I Wear Shorts To Work & This Is How My Flatmate (& Others) React To It!

I Wear Shorts To Work & This Is How My Flatmate (& Others) React To It!

If I worked in a corporate workspace with a strict dress code, I would probably be the saddest person in an already very sad office. It’s not the blazers or the pencil skirts I have an issue with. I would gladly channel Meghan Markle à la Suits on a day I feel like it. To make it EXTRA saucy, I would throw on black patent leather pumps, my MAC Ruby Woo, and glasses that I reserve for my geek chic looks, but that’s beside the point. I would hate that work space ‘coz the thought of having to wear the same thing every day is just plain depressing to me. And no, I don’t mean to trivialise depression in any way - I genuinely think of fashion and putting outfits together as a hobby that brings me immense happiness. I would feel very deprived if the opportunity to do so was taken away from me. The best part about fashion is having fun with it - playing with colours, silhouettes, being Zoey Deschanel one day and Beyoncé the next!

So it’s only fitting that I am in a job that gives me the utter freedom to wear whatever the f** I want. Let me give you an example of exactly how cool my job is. Last month, I had to dress up in cool clothes every day of the week for an “assignment.” Take that, you self-proclaimed deck-stroyers! Don’t believe me, you can read all about it here.  

I live with one such deck-stroyers. My flatmate works in a very hoity-toity corporate giant and has taken it upon herself to come up with very creative ways to make fun of how I dress to work to mask her jealousy because well, she’s in for a life lived in shift dresses, all day, err day, while I spend my summer letting my legs breathe in teeny tiny shorts. 

Here are my favourite "insults" she has thrown at me from time to time. 

Tum office ja rahi ho ki club?
giphy %285%29

You will go on the metro like this?

Sab kaam chhod ke tumhe dekhte rahenge.
giphy %281%29

Can you buy some normal clothes, so I can borrow them once in a while?
giphy %284%29

Aaj itne zada kapde kyu pehne hai?
giphy %287%29

Why are you wearing your gym clothes to office?
giphy %288%29

Wow heroine!
giphy %282%29

You will give a presentation in these clothes?
giphy %283%29

Kabhi toh normal kapde pehna karo.
giphy %289%29

Tum office hi ja rahi ho na? You don’t have to lie to me. I’m not your mom.
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