9 Kinds Of Orgasms Every Girl Has At Least Once!

9 Kinds Of Orgasms Every Girl Has At Least Once!
From the “too quick” to the “not quick enough”, there are several different kinds of orgasms that every woman experiences! Here are a few of them!

1. The “I just had an orgasm in my sleep how awesome is this!” orgasm

Ooh, to be woken up because you had a sweet, sweet dream. The best kind of surprise a girl can get, don’t you think?

2. The “OMG he finally figured it out!” orgasm

When the guy you’ve been with for a couple of months finally figures your body out - and you have your very first orgasm with him - without your own, um, help. Heaven!

Different kinds of orgasms

3. The “Whaaat, I came from nipple stimulation alone?!” orgasm

You know when you're still in the foreplay stage and he’s getting all touchy feely and especially focusing on your boobs - and there, you already had a mini (or not-so-mini) orgasm!

4. The “MY MIND IS BLOWN” orgasm

Every once in a while, you experience an orgasm that blows your mind! You probably don’t even remember where you are for that moment. And the “oooohs” and “aaaahs” come floating out in full swing. Who cares about volume?!

Different kinds of orgasms

5. The “I waited SO long for that. Totally worth it!” orgasm

You’ve been going at it for a while and almost given up on the idea of having an orgasm - but then there, he suddenly hits the right spot and voila! You’re back just like that.

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6. The “That barely lasted” orgasm

Then once in a while there’s that orgasm that feels like it's going to be a biggie when it finally arrives. But in reality you barely feel it. Still, something is better than nothing, eh?

Different kinds of orgasms

7. The “Did he just find my G-spot?!” orgasm

“Wait, I didn’t even know I had a spot!” OOOOHHH MYYYY GODDDD. Cannot say much else.

8. The “OMG there’s a special spot on my body!” orgasm

When he suddenly touches a sensitive spot on your back or your butt, and you’re as surprised as you are happy. :D

Different kinds of orgasms

9. The “Okay, that was definitely my best orgasm ever!” orgasm

And then of course we are all (not often enough!) met with an orgasm that is so good that it makes us question every other orgasm that we've ever had! And so it just feels like your very first orgasm - all over again!

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