Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021: The Most Amazing Ideas To Bring In The New Year At Home!

new year 2021

2020 has been a year full of surprises and to say that it was an eventful year for each and every one of us would be quite an understatement. Hundreds of video calls to friends and family, virtual dates, and close ones made us realise once again the warmth of our homes and how important our loved ones are. So, now when the year is finally coming to an end, it only makes sense that we celebrate and welcome the new year at home and with our special ones. 

Of course, it will require a lot more effort and planning but let's admit it, it's not like we have many going out options. And trust us when we say that there are some pretty amazing and fun ways to celebrate the new year at home. Whether you are looking for ideas to celebrate the new year in a relaxed manner or exciting New Year party at home ideas, we have something for all of you. 

That's not it, we have some amazing New Year recipes and movie collections that you can enjoy with your family members. And, if you are looking to spice up your NY eve and add a hell lot of fun to this memorable occasion, then we have some New Year's Eve at home party ideas that involve fun games. All in all, if you were wondering how to celebrate the New Year at home then drop all your worries because we have got you covered. So, without wasting any more time, let us get started with ways on how to ring in the New Year at home with a bang!

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    7 DIY Home Decor Ideas To Celebrate New Year At Home


    Is it even a party if it doesn’t look like one? When it comes to hosting the NY party at your place, you want the space to look LIT. We have some amazing New Years decoration ideas that will set the mood for the evening! These easy and DIY New Year decoration at home ideas are a must try. 

    Choose a Theme

    You must choose a theme before you start with your decorations. Some pretty amazing themes for the party could be ‘Retro’, ‘Disco’, ‘90s Bollywood’, ‘Beach’, ‘Boho’, etc. By choosing a specific theme, you’re making sure that you’re keeping your decorations organized and logical. By mixing up everything, you might make your party space look flustered and messy.

    Lights Will Guide You Home

    The best thing about lights is that they will go with each and every theme. From tiny fairy lights to big LED string lights and from disco bulbs to intricate lamps, a beautifully lit place can give just the right vibe to any party and when it comes to New Year’s Eve home decorations, lights are a must!



    From birthdays parties to NY eve parties, balloons are always a must. From heart-shaped balloons to metallic ones and those with glitter, there's a lot you can play with. Fun tip: If you have kids at home or if you’re a kid at heart yourself, don’t forget to fill those balloons with confetti and candies - this never goes out of fashion!

    Tiaras & Crowns

    Accessories can take the vibe of your party to a whole new level! You can buy or make beautiful accessories for yourself and your family for the New Year party. You can pick some glittery or even floral tiaras and crowns for everyone. Also, we love those neon bands and funky shades that can make anyone look extra dapper!

    Play with Bedding & Furniture

    Your house can look a lot different just by shifting, removing and replacing certain furniture. When you plan the New Year party at home, choose the room where you want the main party to be. Ideally, you should go for the living area and if not, the biggest bedroom would do. The best way to make ample amounts of space so that you can dance and sit freely is by removing the furniture pieces like tables, side tables, chairs, couch, etc. Instead, you can keep mattresses and bean bags for a chilled out vibe.



    Creating beautiful banners is the easiest way to decorate your party. You can use a lot of glitter, fringes, colours, and more or less any nifty material you already have at home. 


    Lights and garlands make an amazing combo! Just like New Year banners, you can create garlands yourself easily. Use shiny gift wrappers, carnations, real flowers or more to decorate your space with lovely garlands.

    10 Movies To Watch On New Year's Eve


    While a lot of us want to welcome 2021 with a bang, a lot of us want to keep it simple and cosy. We are talking about the movie buff in us who wants to stay happily warm in their blankets while sipping hot chocolate or wine. Well, if you want to welcome the New Year in such a pleasantly warm way, then you must do it with some terrific feel-good movies that will be your perfect New Year companion. 

    Meanwhile, you can also check out these amazing Hollywood movies that you can watch with your entire family! 

    Carol (2013)

    Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara starred in the beautiful love story, Carol, that was set in the 50s. It’s super romantic to watch the two amazing women fall in love and share a sweet kiss on New Year’s eve!

    Snowpiercer (2013)

    If mushy romance and cosiness make you bored, then we suggest you fill yourself with some thrill and adrenaline! Snowpiercer is a futuristic sci-fi movie that stars Chris Evans (hello, hotness!). A post-apocalypse world, a train moving around the globe, and one man determined to remove class division - you don’t want to miss this!

    About Time (2013)

    If you could go back in time, which New Year would you like to re-experience? About Time's protagonist, a time-traveller, decides to relive that New Year’s Eve where he experienced his true love’s kiss.

    New Year’s Eve (2011)

    We do not recommend this super-stylish movie for its story or plot but for its HUGE cast ensemble (from Robert DeNiro to Bon Jovi) and wonderful direction. It’s a must-watch for the sake of your favourite stars!

    Sex & The City (2008)


    You might have grown up watching Sex & The City and while you would have loved it when you were young, you might have some serious questions regarding its problematic plot now. But it doesn’t change the fact that we can still enjoy the lavish life of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends while sipping our DIY Sex On The Beach cocktail on New Year’s Eve. 

    Bridget Jones’ Diary

    The movie’s plot started on New Year and ended on New Year and in between, was Bridget Jones’ resolution list that will surely resemble that of yours. It’s light-hearted and fun to watch and you won’t even know when you have completed the entire movie!

    While You Were Sleeping (1995)

    Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock? We can’t think of anyone! This romantic comedy followed a young woman who had to decide between a real-life love and dreamy-love on New Year’s eve. Careful what you wish for!

