10 Ways That Your Soul Can Detox Without You Knowing It

10 Ways That Your Soul Can Detox Without You Knowing It

Sometimes in the detox processes, the process of detoxification means feeling worse. This is extremely temporary; sometimes only for a few minutes and part of the healing process. In severe cases of toxicity, it may take a couple of days followed by a deep desire for rest – this too, is part of the body adjusting to new, lighter energies and may NOT apply to you at all. Like, when we go on a diet where we give up, say, coffee; we get headaches as part of the body releasing caffeine/tannin build-ups. So, too in energy medicine we yawn, burp, fart, cough sneeze, want to sleep, or feel exhausted, have sudden hunger or emotional outbursts, and even experience a heavy head. The accountability and responsibility of these symptoms are only yours because they reveal the number of stuck energies in the body.  

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Energy Medicine does NOT cause these and, in fact, in its powerful gentleness, energy medicine allows us to process all these very peacefully. In fact, letting go of coffee (or tea, or chocolate, or alcohol, or drugs) with energy medicine carries almost no side effects!

Some energy medicines you are already taking (albeit unknowingly!)

  1. Breathing. That’s right! It’s the most underestimated energy medicine of our times. Meditation and Pranayamas are an ancient form of energy medicine. Our breath allows us to breath in the essence of the universe aka life force aka prana along with the oxygen our biology requires. If nothing else, do a few minutes of breath counting and see the magic! It’s the reason why we are asked to take 10 breaths when angry (or 100, if you are very angry!)

  2. Yoga (Also based on the power of the breath, it flows to specific body parts/organs/chakras in specific asanas/poses)

  3. Walking (it regulates the breath :))

  4. Exposure to sights, smells, sounds, touch you enjoy (our senses are another way we are constantly exposed to the energies around us). So visits to museums, painting, fragrances in the houses, music/mantras, massages, carrying babies, hugging are all healing modalities

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  1. Exercise. In moving the body, we allow blocked energies in the body to rise and if this is combined with energy medicine techniques like meditation or Pranayam, the results are significantly enhanced

  2. Sattvic food i.e. a vegan diet, which is prescribed for all dreaded diseases like cancer or autoimmune diseases, is energy medicine for the body. Everything that is nourishing in the body is nourishing outside it and vice versa

  3. Affirmations like All Is well in the world, I am in good health, every day in every way I am getting better and better.

  4. Prayer and Gratitude activities. Giving thanks in writing, in thought or in prayer instantly activates a powerful current of peace and joy in our fields. Can we heal just with gratitude and prayer and affirmations? We can! (Ask me how!)

  5. Ashwagandha. One of the most potent herbs in energy medicine, you can take up to 2 tablets a day for a month without any side effects

  6. Giving & sharing. This is last on the list because it is hard to do either when we are not well in mind, body, heart or spirit and because sometimes we are forced to do so as part of our responsibility. It becomes energy medicine ONLY when we do so willingly because the current we activate is one of abundance and faith that there is enough. Enough energy, enough time, enough attention, enough money, enough knowledge, enough love – whatever it is that we are giving at that point

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There are many other techniques available through EFT, Reiki, Pranic healing, Sedona, Zpoint, Hooponopono, Toltec, Theta, Silva Method, Brain-trainment, Visualisation, NLP, Active Imagination, Louise Hayes, Angel and Crystal medicine, Chakra Balancing, Reconnect, etc. We have never had a wider choice in the history of humanity! One will work for you or a combination will, depending on the current state of your matrix.

Remember, you have the right to be happy and healthy!