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8 Women Reveal Patriarchal Wedding Traditions That They Want To Dump For Good

Contrary to popular opinion, a lot of women today don’t want to get married; and I wonder sometimes if it has something to do with the sexist traditions. While that requires a (much-needed) survey, for now, we asked some women to reveal the patriarchal traditions that they don’t want in their weddings. Their responses were brilliant, let’s take a look.


1. “Vidaai and the whole idea of sending the woman away.” -Snigdha Oreya

Wedding Wire

2. “I don’t want a kanyadan and people that I don’t know at my wedding. I only want my immediate family.– Manya Ailawadi

Shaadi Dukaan

3. “I want a woman priest to solemnize my wedding. I feel that it’s high time we embrace this patriarchy-smashing trend.” -Aarushi Sharma

The Indian Express

4. “I don’t want to take those ghisa-pita saat vachans. Instead, I want me and my future husband to write our own empowering vows that we actually believe in.” -Nidhee J


5. “I definitely want to split the wedding bills between both families. It’s not fair for them or my family to splurge all their hard-earned money on a one-day event. It’s only fair to divide it.” -Radhika Malhan

Business Insider

6. “I want my sisters to walk by my side with phoolon ki chaadar, when I would be walking down the aisle. My sisters have been with me in my hard times and not any distant male cousins. It’s completely unacceptable.” -Pashmina Kaur

7. “This might sound obvious, but it’s dowry – in any shape or form. I want to crush this disgusting tradition with my bare hands.” -Vedika Nagi

Business Standard

8. “I hate the tradition of to-be brides touching every male’s feet after each event. I have been watching this happen in my family since childhood and I absolutely hate it. I don’t think we need this tradition now.” -Anonymous

Raising World Children

It’s 2023 and it’s unbelievable that we still have such sexist wedding traditions!

10 Nov 2023

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