For A Happy Relationship, Here's How Much Sex You Should Be Having

 For A Happy Relationship, Here's How Much Sex You Should Be Having

Sex is a tricky topic for both men and women. And somehow, the amount of sex a couple is having (or not having!) is used as a yardstick to determine their happiness. But is it even correct? Does sex really determine if you're going to be happy or not? And what if you were to increase the amount of sex you have? Would that make you happier? Are couples who have more sex happier than those who have relatively less?

Well, according to a study at Carnegie Mellon found, the 'happier couples have more sex' theory may be a lot of gas. For the study, 64 couples, who had varying sexual frequencies, were split into two groups, Group A and Group B. Group A was asked to keep their sex lives the same as they were before and Group B was asked to double their frequency of having sex.

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The results were shocking and something neither the researchers nor we expected. By the end of the experiment, the couples of Group B were really low on both energy and enthusiasm. For them, sex "wasn't much fun" anymore. Turns out, the secret to being a happy couple is having sex EXACTLY how often you already have it without being pressured to have more, given that you're sexually satisfied.

But the only question I have about the study is that what about couples who've been together for way too long and haven't been having sex, maybe, at all? We don't stop having 'needs' as we grow older but we do start paying less attention to it. So doesn't that leave you unsatisfied? What about that?

Guess we should conduct our own study to figure that one out!

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