7 Tips for Having Sex When You Have Roommates Or Parents Sleeping Next Door

7 Tips for Having Sex When You Have Roommates Or Parents Sleeping Next Door

You know those times when you're asked to not do something? You instantly feel like it's the one thing you HAVE to do. Forbidden fruit is sweeter, you see! So, speaking of forbidden, having sex when your parents are sleeping in the next room sounds absolutely dangerous but so much fun. So, even though it's scary, it's an adventure you might want to undertake. But you have to be super careful and that is where we step in. Here are a few tips for having sex when your parents or roommates are sleeping next door. Shh!

1. Be careful while sneaking in

If you're the clumsy one - just keep away from things and enter the room carefully. Clumsy or not, just make sure you make a smooth entry. Hoping you have been to his before so that you know what you might or might not break when you enter.

1 ways to have sex when your parents are in the other room

2. Keep your phone on silent

This NEEDS to happen. What if you're on your way to the room and your phone rings? Or you're in his room or he is in yours and the phone rings and wakes someone up? Not the best scenario, right?

3. Turn on the idiot box

Let his parents feel like he has passed out watching television so that you can afford to at least whisper good things! Let your television be on for you to feel a little normal.

4. Be a little less excited 

You never know when you end up being a little too loud when you're at it. This is that one time you have to be a little extra cautious!

4 tips to have sex when your parents are in the house

5. Keep away from the door.

If his or your bed is close to the door then it's advisable to do it anywhere but there. You might make a lot of noise without realising so you don't want to get busted!

6. Try the bathroom!

Bathroom sex is just amazing and we all know that. It's comparatively easier to cancel out all the noise. Unless you have an adjoining bathroom with someone. 

7. Make sure you have all the things you need in the room

Water, a few snacks and a few other essentials - make sure you keep them in the room before you sneak him in. You don't want to risk stepping out when they're in the room!

7 tips to have sex when your parents are home

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