for your bestie It’s time to let your bestie know that she is a grown-up now and grown-ups need to learn how to cook for themselves! Yes, as sad as that sounds, that is true! Pen down some cool recipes for her to try in this recipe notebook… Preferably those which don’t involve instant noodles. Price: Rs 450. Buy it here.

13. A hip flask

13 gifts for your bestie Hey, 21 is the legal drinking age in many Indian states! All we are saying is alcohol is expensive at all the places you two will be partying in, in the near future! So keep a flask handy. Or just carry some juice in it, whatever works for you! Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

14. Some chill pills!

14 gifts for your bestie A cutesy and funny card can add tonnes of love and laughter to your gift. This one, for example, reminds her to… Take a CHILL PILL! Price: Rs 180. Buy it here.

15. Colour her life!

15 gifts for your bestie An adult colouring book is a necessity in all of our lives! We’re serious! It does not just give us major childhood feels but also reduces stress making this adult life a little easier to handle. Price: Rs 150. Buy it here. So, ladies, get shopping!