30 Sex Positions To Try In September - One For Each Day Of The Month!

30 Sex Positions To Try In September - One For Each Day Of The Month!

September is here! We're only four months away from the new year and don't you feel that this year has just flown past? That's exactly why we got you a fun challenge for this month. So for all you sexually active people out there, this month you need to have sex every day and we've got 30 sex positions, one for each day, figured out for you. They range from the most basic to pretty complicated but you need to promise me that you'll give it a shot, even if you feel it is almost impossible. Here we go with the positions!

1. The Cowgirl

Let's start with the cowgirl because women taking control, in my opinion, is extremely sexy! When he's lying down on the bed, just get on top of him and straddle him. You'll completely be in charge of the motion, the speed and most importantly, your orgasm.

2. The Anvil

Let's shake up the missionary and add a little twist to it! It'll require a little flexibility on the part of the girl. Just as in missionary, he's on top but your legs are in the air, with your ankles/calves on his shoulders. Make sure to stretch before you start. 

3. The Gemini

Both of you sit face to face with your legs extended, slightly bent at the knees and intertwined. Both of you are supporting your weight with your arms behind you and you can both move to the rhythm. Sounds super interesting, doesn't it? 

4. The Captain

You lie on the bed and your man is on his knees while you raise your legs at a right angle to your body. He'll then hold your ankles and spread your legs as he thrusts in and out of you. You can touch yourself too while doing it!

5. The F2F Kneeling 

If you like the intimacy of being face to face, this might do you good! Your man is standing on the edge of the bed while you're sitting on it as you face each other. But one thing you need to ensure is that his little soldier and your vayjayjay are at the same height otherwise there will be obvious logistical issues!

6. The Easy BJ

Blowjobs can be extremely hard on the knees. So we decided to make this experience a little easy on you. Instead of sitting on your knees, sit on your bum as he stands to face you with your legs outstretched between his spread legs. Easy-breezy!

1 sex positions september

7. The Dancer

This one is a really intimate but sensual position that requires a bit of leg strength. Both of you are standing to face each other and you raise one leg to wrap around his waist and allow him easy entry. In the end, he'll need to support your weight too!

8. 69

As unpleasant as it sounds, 69 can actually be good if done properly. The only problem? It's kind of difficult to be moaning and giving a blowjob at the same time. That needs practice.

9. The Cowboy

Yes, it is the exact opposite of the cowgirl. This time instead of you being on top, you are lying on the bed and he's straddling you with his hips on your legs. One thing he needs to be mindful of is that he does not put too much weight on you and you will need to raise your hips initially to help him enter you.

10. Stairway To Heaven

Tired of doing it in your room? Switch things up and do it on the staircase this time! Sit, facing the steps, on a lower one, with your hands resting on a higher step, as your man stands behind you and enters you. Pro tip: try it on carpeted steps first. 

11. High Chair

Sit on a high chair and bend at the waist so that your chest almost touches your knees. Half of your bum should be off the chair so that your partner can take you from behind. Make use of all that furniture in your house, girl!

12. The Lazy Wheelbarrow

This position is anything but lazy. It requires a bit of flexibility! Your man sits on a chair or the bed and then you sit on his lap with your legs closed, like you are giving him a lap dance. Once you've done this, you bend forward as much as you can so that your hands are touching the floor and your stomach is touching your knees. 

2 sex positions september

13. Doggy Style

One of the most basic styles and if you haven't nailed it yet, this is the time! Get on your knees and let your man take you from behind! There is nothing as raw and sexual as this!

14. Stand & Carry

This one can literally be done ANYWHERE. You don't need a bed, a chair or any other support for it. He just picks you up and you wrap your legs around his waist as he enters you. It's like those hot scenes in the movies? The only requirement - he needs to be strong enough for this!

15. Spooning

This is for the days you want to fit in the sex session quickly before you rush off to your respective offices. There's nothing much to it - you need to lie on your side, with your back against his chest, and he can enter you from behind.

