8 Things To Do Before You Go On Vacation

8 Things To Do Before You Go On Vacation

Vacations are great. They’re good for our health and wellness, too.But, there is also a lot of work in planning and preparing before you really set out on your journey. Here is a list of all the things you need to do, at least a week prior to your travel plans. So, you can stop stressing and thank us, instead.

1. The Full Beauty Regime

Get your waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure and all the cleaning & scrubbing needed to look good on your vacation, sorted at least one weekend prior to the journey. This gives you enough time to space all the processes of beautification out; and we know only too well that they are many!

1 before your vacation - beauty regime

2. Make a Checklist

A checklist of all the things you need to carry in your luggage and hand bag goes a long way. Just categorise your stuff into clothes, toiletries, documents and others and get to striking each of them off the list as you start packing. In case of international travel, it’s always a great idea to pack and weigh bags beforehand to make sure that you adhere to the luggage weight limits.

3. Inform Your Delivery Services

You don’t want to come home to cartons of expired milk, groceries, dated posts and a stack of outdated newspapers after your vacation, do you? So, a few days before you set out, ensure that you inform the maid, laundry and all other delivery services to hold the items for the dates you’re not in town.

3 before your vacation - call milkman and newspaper guy

4. Get all your travel documents, insurance & itinerary in order

First things first, make a list of all the required documents for travel. Second, get them all together in a handy travel file, along with making physical and e-copies of the same. Getting your itinerary in order with a list of must-visit places, restaurants and shopping malls, always makes things way smoother!

5. Finish off all perishables at home

You know the thing about perishables? If you don’t consume them in time, they expire and you have to dispose them off. So save yourself the hassle and wastage, and consume all your perishables like fruits, veggies, hummus and dips within a week before you plan to travel.

5 before your vacation - eat veggies

6. Keep a book, travel pillow and eye-mask handy

Journeys can get a little boring and tiring; especially if you are planning a vacation that’s some place far off. Prepping for the journey with an engaging book that you’ve been longing to read for a while, a comfy travel pillow and an eye-mask is the perfect way to stay sorted.

7. Get some currency exchanged

Having some foreign currency in hand for the for taxi ride, a SIM card and other emergency payments that you might have to make always keeps you free from the hassle of being stranded at a foreign airport with no local money. Wouldn’t you agree?

7 before your vacation - currency exchange

8. Inform your employer, close friends & family

Be sure to inform all the important people about your travel dates well in advance. We mean the boss, friends, family and the neighbours need to know so no one calls or comes around looking for you while you’re getting some much needed time off!

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