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9 Gifts Every To-Be Mom Needs... From A To-Be Mom

9 Gifts Every To-Be Mom Needs... From A To-Be Mom

This story was updated in January 2019.

“What gift would you like for Mother’s Day?”, asked my well-meaning husband. Eye roll and snide comments aside, I told him an evening dress that hugs all the right curves (and hides some) would be great. Yes, I’m a mother-to-be but also an adult with an active social life that requires fashionable outfits for that occasional night out with friends. If you’re in the same boat (or trimester) as me, and have found this magic elixir, do share the same with me. Meanwhile, here are some practical and pamper-worthy gifts that any mom-to-be will appreciate.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s only fair that a mom-to-be gets included in the celebrations. These gifting ideas (that are mom-worthy without being boring) are sure to bring a happy smile on your lady in waiting (aka expecting).

9 Most Useful Gifts That Every Mom-To-Be Need!     

1. Mommy Care

1 mom to be

If there’s ever a time to give some TLC (tender love & care) to your skin, it’s now. Before the dreaded stretch marks make their presence felt, pamper your skin with all that you can. Also, considering that all-naturale, organic products are now are a part of your lexicon, you will appreciate these skin offerings from The Mom’s Co. It’s the perfect gift for baby showers or Mother’s Day.

2. Passing On My Jeans

2 mom to be

The hardest part of pregnancy has been putting into storage my 20+ collection of denim jeans and every other trouser or tights that had the ability to make my butt look good. While I’ve happily replaced my wardrobe with summer dresses (and a few tights), what I crave is a good ol’ pair of jeans that’ll do the job right. The solution: the maternity section at H&M, the only saviour (in India) when it comes to basics for pregnant women. Distressed jeans, come to momma!

3. Full Body Pillow

3 moms to be

The walking-talking-cuddling presence of a husband ensured that the boyfriend pillow never made it to my wishlist. Until, now. 25 weeks into the pregnancy you are recommended to sleep on your side (more specifically, your left-hand side) to increase the reach of blood and nutrients to the placenta. So a full body pillow that prevents the tossing and turning all night sounds as good as a 6ft hunk-shaped fella.

4. Activity Book

4 mom to be

Consider this book as practice for the years of filling children’s activity books that are to follow. This funny little piece of literature lets the mom-to-be fill in all sentimental, hilarious and awkward details of her pregnancy for the sake of memory keeping. If your giftee is a reader, a must-read is Rujuta Diwekar’s Pregnancy Notes, as Kareena and India’s leading nutritionist, she’s gives the best advice on pregnancy.   

5. A Sense Of Humour

5 mom to be

Even as you are inwardly crying at your changing body shape, you have to keep up the appearances and good humour. This fairly basic t-shirt dress does exactly that. You will also be introducing the mom-to-be to the site, Bonorganik, that houses a wide collection of mom-and-me sets (onesies and tees) for witty Instagram-worthy shots.  

6. Dress Me Up

6 mom to be

Since the whole idea of a Mother’s Day gift is pampering the mommy in making, a few stylish (that’s the key word here) maternity dresses wouldn’t hurt the cause. Cute and casual dresses are the easiest thing to slip on a pregnant belly every morning. Find a wide selection of these on this made for mommy e-comm site, Momzjoy, and in my cart right now is the owl print layered cotton dress for days like this.

7. Prop Up Your Pregnancy

7 mom to be

Is your mommy to be a serial selfie addict who likes to share her life and experiences on Instagram? Then, this tiny little gift will bring her much joy. These milestone cards will work as the perfect props for pregnancy photoshoots and charting your progress. P.S - Amazon also has a cheaper version that costs one-tenth the cost, in case you’re looking for a one time announcement or snap.  

8. Hospital Maternity Box

8 mom to be

Packing for the hospital can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Make her job a tad easier with this pre-packed maternity box. From basics like an organic shampoo, toothbrush to delivery essentials like breast pads, nursing cover - this set covers everything you will need during your time at the hospital. They also have one packed with baby essentials, so in case you haven’t stocked up cute baby things pick one of these as well.

9. Mommy Pampering Box

9 mom to be

Sometimes, all an expectant lady needs is some pampering. She’s got her basics and essentials covered but what she needs is a little love and surprise. Cue in the Mama And Peaches, monthly subscription box for pampering the mother to be. It’s got skincare, baby products, maternity essentials and much more.

Published on May 12, 2018
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