#POPxoSoRelatable: 17 Dialogues We Bet Every 20-Something Has Heard From Their Relatives

 #POPxoSoRelatable: 17 Dialogues We Bet Every 20-Something Has Heard From Their Relatives

If I had a penny for every piece of unsolicited advice thrown at me from left, right and centre, courtesy relatives who somehow feel they know it all (but really don't), let's just say the bank balance would be increasing rapidly. For those of you who are 20, an age that thanks to our society, could very well come with a 'life ends here because you are 20' signboard, you will know what I am talking about. Think you have heard it all? Well, the many life lessons and all that jazz has only just begun, friends. When we rounded up the most common dialogues that a 20-something has heard at some point in their life, what came up was a mix of 'are you serious' and 'did you really just say that?'. Don't believe us; all you need to know is right below. 

Dialogues A 20-Something May Have Heard Every Now & Then

Here's taking a deep dive into some of the shadiest things relatives say, because damn, you are 20!

"This Generation Is So Irresponsible"

This is a classic. Though it is customary for you to listen to it during your growing years, near 20, it has a ring to it. Do we not pay bills and try to live life responsibly? Your aunt (and mine) would probably beg to differ.

"You People Are Always In Front Of A Screen"

Umm yeah, because I have assignments and/or a job, a career, a life and all that? Not enough? Okay then. 

"Why Haven't You Accepted My Friend Request?"

Is 'because I low-key hate you' a fair reason?

"When I Was Your Age..."

Oh My God, do all our relatives in India have a collective dictionary that they share because this one is really the trademark curveball every single one of them likes to throw. 

"When Will You Start Saving?"

If GST, taxes, rent and the general cost of staying alive and afloat wasn't enough, they also want to know where you are putting your money and how much of it. We get the importance of saving but does every conversation have to be a minor finance tutorial, uncle?

"How Much Do You Get Paid?"

OF COURSE, they are going to ask you that the moment you get a job. Other than the fact that it's none of anyone's business, really what do relatives have to do with that question? 

"Beta, You Should Do MBA."

Are you in your 20s? Well then according to your distant aunt's cousin, the MBA box ought to be ticked. Never mind that it doesn't align with your career goals because psst, she says everyone is doing it.  

"You Don't Understand, You Are Too Young!"

Yeah, right. Other than the fact that I am in my 20s, I was born yesterday. 

"Now You Are Old Enough To Understand..."

But hey hey, in reality, and whenever it suits their agenda, you are a grownup! How about the relatives decide and let us know?

"Shaddi Kab Kar Rahi Ho?"

Do I even say anything? *sighs in despair*

"Arre I Know This 'Good' Boy From A 'Good' Family?"

And I didn't ask you, remember that? No? Of course, you don't.

"Do You Have A Boyfriend? You Can Tell Me!"

I don't think so, aunty. I am still trying to get over the time when you ratted me out for watching an extra hour of TV at eight years of age. 

"Arre Did You Know XYZ's Daughter Moved Abroad? You Also Try "

I have a better idea. How about you try to mind your own business for once? 

"Hamare Zamane Mein To..."

Oh wow, this is SO new, I haven't heard it before at all! Do tell me more. 

"You Should Not Be Wearing THAT."

Moral policing is real and stupid, SO REAL & SO STUPID.

"Oh So Much/So Little Makeup!"

Listen up aunty, it's going to be the way I like it. 


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"Did You Gain/Lose Weight?"

And cue the body shaming in 3,2,1 because every visit by a relative is incomplete without it.

"Ab Jo Karna Hai Karo, Humein Kya"

After all their crass remarks, 4/5 5/5 Indian relatives are most likely to wrap up an hour-long conversation with this. WOW. 

BTW if there is a petition to get them to shut up, call me, I will sign up without batting an eyelid. 

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