Foodie Hai But Meri Hai: 12 Fun Gifts That The *Joey* In Your Life Will Love!

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  Aug 1, 2019
Foodie Hai But Meri Hai: 12 Fun Gifts That The *Joey* In Your Life Will Love!


A wise person once said, “The best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” Well, I couldn’t agree more. Some might eat to live but my friends and I certainly wake up each day to see delicious food on our plates. Ever wondered why it’s the first thing that we reach out to when we’re sad or stressed? That’s because nothing in the world has more power than food to effortlessly change our mood, brighten up our blues and leave us feeling happier than before.

What Can Be The Perfect Gift For A Foodie Friend? (Except Food… Of Course!)

Do you have a friend who is always thinking about what to eat next, who can easily have another meal right after they’ve finished one, who is ever-ready to explore new cuisines and eateries with you, whose social media feed is filled with food-gasmic posts and who is perpetually, almost ALWAYS hungry? Then, it’s about time you surprise the *Joey* in your life with these 12 awesome gifts!

Hath Mat Lagana Isko Tote Bag

If your friend reminds you of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and can do anything in the world for you EXCEPT share her favourite food, then this tote bag serves as a fair warning to anyone who’s dinning with her.

Rainbow Cake Earrings

For a friend who’s got a sweet tooth, there’s no better accessory in the world than a pair of delicious-looking earrings! These rainbow cake earrings topped with whipped cream look good enough to eat but even better to wear!

Fries Before Guys Phone Cover

Boy, bye! Gift this sassy phone cover to your fashionable foodie friend who knows better than to lose her appetite over some boy drama. With this phone accessory, let her show all the guys in her life that ‘foods over dudes’ is how it’s meant to be.

Dessert Soaps – Galaxy Cupcakes

Ever heard of a soap that could make you drool? These gorgeously handcrafted soap bars which look as delectable and real as cupcakes, doughnuts and popsicles will leave your friend in awe. So, go ahead and surprise her with something that’s way too hard to resist eating. Our favourite is the Galaxy Cupcake Soap! 

Meri Foodie Kismat Poster

If your favourite friend ‘lives, eats and breathes’ food like nobody else and would like to have that fact displayed in her room, then this awesome poster is what you should gift her.

Bread Shaped Pillow

Does your friend get excited about the smell of freshly baked bread? Then this amazing pillow is bound to make her jump with joy. ‘Coz if there’s anything almost as nice as eating freshly baked bread, it’s cuddling a pillow that looks like one!

Wine Wall Clock

Does she have more than just one guilty pleasure? This funky wall clock is the perfect gift for her! In case she finds herself in a dilemma about what to eat or whether to eat or not at all, this clock is there to remind her that it’s always food o’clock!

Burger & Fries Airpods/Earphones Case

Is your friend addicted to burgers and fries and is often found buying herself a Happy Meal at McDonald’s? If so, then there’s no better gift than this earphones/airpods case which resembles the lip-smacking glory of her favourite fast-food in the world.

Come If You Have Food Doormat

For a friend who loves receiving food deliveries and you know she wouldn’t let you in her house if you’ve not brought food, this funky doormat should be your gift. It also makes sure that every other guest knows what to bring her next time!

Doughnut Mug

If coffee and doughnuts are known to create a heavenly combination, why not gift your friend the pleasure of enjoying her favourite coffee in a mug that looks just as yummy as a doughnut?

Lip Smacker Lip Balms – Classic Coke

Is she addicted to sodas? Does she always need a can of coke to go with her food? Gift her one of this deliciously unique range of lip balms that contain all the authentic flavours of her favourite sodas and watch her go *Mmmmm* as soon as she applies it. We love the classic Coke flavour!

Pizza Love Notebook

Beauty comes in all sizes – thin crust, cheese-burst, stuffed crust, etc. If your friend considers pizza as her one true bae, there’s no better way to make her smile than by gifting her this pretty diary. The pizza-licious cover will even make her crave for the real one!

They say people who love to eat are always the best people… So ‘add to cart’ these fun gifts right away ‘coz you don’t want to lose this foodie friend of yours! 

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