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Fabulous Mommy Bloggers That We’re Currently Double Tapping On Insta!

Fabulous Mommy Bloggers That We’re Currently Double Tapping On Insta!

If you have ever interacted with anyone who’s pregnant or has just delivered a baby, you’d know this…It’s pretty hard. There are challenges and hiccups at every step of the way, but that journey is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Being a supermom may not be cut out for everyone and it definitely isn’t easy. Anyone telling you otherwise is probably lying. Following your passion, juggling your career, home and a newborn can be extremely overwhelming and that’s only normal. If you’re newly married or planning to get pregnant anytime soon or just need some inspiration to be superwoman, you need to be following these Plixxo mommy bloggers.

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Their Instagram feed will inspire you to be the best version of yourself and of course bombard you with parenting advice, pregnancy hacks, DIY’s, grooming tips all while inspiring you to do more and be more!

1. Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Diapers And Lipsticks

Head over to Saru’s Instagram if you’re looking for ways to stay gorgeous and fit before and after that pregnancy. Her feed has all the beauty and fitness inspo you’re going to need to keep you going. 


2. Arushi, The Snazzy Mom

Arushi’s Instagram feed is inspiring for all mommies, mommies-to-be and planning mommies too. She shows you how you can still do everything in your life with your baby by your side.

3. One Up Baby, Katerina


A post shared by 🌷 Katerina🌷 (@oneupbaby) on May 4, 2018 at 5:54am PDT

Katerina’s blog, One Up Baby follows her journey of being married to an Indian man and how she’s raising her baby to be the best fusion of both worlds. NRI mommies, check this out. Katerina gives some really great advice for married couples.


4. Sakshi Vaidya, Up Town Mommy


A post shared by Sakshi Vaidya 🌼 (@uptownmommy) on May 2, 2018 at 8:56am PDT

Sakshi teaches you how to be a millennial mommy. I personally love her perspective. She’s constantly looking for positivity in things, so if you’re feeling a little bit down and overwhelmed, head right over to her feed and you’ll definitely find a better path.

5. Ruchi & Ivanka, The Blog Of Ruchi


A post shared by Ruchi & Ivanka (@the_blog_of_ruchi) on May 12, 2018 at 10:54pm PDT

Ruchi’s Instagram is like a parenting treasure chest. From DIY’s to decor to fashion, she’s got it all! Her Insta stories are so relatable even if you’re not a mom-to-be. 


6. Haajra Fareen

If you’re looking to upgrade your flatlay skills, head over to Haajra’s feed. Apart from all things pretty, her blog and her feed reiterates her journey into motherhood and increasing productivity.


29 May 2018
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