5 Ways To Decorate Your House For A New Year's Eve Party

5 Ways To Decorate Your House For A New Year's Eve Party

No matter how good, or bad the previous year has been, it’s always great to welcome the new year. And we believe in bringing in the new year with a lot of style. A lot of style and positivity, of, course! The way you style up your room says a lot about you which is why here is a list of decoration ideas that are perfect to welcome the new year with oodles of style (and will be super easy on your pocket) PS - We have one decoration idea for every nook and corner of your room and no bragging but it’s so cute that you might want to leave it all year round. So, go on and read the  ways to decorate your house for NYE!

1. Enter with style

We all want the entry of our house to look pretty. While the internet maybe flooded with a million ideas, we want to give you a few that will be super easy. Inflate a few helium balloons and make funny faces on them. You can also write cute one, or two word captions. Or hang some nice random ribbons on the entry in the colours of your choice. Try experimenting with pretty fairy lights in the entry with some cool captions. Or just go the natural way by lighting some pretty scented candles in the corner of the door or in the main entrance. There’s nothing like welcoming the new year with some lights!

2. For them pretty walls

You don’t have to break the bank to make a simple wall look like abstract art. Just let your imagination wild. The other day my best friend and I were having a lazy day when we just decided to imprint our palm on the wall. Turns out, it looks like a brand new wall now. Similarly, you can just come up with whacky ideas and just implement them without thinking too much. Another great idea is to just print pretty polaroid pictures and hang them from one corner to the other. You can also hang pretty fairy lights along with these pictures. Not just that, pick up favourite quotes and write them on the wall to make it everyone’s Instagramming corner.

Inside decorations for NYE

3. For tables that don’t just have good food

It’s always great to have a table that not only has great food but also has everything pretty. It just adds a lot of value to your decor. So, to make your table looks pretty and nice, you can just lay some personalised towels to make people feel extra special. You can also just lay glitter confettis in a bowl and keep it in the centre of the table or around the room. If you have empty bottles lying around, fill it up with fairy lights and put each one around the room. They look very pretty when in the dark.

4. For them fun games

Games are a must for every party because not everyone loves to drink and chill. And so you want to be a good host and organise one little thing for everyone who comes to your party (including children). You can experiment with great games that are not only just for children. You can hang pinatas with great goodies for everyone. You can also place a board with white chart papers in the corner of room for people to play Pictionary or a pin the donkey. Actually, let them just experiment as much as they like. Not just this, have a pretty table in the corner and lay a couple of board games for people to play. It will be a great interactive session for everyone.

Inside decorations for NYE 2

5. Other itsy bitsy things

We believe that everything looks twice as pretty when there are lights involved. You can decorate all the tiny things like your mirrors on the wall. If you’re a person who likes to take things up notch then you can also experiment with personalised stirrers or decorative glasses. (PS: heard of glitter glass shots?) Of course it needs extra efforts but it will totally be worth it. If it’s winter time in your area then you can create a fireplace with coal and some fake snowflakes. Nothing like a pretty year-end winter feel!