ELSA Forever! 23 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Went To LSR!

ELSA Forever! 23 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Went To LSR!
For all the girls who spent some wonderful years at LSR, there are tons of things we miss and only we understand what they meant to us. This one’s for all of you who are super proud to be part of this beautiful legacy and who still hold this name very close to their hearts! You’ll totally understand what we are talking about!

1. When you are introducing yourself to people and you say you went to LSR…..Common reactions are “Oh, you went to LSR”. We all still wonder why they do that? But then again, we know why!

studied in LSR

2. Getting into one of DU’s best colleges was on every girl’s list, but an all girls college? It didn’t really matter after all!

3, Stretching to complete those 100 compulsory hours of NSO or NCC was like worse than school PT. There was absolutely no escape!

4. The college festival “Tarang” was the most sought after fest in all of DU. Literally there used to be more boys on campus than girls!

5. And of course all your cousins and guy friends would remember you the most right before the fest so you could get them passes.

6. We had a “cafe” not a canteen and it served some great macaroni cheese with garlic bread and the keema samosa! Yum! And the prices... even more yum!

7. We could definitely teach the world a thing or two about feminism! All those dharnas and skits have taught us well.

8. Many a time, if someone takes a professor’s full name, you get wondering who is that! We only understand NM, NJM and MP!

studied in LSR

9. Classes at college was as bad as school classes. You had classes from 8:45 am to 4:15 pm. You were super lucky if your first class was at 9:40 am.

10. And Attendance - I still wish it was easier to do some jugaad to not finish 67% attendance and manage to surpass it! But there wasn’t.

11. Finding a guard who recognizes you at the main gate without you having to show your ID is like someone giving you a standing ovation!

12. The slowly moving fans in the classroom would make the class sessions seem even longer. Unfortunately, there weren’t even those many books that we could sleep behind.

studied in LSR

13. Our favourite spots to just sprawl around were the lush green gardens right in front of the class. That is, when we were allowed to!

14. The long unending queues at the printing guy and the little stationery shop was where we found most of our friends right before exams.

15. The common room with those low lying couches (which was almost always occupied by some society people) were a pleasant change at times, when we had those rare break hours.

16. Our favourite hangout spots? GK-1 M Block market, Big Chill and City Cafe. Any chance we would get, we would go running to these places!

studied in LSR

17. The famous sev puri guy outside college! We all had that one friend who would want to eat this every day for lunch, and we would always tag along!

18. All the random boys hanging outside college…Sometimes boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends. Some eye candy!

19. Girls roaming around in PJs was a common scene. We would never need to really fix ourselves too much you know! Unless you had to go somewhere after class!

20. Every girl wanted to get into the dram-soc or the dance-soc. The auditions for these societies were like crazy!

21.We have all been a subject for all the “psycho hons” friends’ bi-annual experiments.

22. The college election times were like mini Parliament elections. The enthusiasm and the excitement and the decisions! OMG!

23. Last, but most importantly! We all have made some great friends in college and those friends are the kinds who are friends for life!

studied in LSR

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