16. Face Sitting

This position will give him an uninterrupted access to your lady parts with his mouth, making going down on you hotter than it already is. And it is as easy as the name sounds, just sit on his face, with your knees supporting your weight.

17. The Lotus

As I've told you previously, this position is really really hot! In this, you sit on top of your guy, straddling him, with your legs wrapped around his waist. Your man can choose to stretch his legs or cross them too. This will help you indulge in some passionate kissing as well!

18. Missionary

The MOST basic sex position. The one we resort to every time we don't feel like experimenting or don't have the energy! But since this month has been a roller-coaster ride of sex positions, a break wouldn't be so bad. 

4 september sex positions

19. The Craddle

This is one of my personal favourites as handcuffs are added to the equation! He'll handcuff your left wrist to your left ankle and right wrist to your right ankle so that your knees are bent and up to your chest. This will give him such an intimate access to your lady parts that both penetrative and oral sex will be mind-blowing!

20. The Ballerina

Successfully tried the Dancer? It's now time to up your game. Now, instead of wrapping your leg around his waist, you stretch it up so that your calf/ankle is resting against his shoulder. It's like a full split against his body. But this comes with a disclaimer. You should try stretching a few times before finally attempting it!

21. The Octopus

This one is like the Anvil, only more complicated! Just like in the Anvil, your calves or ankles are resting against his shoulders and you're face to face. Except this time, you're sitting up with your arms supporting your weight behind your back and your pelvises are lined up. Geddit?

22. The Pretzel

If you want your man to do all the work, this one is for you. Lie on your side and raise the top leg towards your chest while putting your top arm in front to hold your weight. The other leg is absolutely straight and your man straddles this leg while he's on his knees to enter you and start thrusting. Sounds a little bit too much but trust me, it isn't!

23. The Tug Of War

Once you do it, you know why it is called this. Your man will lie straight on the bed and you'll straddle him as he enters you. Then once he's inside you, you lean back as far as possible holding his hands so that your head is almost touching his feet/legs. It might take a little while to get used to this!

24. The Corner Doggy Style

It's basically doggy style for when you are feeling adventurous. The woman needs to stand on the corner of a bed or a table with her legs on each side of the corner. Your partner stands behind you and you bend down so that your chest is touching the table. The man then takes you from behind, just like in doggy style!

5 september sex positions

25. The Irish Garden

A pretty cool sex position, in my honest opinion. Your man sits on the bed with his back upright and his legs in front of him opened wide. Then, just like in doggy style, you get on your all fours and back in toward him with your legs on either side of his waist and your midriff resting on his legs. Take my advice and try this one, guys!

26. The Slope

A perfect position for that hot, all-consuming sex! Lie down on your back and lift your legs in the air as your partner kneels over you so that your bum is between his legs. Then both of you hold each other's elbows and you bend your legs in order for your feet to rest against his chest. A deeply banging position, if you know what I mean!

27. Reserve Cowgirl

It's the same as the cowgirl - you're riding him, except you're facing away from him instead of facing him. This position also gives both of you easy access to your body. Ride him to pleasure, girl!

28. Teaspooning

As you may have guessed it, this is a variation of spooning! Also, it is one of the most intimate positions out there. Your partner gets on his knees on the bed with his knees apart. You're in front of him in the same position with your back to his chest. So basically, both of you are kneeling together. And he takes you from behind. The kind of access that gives him to your body is crazy!

29. The London Bridge

Lie down on the bed and fold your knees as he stands over you. Then arch your back as high as possible with his hand supporting it. As you do that, he kneels between your knees and takes you hard. Since your body is arched, he can penetrate deeply. Also, this position is perfect for G-spot and clitoral stimulation!

30. Prison Style

You're a prisoner of his love so might as well try another variation of doggy! If you like to be dominated, this one is perfect. Both you stand and you bend down at the waist again. Now, instead of putting your arms on the floor for support, he holds your wrists in each of his hands effectively making sure you move only how he wants you to! So goddamn hot.

3 sex positions september

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