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Searching for gifts for bride? We've made a list for you!

Searching for gifts for bride? We've made a list for you!

Get over bedcovers, crockery sets and electric kettles as gifts for bride. We know they seem like a practical and convenient option, but have you ever thought that all the other guests must be thinking on the same lines? And that usually leaves the newlyweds with a bunch of kettles, cloth irons, tea sets and what not! So if your friend or cousin is getting married, she really doesn’t want anything typical as her wedding gift, not from you at least! We got 9 brides-to-be to share their gifts for bride wish list, and trust us, it’s all the help you need while choosing a gift for your bestie.

  1. Make-up bags, not make-up!

“I know what suits my skin best, and nobody else can get it right. Plus, the thing with make-up is that you can never be sure if the shade or texture will flatter another person. I would rather have someone giving me pretty make-up bags and pouches as gifts for bride, so that I can store and carry my stuff easily.”

- Richa Maheshwari, Delhi

  1. Silky matters

“I am really, really fond of dupattas. They can perk up any outfit, and I cannot have enough of them. I would love receiving a Banarasi silk or pure silk dupatta as gifts for bride. I’ll be able to use it a lot after my wedding and it will be an amazing addition to my wardrobe.”

- Payal Rastogi, Delhi

2 wedding gift wish list dupatta gifs

We found an amazingly pretty silk dupatta on Myntra for Rs 1,324! You’ll love it and so will your friend!

  1. Put an anklet on it

“I love pretty jewellery, not a very big fan of diamond and gold, but I totally adore silver trinkets. A pretty silver anklet is on top of my gifts for bride list. It’s something I can wear everyday and will make for a lovely present to receive on my wedding.”

- Nisha Khan, Mumbai

  1. Gifts cards would be nice!

“Really, I’m like Rachel from Friends, I don’t always like what people gift me. I just can’t trust someone else's make-up or fashion choices and I might not even like your taste in home decor. My ideal gifts for bride would be a gift card. Online shopping vouchers or gift cards from multi-brand stores would be ideal!

- Minisha Verma, Chandigarh

  1. Anything to fuel my love for music

“Anybody who knows me knows that music is my life. So, anything that is related to music would be an awesome gift for bride on wedding day. No really! If I had to pick, I would say that a portable speaker or headphones would be nice, so that I can carry my music wherever I go.”

- Ritika Kapoor, Noida

5 wedding gift wish list music gifs

Oh well, this is an awesome idea! You should figure out the hobbies of the person you’re giving the present to, and then decide what you want to give them. If your friend loves music too, you could give her this amazeballs JBL portable speaker.

  1. Spa vouchers, please!

“It’s not rocket science to figure out that newlyweds are the most exhausted people in the world, and they would appreciate nothing more than some moments of relaxation. My ideal wedding gift would be a spa voucher for me and my hubby, so that we can pamper ourselves after a crazy celebration.It also makes for a thoughtful wedding gifts for bride”

- Naina Jamwal, Delhi

  1. Personalization is the way to go

“I love giving people personalized and handmade stuff. I would love to receive the same on my wedding. People who really love me should make an effort and even if the gift isn’t as nice as expected, the effort will count. Personalized cushion covers, couple tees, bathrobes or even a key stand would be nice. I’m cheesy like that!”

- Anika Batheja, Karnal

  1. Light up my world

“I’ve already found the guy who lights up my world, and on my wedding I would love wedding gifts for bride that help me light up my room, literally! I love fairy lights and lamps. They give such a nice romantic glow to a room. I would really appreciated quirky lamps as a wedding gift.”

- Nandini Gupta, Delhi

8 wedding gift wish list lights

There can be nothing better than gifting light to a newlywed couple. This rose flower shaped fairy light string we spotted on Amazon for Rs 1,700 is a great option!

  1. A cutesy travel trunk

“Nope, not a suitcase! I really want an actual trunk. One which is preferably painted in a pretty colour and gives off vintage vibes. I will definitely take it for my honeymoon, and OMG, I can’t even imagine how amazing my pictures will look with that cutesy thing in the frame. If I don’t get it as a present, I’ll buy it, but it’ll be awesome if someone actually looks at it as gifts for bride option!”

- Astha Khanna, Mumbai

Is your friend Insta and Snapchat crazy too? Well then, you know what to get her as a wedding gift. This cutesy travel trunk will add a brilliant touch to her honeymoon pictures and even as a home decor item. Get it on Amazon for Rs 1,600.

Published on Oct 5, 2017
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