10 Food Memes Every Foodie Will Relate To

10 Food Memes Every Foodie Will Relate To

If you’re perpetually hungry all day, everyday, you have our empathies. Adulting is hard and sometimes a slice of pizza, or two (or a whole family size, doesn’t matter how large) is all you need to get through the day. In tough times like these, it’s difficult to not give yourself some TLC and eat to your heart's content! We’re not judging you because really, we’re on the same boat. In fact, we’re probably on a ship by now! If like us, you too feel hungry just about always… here are 10 food memes that will have you saying, “Same, girl, same!”  

1. When they remind you about losing weight…

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That’s literally the last thing you want to be reminded of, when you’re hungry. Maybe it’s a good time to talk about it when you’re satiated after that big bowl of pasta you just ordered. Oh, but is it ever a good time to talk about weight loss?!

2. You pass weather jokes all the time!

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Because what’s life without making fun of yourself? Others are doing it anyway so you might as well just lead the parade! You can relate food to the weather, to astrology, to neurosciences… basically anything.

3. For you and your stomach

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It’s as if your stomach and you are two separate entities living together in one body - it’s called symbiosis (just kidding, that’s different). You both feel hungry at different times and have different tastes, with one common love interest - food! ‘Twas a match made in heaven.

4. When you’re too broke but…

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Oh, the heartache when someone asks you out to dinner at a fancy restaurant when you’ve been living on instant noodles and dal chawal for the last fortnight. You geddit, don’t you?

5. Sssh… koi hai!

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After spending a good 15 minutes eyeing everything in the fridge, you finally find yourself some yummy leftovers that’s too cold to eat! You don’t want to wake anyone up, but you can’t not heat it. It’s just that sort of situation!

6. Soul food!

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Because there’s no food like mom’s home cooked food! Be it chilly chicken, rajma chawal or just bread and cheese. Your inner hungry monster awakens every time your mom’s made your fav dish!

7. When you make a food joke…

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… but no one else gets it! We do, and we second you on that! There’s nothing as tasty, handy and delish as a loaf of the softest bread!

8. When you have a problem

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A serious one at that! When you just can’t understand why your body thinks about food all day, all night, everyday, every hour. You must consult a doctor! Where does he sit? Probably at the grocery store!

9. All the time!

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When you can’t stop criticizing yourself but can’t stop eating, either! What do you do in such a situation? Well, just order some comfort food first and think about everything else later.

10. Farsan… FTW!

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This is true for every desi girl. We eat samosas for breakfast, matar kulcha for lunch and papdi chaat for dinner… finger licking good!