10 Relationship Rules EVERY Happy Couple Follows!

10 Relationship Rules EVERY Happy Couple Follows!

A relationship is what we essentially make of it. While films only portray the romantic aspects, there are also other things involved in sustaining the in and outs of everyday companionship. Here are 10 relationship rules to not ignore for a happy relationship.

1. Honesty is indeed the best policy

By that, we don’t mean that you have to tell each other every little detail about your life. But make an effort to connect and be frank to each other about the things that bother you and also the ones that make you happy - within the relationship and outside.

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2. Argue it out

Your relationship should be your safe space to discuss and debate your point of view instead of simply agreeing to do what your partner suggests or vice versa. It’ll definitely bring you guys closer and help you understand and respect one another.

3. It’s not your job to fix him or his to fix you

We all come with our share of quirks and baggage. If you have a problem with his behaviour or habits, bring it up and discuss it with him, instead of just deciding that it needs to be fixed. The same goes for you… There are things he may not like. But instead of thinking the habit needs to be ‘changed’, a discussion is essential.

4. Small gestures go a long way

When it comes to being thoughtful and kind to your partner, don’t limit yourself. Take out the time to show him how grateful you are to have him in your life. Sometimes, small gestures speak volumes compared to expensive gifts!

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5. Trust your intuition

Nobody knows your relationship and the equation you share better than the both of you. So in the case of a misunderstanding, go over the situation, advice yourself instead of taking second and third opinions. At least, that’s the first thing you should be doing.

6. Pay and spend equally on each other

As independent, adult individuals it is only fair that you share all your expenses. If one person continues to put more money into your expenses, that’ll only cause resentment. At date nights, if you don’t want to dutch, go alternate. But maintaining a financial balance is a crucial step for a successful relationship.

7. Perfection can be boring  

Accept the fact that neither of you can be on your best behaviour or look your best all the time. Everyone has flaws and both of you will make your fair share of mistakes. So acknowledge that aspect and you’ll be able to get along just fine.

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8. Compromise when need be

Chances are you are not going to always get what you want. It is healthy to find a middle ground in a relationship, even if you are not entirely convinced with your partner's decisions.   

9. Acknowledge your past

Yes, it is behind you… Done and dusted et all, but your past has also made you who are. So don’t shy away from uncomfortable conversations; be frank and uninhibited in your interactions.

10.  Keep your anger at bay

Spite will not get you anywhere so even in challenging situations, keep your calm and try explaining your point of view to your partner. You should never feel the need to get back at the other person, that’ll only hamper your relationship.

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