7 Sex Positions That Are Perfect For A Quickie!

7 Sex Positions That Are Perfect For A Quickie!

If you look down on the power of quickies then you are definitely kidding yourself. There is so much those five minutes of passion can do for you! The kissing, tugging, rush of getting caught...ahem, I just got lost there for a minute. Point is, quick sex sessions are not something to be missed. Infact, if done right, you can actually achieve the big O without even making too many efforts. You know what they say, right? Good things take time but really great things happen in the blink of an eye. *wink* So, here are a few sex positions that will make up for hot, really hot quick sex!

1. Good ol’ missionary  

Stating the obvious, this is by far the most frequently tried position during a quickie because it’s easy yet satisfying. Who wants to think about what position to try when you are already running low on time, right? Missionary is always good to go for such situations!

1 sex positions for a quickie couples sex

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2. Doggy do!

This is one of the best positions for the G-spot penetration and great orgasms. This position lets him penetrate deep down hitting the right buttons which is why it’s great to try this out for a quickie!

3. Table top it!

For this all you need is a table, or in fact the kitchen counter will work too! You’d be on top of the platform and he’s be standing. It could be because you got a little aroused in between a cooking session or right before breakfast. From this position you can actually see him and his expressions which is a great turn on!

3 sex positions for a quickie table sex

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4. Or get on top of him

This position gives women power and control which is why we love it. Also, this is one of the best ways to achieve a faster orgasm. Not just that, you can  actually attain multiple orgasms with this position. So, why think twice? Ride him, girl!

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5. The stand up sex

This is one position that requires zero props. You don’t even have to worry about the location. Just sneak into someone's closet in the middle of the party to have some little fun for yourself! All you need is your partner for this easy-peasy position!

5 sex positions for a quickie sex couple

6. Spoon full of awesomeness!

Sometimes, all you need is lazy sex which is why spooning is the best position. It not only gives an intimate feeling but also helps you get off really soon. While you’re at it, he can massage your clit from behind and you can just extend your arms to lightly pull his hair to tell him that you’re having a good time!

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7. Up and up!

This position is quite similar to the man on top but with a little twist. You lie down and raise your legs up as he penetrates while kneeling down. Keeping your legs high means getting super intimate along with a lot of friction. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

7 sex positions for a quickie

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