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MAC’s Ruby Woo: How It Looks On 7 Different Skin Tones!

Sanya Jain

Guest Contributor

Can one lipstick shade look good on every skin tone? We put one of the most well know red lipsticks to test on Team POPxo. Here’s how MAC’s iconic Ruby Woo looks on seven different people and seven different complexions...

1. ‘I love the creamy feel and finish that Ruby Woo gives my lips despite the matte texture.’ - Pradipta Sarkar, Managing Editor

1 ruby woo (1)

OMG, my smile looks ridiculously forced in this picture... But hey, I think my lipstick looks great! I love the creamy feel and finish that Ruby Woo gives my lips despite the matte texture. And thanks to the blue tones of this lipstick, it gives the red on my lips a slightly pinkish cast rather than a stark scarlet one. Definitely dressy enough for the evening...and even for the day, it’s dramatic rather than OTT. Plus, it has decent staying power - it lasted perfectly for four hours, and I only had to reapply after a meal. This one is definitely going to be my next lipstick splurge!

2. ‘MAC’s Ruby Woo, however, I think is just perfect!’ - Simar Rana, Video Content Editor

2 ruby woo

I’m not a red lipstick person. I find most red lipsticks too bright for my fair skin. MAC’s Ruby Woo, however, I think is just perfect! It looks just right and actually complements me since it has just a hint of pink.

3. ‘Smooth application and no smudging is what makes it one of my faves.’ - Gopika EM, Senior Social Media Manager

3 ruby woo

I think I’ve just found my perfect shade of red. It is not too loud or too dark - it’s just perfect! It’s also amazing how a swipe of this shade adds a touch of glam even when the rest of your face is bare. Smooth application and no smudging is what makes it one of my faves.

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4. ‘I prefer Ruby Woo to other blue-toned red lipsticks.’ - Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor

4 ruby woo

I love this shade on my complexion! It’s such a nice, glamorous red. When I compare it to the other red lipstick I often wear - Colourpop’s Creeper - I’d have to say I prefer Ruby Woo to other blue-toned red lipsticks. Not only does it look better, it also feels better on my lips since it doesn’t settle into the fine lines. It’s definitely a little drying and drags when you apply, but I can live with that.

5. ‘I prefer a dark red or maroon shade.’ - Sonali Pawar, Editorial Coordinator

5 ruby woo

I have a wheatish complexion and I’m always in search of red lipsticks that suit me. Currently I’m using Pure Red by Meilin. Mac’s Ruby Woo looks a bit orangish on me which I am not really fond of. Moreover, this shade will look good on me only if I wear neutral coloured outfits like black or white. It looks slightly better as I’m wearing white here, but with black outfits I prefer a dark red or maroon shade. A single coat of Ruby Woo is a bit light for my complexion. It’s a nice shade but unfortunately it’s too bright for me.

6. ‘I think it is too bright for me.’ - Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator

6 ruby woo

Ruby Woo is no doubt one of the most versatile reds, but I think it is too bright for me. I am anyways a no lipstick person, so can’t really say. But overall, for people who love highly pigmented lipsticks, this is definitely worth a try.

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7. ‘I prefer MAC’s All Fired Up.’ - Shivani Shrivastava, Trending Writer

7 ruby woo

To be honest, I feel Ruby Woo is too red for me. I have a wheatish skin tone and mostly I wear nude lipsticks. Also, my dark lips make it impossible for me to wear any other bright lip shade. For a skin tone like mine, I prefer MAC’s All Fired Up, since I like maroons over reds - it works wonderfully for me whenever I want that bold look.  

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Published on Oct 28, 2016
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