#POPxoSoRelatable: 12 Things You'll Totally Relate To If You Studied In LSR!

#POPxoSoRelatable: 12 Things You'll Totally Relate To If You Studied In LSR!

Delhi University's almost perfect cutoff scores make it almost impossible for students to make it into their dream colleges. That's why, when you join one of the best and most reputed colleges in the uni, you understand its value. Case in point: Lady Shri Ram College for Women. 

Having said that, studying in one of the top colleges of DU is quite a wholesome experience with some good and a few bitter experiences. While there is no denying that the usual three years in the campus make us quite woke, there are also a hell lot of stereotypes that LSR girls have to struggle with quite frequently. And, we are sure that as an ELSA, you know what we mean! 

So, to refresh your memories and remind you of all those good ol' days, we have rounded up a few things that you will find relatable AF!

Things You Will Relate To If You Went To LSR

From being 'too' woke to 'too' much of a fashionista, here are some LSR things that you are def going to relate to! 

Oooohh... You're From LSR?!

There is a possibility that 9 out 10 times when you tell someone which college are you from, you will get a response that sounds something like, "Ooh... you're from LSR?!" Seriously, it's high time people tell what's the element of surprise here. They don't really expect us to wear an LSR sign 24*7, do they?

Entry Without ID Card? LOL, You Can Try!

If the campus guard allowed you into the college without your ID card then chances are that either you're lying about it or you are a celebrity. Because entry without an ID card in any other way mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai

Go To College They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said.

Remember when your parents used to ask you to complete school and get into a college as life would be so much fun after that? Well yeah, that's a lie. Sorry to break it to you folks but if you study in LSR, you won't feel a whole lot of difference between school and college especially when you're waking up for an 8:30 am class and reaching back home after 9 hours. In other words, DED!

New Girl To Broke Girl Real Quick

While flaunting colourful OOTDs and pairing them up with kitsch jewellery was super exciting when we were newbies, by the end of our graduation we all switched to basic tees, PJs, and even regular slippers. Honestly, we loved both the phases equally.

Tarang Isn't A Fest, It's A Feeling

From cutthroat competitions between top DU colleges, food that is out of this world, to celebrities like Prateek Kuhad, Kenny Sebastian, Lucky Ali and many more, the annual college fest of LSR, Tarang, is a whole mood in itself. It is also the time when all your cousins and long-forgotten friends will DM you. Obviously, they aren't suddenly missing you but need the exclusive passes!

P.S. It is also that time of the year when you finally see a rare species on-campus, known as 'boys'. 

It's A Cafe, Not Canteen

When you're in LSR, you don't go to 'canteen' but you go to the 'cafe'. And that cafe, my friend, is a heaven for the foodie in us. Cheese macaroni with garlic bread? Yum! Keema samosa? Yummier! The price point? Yummiest!


So, did you have a class with NM or MP?

Well, whether you're an alumnus or a current student of LSR, to recognise a professor with their full name is kinda impossible. On the other hand, no matter how complicated it gets, we'll always tell which professor we're talking about by just their initials.

Bro, Proxy Laga De!

From dance to drama society, you might want to join all of them but you can only do that when you have a BFF who can handle your proxy in your absence. Because 75% attendance at LSR is no joke! The struggle of attending every class and providing professors with a bunch of certificates, declarations, slips, etc in case you miss something is R-E-A-L!

M Block Chalein?

Professor on leave? Let's go to GK M Block. Early dispersal? M Block. Long break between classes? Duh, M Block! Whether you wanted to have some light snacks, gossip about the latest trend, check out a movie, or simply needed a hangout spot after skipping a class from the back door, your go-to destination would always be, Greater Kailash M Block.

Book Shops With No Books

Raise your hand if you visited the LSR book shop to purchase a book for the semester and returned empty-handed. Well, I'm sure most of you would have raised your hand 'coz availability of a book in the college book shop was as rare as finding logic in a Bollywood song. 

Blue Eyes Hypnotize... Nope. Stop. Now.

If there's one thing that LSR hates unanimously, then it's derogatory sexist songs. Sorry Yo Yo, but no matter what your song says, our principal ain't your fan. And neither are we and hence the infamous ban on all the sexist songs that shouldn't have been made in the first place. So Bollywood if you're listening, it's never too late to do the right thing, you know?!

Oh LSR? Must Be A Feminist

Believe it or not, there was a time when certain matrimonial ads specified that they weren't looking for LSR girls. The reason was fairly simple--women with evolved minds were not suitable in the patriarchal society. Well, guess what? It's indeed true and that's why we are changing our society and making it a better place to live for all humans alike.

Wow! Now that's what we call 'taking a trip down memory lane'!

 Featured Image: Unsplash