Unique & practical wedding gift Ideas for bride

Unique & practical wedding gift Ideas for bride
This story was updated in January 2019.

Sometime in your mid to late twenties, your social media fills with pictures of friends and acquaintances getting engaged, ‘rokka-ed’ and tying the knot. When it comes to selecting gifts for the bride, you’re often left scratching your head in confusion. It’s not easy to get the perfect gift that’s cool, practical, meaningful, and suited to the personality of the recipient. So thinking of wedding gift ideas for bride leaves you in a cold sweat, we’ve got you covered! With the help of the kind folks at Formyshaadi.com - India’s first wedding registry portal, we’ve figured out the top nine typical bridal personalities and the perfect wedding gift for every bride! So shop solo or use their chip-in feature to get a gift with your gang of friends - it’s never been easier!

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Gifts According To Bridal Personalities

1. Party Girl Bride

A perfect gift for bride who loves letting her hair down and getting her groove on! Gift her and her hubby-to-be an elegant evening out on the town where they can let loose with their pals! We’re loving these cool gift vouchers from Delhi’s uber classy and first ever speakeasy bar PCO, Mumbai’s ultra-famous fine dining restaurant Indigo and the latest innovation in food done by Caperberry in Bangalore.perfect gifts for brides

2. Jugadu Bride

The best wedding gift for the jugadu bride is that species always on the lookout for quick fixes that make life simple. And you can bet that she’s got a whole bunch of people she communicates with to make the jugad happen! So help her stay on top of her networking game with a cool new cell phone!  

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3. The Bride With Refined Tastes

She’s the most stylish person you know and you can be sure that her home will be filled with the fanciest wines, cheeses and chocolates. She would love this Magppie wine holder to showcase all her exotic bottles of merlot! We can also bet she’d love this super sleek Elvy buffet server - a stunning yet practical wedding gift for brides, thanks to which she won’t have to worry about how to do up her dinner table at the grown-up house parties she’s likely to throw.3 perfect gifts for brides

4. The Free-Spirited Bride

The quirky bride is perhaps the hardest to shop for, and you know that conventional gifts just won’t do. An experience instead of material gifts would make the best wedding gifts for such brides. One option is the Cook for Love experience offered by the famous Delhi restaurant Tres - where she and hubby can spend a day learning to cook a three-course romantic meal! Or maybe a fun-filled day of high-adrenaline aqua sailing lessons?

5. The Chill Bride

This pretty lingerie from Pretty Secrets is the best wedding gift for the chilled out brides. Pick one that suits every mood of yours and at the same time saves you the hassle of going shopping for bridal lingerie. Just chill out at home, browse through your phone and get some of the prettiest little lacy nothing's delivered at your doorstep. Yes, that simple!5 - perfect gifts for brides

6. The Super Organized Bride

She also goes by the moniker ‘bridezilla’ and could really afford to relax a little (but don’t tell her that!) What better way to soothe her frazzled and stressed out nerves than a long, luxurious massage and spa treatment? The Spa la Vie by L’Occitane indulgence is the perfect gift for the bride to unwind once the wedding craziness blows over!

7. Procrastinator Bride

If your friend getting married is always looking to sort out her life/start exercising/eating healthy starting tomorrow (and if that ‘tomorrow’ never really comes), why not give her a head start with this gift for the procrastinator bride? Your group can invest in a FitBit for the bride which might give her the motivation to start her new life with health on her side - and on her wrist!7 - perfect gifts for brides

8. The Bride Who Hates Attention

There’s always that one bride who prefers blending into standing out! And for her, being the bride and the center-of-attention is a real hardship! Your gift for such a bride should be something pretty but not OTT. We LOVE these super cute, subtle and delicate Fourseven pendants that are right up any low-key girl’s ally.

9. The Adventurous Bride

The girl who loves adventure is always on the lookout for experiences that are out of the ordinary. And there’s no better gift for an adventurous bride than a holiday! Gift her a romantic vacation at India’s famous vineyard - Sula - which offers luxurious accommodation, spa packages and wine tasting!

9 - perfect gifts for brides

* This post is in collaboration with Formyshaadi. Formyshaadi is India’s first comprehensive wedding registry portal that invites all newly-weds to create their gift registry and at the same time also helps you pick out the ideal gift to take to the next wedding you attend.