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Stalker Alert! 5 Smart Moves To Make If You’re Being Followed By A Shady Stranger

It starts with spotting a shady stranger at the bus stop, office route, or the college gate creepily staring or following you. Then it happens enough times for us to realise that these encounters aren’t mere coincidences. We’re actually being stalked! The paralysing fear of being attacked then kicks in. It’s a fear so strong that it keeps many of us from stepping out alone for days. But retreating into a shell isn’t the solution. Being alert and prepared is the key. So, here are five smart moves that can help you stay strong and safe should any threatening circumstances arise:

Walk Confidently

Confidence is your best armour in such situations. It can intimidate the stalker by giving them a sense that you’re not to be messed with. The more vulnerable or scared you seem, the more liberty they will take. So, walk with your head held high while you calculate your next safety move.

Don’t Communicate With The Stalker

Avoid giving any reaction to the stalker/eve-teaser including saying “leave me alone” or “how dare you”. Doing so can distract you from your goal which is to reach a safe space ASAP. Also, it can make the stalker feel like they have successfully derived a reaction from you, which is essentially what they wanted in the first place.

Call For Help

As soon as you smell the coffee, call your family or friends in the vicinity so they can reach you on the spot for any help if required. You can also raise an alarm or scream to alert the people around you and intimidate or ward off the stalker. Lastly, put a responsive women’s helpline number on your speed dial so that you can alert the authorities and seek their help on time.


Don’t Take Their Threats Lightly

If a stalker passes a threat directly or indirectly, don’t take it lightly. Inform the authorities immediately and seek legal help. You must mention all the details about the stalker’s behaviour when you file an FIR against them later. 

Carry Your Own Safety Backup

From hockey sticks to pepper sprays to keychain safety alarms, there are a host of self-defence tools that you can keep handy while stepping out. Make sure to keep them accessible at all times so that you can use them to ward off the attacker or at least buy yourself enough time to escape from the situation.

Sirona Recommends Best Self-Defence Tools

Impower Emergency Alarm

This light and portable safety gadget by Sirona is something that you must keep handy while stepping out. It sets off a loud sound of 130 db as soon as its safety pin is pulled out. Additionally, its high-power LED light helps you draw attention and alert people around you for help. It may also scare off the stalker, giving you enough time to run away. The alarm comes with a keychain that can be attached to your car or house keys and is easy to carry along every day. 

Impower Defence Spray

This product is ergonomically packaged to come to your rescue in the toughest of situations. Its unique bottle design provides a firm grip to prevent slipping. It also has a long nozzle for a great range and can be sprayed from a distance. The best part? You can clip it onto your pocket or the bag’s handle for easy access (and intimidation).


Folks, you don’t have to be a trained martial artist to feel confident in a threatening situation. This foolproof self-defence plan and tools will help you face your stalker bravely and safely. 

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13 Apr 2023

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