Women Have Contractions Before Orgasms And Here’s Why!

Women Have Contractions Before Orgasms And Here’s Why!

I have to go out on a limb and say that our vajajays are weird. I mean despite being born with one I still haven’t completely figured out how it works. It’s like the mysterious crush you are always trying to understand using the mixed signals he sends you. Recently, during sex, I realized that my vagina contracts just before I orgasm so, like the nerd that I am, I needed to know why. I whipped out my phone and fired up my best friend, Google, to find out why this was happening. So here’s what I found out about the female orgasm.

They Happen When You’re Turned On

I know that sounds obvious. But there’s more. The vagina moves spontaneously when you’re in the mood. So the more turned on you are, without actually climaxing, the more likely you are to experience these contractions. Apparently, it’s not uncommon for women to reach very high states of sexual arousal before the climax. It’s probable that you’re noticing the contractions if your body has been going through a long period of arousal. It is actually anticipating orgasmic contractions, but you are not going fast enough to orgasm.

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These vaginal contractions can also be like a warm-up for your body. They are just a way to kick-start your body for the ultimate contractions that will come with the orgasm!

Why Haven’t I Felt Them Yet?

There could be multiple reasons for this! The first one is the most obvious one. Noticing your body’s response to sexual arousal needs a certain amount of mindfulness that most of us don’t possess during sex. After all, you’re more focussed on the sensations and feelings rather than where those sensations are coming from or why you’re feeling a particular way. And I don’t think I can fault you for that!

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The second reason might be more deep-rooted than we think. For most women, their pleasure comes second because, well, they aim to please instead of the other way round. Women still pay less attention to their own genitals and more to their man’s orgasm. Women have, a lower orgasm consistency so they might be less interested in their own pleasure. Thank you patriarchy!

But it’s time we changed that. Women, wake up! Take note of what happens to your body. It is not an obligation but a necessity. Explore what your body goes through during sex and orgasms. And the best way to do that might just be masturbation! You do you, girl (literally!)!

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