    Sleepless In Seattle (1993)


    This one is a personal favourite! Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan arguably make the perfect couple on-screen. The movie will give you all the sweet-mushy feels and make you believe that pyaar buss ek baar nahi hota.

    Ocean’s 11

    Some really amazing faces and really smart minds. The Ocean’s series is all about robberies gone right and some really, really stylish robbers. We think it's one of the best movies to watch on New Years.

    Forrest Gump (1994)

    There’s only one scene in the entire movie that revolves around New Year’s but it can be a good choice to start your New Year with this motivational story. Also, you might want to refresh your memories before Lal Singh Chaddha comes up.

    Games To Play With Friends & Family On New Year’s Eve


    What’s a party without some fun games? Here are some exciting games to play on New Year’s eve with your friends and family. If you are looking for games to play on New Year's eve at home, your search ends here.

    Two Truths & Lie

    It's quite a simple game - you say three things about yourself but only two of them would be true. People around you have to identify the lie in those three statements. You can play the simpler version of this game where instead of guessing about each other, you directly ask twenty quirky questions to your partner. Confused about what to ask? Don’t worry! Check out these question ideas for twenty questions game and choose your questions wisely!

    Never Have I Ever

    Never Have I Ever game is traditionally played with drinks but if you want, you can switch to mocktails! The rules are pretty simple, a person makes a statement and if you have never done it, you drink! 


    This game became quite a hit, all thanks to the supremely talented comedian, Kaneez Surka. All you have to do is, choose two people to compete with each other. The remaining guests and you decide one word among yourselves. Now, the two competitors have to guess that word. Wait, that sounds impossible, right? That’s the point! Once the competitors have guessed their own random words, they have to explain why their guessed word is the closest to the original decided word. You can even add some punishment for those who lose to make the game more interesting! Here are some fun dare ideas to help you!

    Who Am I?

    Write down the characteristics of every friend or family member on a piece of paper. The guests have to guess who is the person that fits into the characteristic the best.

    P.S. this might cause some drama with a capital D!

    Guess The Resolution


    Ask your guests (family or friends) to write their resolutions on a piece of paper. Later, sit in a circle, read one resolution at a time and guess whose resolution it could be.

    Treasure Hunt

    Hide every guest’s New Year’s gift in some corner of the house. Give them chits that are actually clues to where their gifts are hidden! A classic treasure hunt that never goes out of fashion!

    Draw What I Draw

    This game is played in a team of two. You place a sheet on your partner’s back and draw some object on it. Your partner has to guess what you’re drawing on the sheet without looking and just by feeling the movement of your pen. Now your partner has to draw the same object on a sheet of paper placed in front of them, simultaneously!

    Dumb Charades

    This classic game can never go out of fashion and is one of the best New Year's Eve games at home to play. Choose one movie or series and enact its name with only gestures and no verbal communication. Your guests have to guess what you are trying to enact.

    7 New Year Dessert Recipes That You Must Try!


    So, you’re all dressed up, enjoying the games and everything else, but a NY eve party is incomplete if you don’t have something sweet to celebrate it with! Instead of ordering, make a delicious dessert at home. Here are some New Year's Eve dessert recipes that you must try!

    Oreo Cake

    If you love Oreo cookies, then this instant Oreo cake is a must for you. Follow this easy recipe and bake your cake at home easily!

    Eggless Chocolate Cake

    For our vegetarian fam, here’s a really quick and easy recipe of eggless chocolate cake that you can make instantly and impress your loved one.


    Is there anything like too much pancake? We don’t think so! Here’s the simple recipe to make the most delicious pancakes. 

    Healthy Dessert Is Also A Thing!

    Worried about all the calories that come free with these yum desserts? Do not worry! Just follow this recipe. 


    Here’s the reason why we love this cheesecake recipe - it has oreo and it doesn’t even need a microwave! Check out this world-best and easiest recipe of Oreo cheesecake and also check some really easy no-bake delicious desserts!

    Mug Cake

    Take a personalised mug for every guest attending your NY party and create a special mug cake for them. These recipes are extremely easy and very, very delicious!

    Gajar Ka Halwa

    Okay, enough of cakes and fancy desserts, can we have some true desi dessert now? And for that, what’s better than gajar ka halwa that everyone loves! Here’s the simple recipe of gajar ka halwa that’s one of the best at-home dessert recipes for New Year that you can make.

    5 Wonderful Ideas To Spend New Years If You Are Alone


    If due to some reason you are spending New Years at home all alone, please don’t get disheartened. We have some pretty interesting ideas to help you out. 

    Order Your Favourite Food

    If you’re a pizza lover, order that extra cheese, extra-large pizza of your choice and if you love biryani, go all in and order a huge handi full of it. Basically, don’t hold back and pamper yourself with your favourite feel-good meal.

    Movie Marathon

    Make yourself some popcorn and a hot bowl of soup and put on the movies and series that have been pending on your list for the longest! Or, watch the ones that we listed above for you. Remember, this is the time.

    Read A Book

    As a book lover, you might not have gotten time to read all the books on your list, but what’s better than to start finishing and making a new list of books to read on New Years itself? 

    If you’re looking for inspirational books, these 15 books will truly help you succeed in life and feel positive instantly! Also, you can read a lot of such books for absolutely free!

    Video Calls


    You might be away from your loved ones but that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate it with them virtually! Dress up and prep up with your meals and drinks and sit in front of your webcam and host the perfect virtual New Year’s party with your family and loved ones!

    Video Games

    Video games are quite addictive and online games can truly make you feel that there are so many more people like you who are celebrating the New Year alone. Indulge in the addictive virtual world of challenges that will instantly pass your time. Best part? These online games can also make you rich!

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very prosperous and a happy New Year!

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