Are Positive Affirmations The Magical Spells You've Been Missing Out On?

Are Positive Affirmations The Magical Spells You've Been Missing Out On?

I grew up thinking I’m not pretty enough. Now, many years later, I'm certain it was because I was surrounded by picture-perfect Barbies, overly-Photoshopped magazine covers and unsolicited advise from distant relatives. The thought of not being enough was grilled in my head but things changed when I worked on changing my mindset. Gradually, I felt as beautiful, as worthy as any other human being on this planet. The moment was golden and affirmations were my biggest weapon against my wrongly etched beliefs.  

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    What are affirmations?


    Affirmations are food for your soul. To understand how so, you should know that affirmations work on our subconscious brain which has the power to shape our lives. Now think of your subconscious brain as a child that believes every fact you speak. You tell the kid, ice cream is healthy as it has milk, it’ll believe you. You tell your mind, bitter gourd is the tastiest food in the world, it’ll make your senses like the food. 

    Affirmations are the beautiful compliments that you speak to your mind in a way that it believes you. These words sum up the way you want to see your life. So when in hard times, you use the words “this too shall pass”. It calms you down and eventually makes things better. 

    Your affirmations may or may not be the same as others. The more personal they are, the better the results you’ll receive.

    Rules of affirmations


    Oh yes, your brain follows some specific rules while understanding your situations, needs and demands. Your brain has a specific language, a formula, you may say. The universe and your brain, with the help of this, work hand-in-hand to make your life easier. If you come across a positive quote and it doesn’t follow the formula, your brain will not register it at all. So here are the things you need to remember while writing your affirmations.

    1. Always write your positive affirmations in the present tense. Your brain only responds to present tense statements. If you are seeing affirmations that speak in future or past tense like “I will,” “I used to” or “I’m going to,” skip them.

    2. The language of positive affirmations is the statement of truth and fact. Statements that have doubtful words such as might, maybe or could aren’t as powerful as statements that say “am” or “do”.

    3. It takes our brain a lot of extra time and work to get past negative statements and transform them into positive ones. If you use words like “don’t,” can’t” or “won’t,” it’s not something your brain will encourage you to repeat. Hence, it is best to include only positive words of agreement in affirmations.

    4. It takes up to 21 days to observe the changes, so you need to be patient.

    Why use affirmations?

    To invite abundance of everything into your life and to live your life to the fullest on this earth. Whatever religion or way of living you follow, affirmations have the power to shape your mindset, to welcome everything that truly makes you happy.

    Every simple action you take is a set of complicated communications between cells called neurons. Your brain has a lot of information, it’s a complicated network so it responds well to present tense and positive words. Once you learn how to communicate with your brain, it’ll only invite the positives and will filter out the negatives. 

    How to use affirmations?

    Writing them every day has proven to be a powerful method. You can also wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say them to yourself. Record them and keep listening, if that works better for you. Repeat it over and over again because repetition is the key. Thrice a day if possible. Run them in your mind as many times as you like. 

    Some of the most powerful affirmations

    You can use affirmations to attract anything - a better lifestyle, love, money, luck or peace but always remember that the affirmation should be honest. Your mind wouldn’t encourage you to repeat something that’s untrue. For example, if you say “I am wealthy” over and over while it’s not true, your brain will not register it. Instead, saying “I am becoming wealthier each day” is more powerful as it is true. The more you’re working and exploring, the wealthier you are becoming. Here are some effective affirmations that you can use as examples and repeat each day for a richer, better quality life.

    Affirmations for love


    I radiate love and others radiate it back to me.

    I am love and lovable.

    I am beautiful, inside out.

    I am attractive.

    My romantic relationship is healthy, long-lasting and full of love.

    My partner respects me and my desires.

    My partner is compassionate, kind and understanding.

    I am with my soulmate and we live our life to the fullest.

    My partner is attracted to me, both physically and spiritually.

    My partner and I help each other grow everyday.

    My life fills with love wherever I go.

    My partner and I are a perfect match.

    My partner and I share a deep understanding.

    The foundation of our relationship is forgiveness and compassion.

    I love to look in the mirror and say “I love you.”

    I always use kind and loving words and hear the kind and loving words.

    I am worthy of true love.

    Everything about me is lovable.

    I wake up every morning with a feeling of joy and love for my partner.

    All my relationships are safe and abundant as they are based on love and compassion. 

    I am grateful for all the love I receive.

    Affirmations for wealth

    Wealth floats around me daily.

    I become wealthier every day.

    Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

    Wealth has a constant flow in my life.

    My actions create constant wealth, prosperity and abundance.

    I am a magnet for money.

    Prosperity comes to me.

    I am aligned with the energy of abundance and wealth.

    I have a wealthy mindset.

    I always have more than enough money.

    I am open and receptive to the wealth life offers me.

    I feel great and happy as I get richer.

    I am attracting wealth and abundance today.

    Large amount of money keeps coming to me in ever increasing amounts.

    My wealth shines from within.

    I receive an avalanche of financial abundance and I give back to the Universe in amazing ways.

    I allow myself to be financially abundant.

    I put all the wealth I receive to good use.

    I always welcome thoughts of wealth and abundance.

    I radiate wealth and abundance.

    My riches keep increasing as I give more of myself to this world.

    I am grateful for everything I receive.

    Affirmations for beauty


    I am beautiful, inside out.

    My personality radiates beauty.

    I have a welcoming smile.

    People feel great as they look at me.

    I love to look in the mirror and compliment myself.

    I become more and more beautiful with time.

    I am transforming into a natural beauty every day.

    I love being beautiful.

    People compliment me all the time.

    People look up to me. 

    My skin is clear and my hair shines with radiant health.  

    I love everything about my body.

    I am grateful for how efficient my body is.

    I accept the shape of body as I believe it is beautiful and appealing.

    I make healthy and nourishing eating choices.

    I take care of my skin, hair and body.

    My skin, hair and body are healthy and have good energy.

    My body fills itself with healing energy every time I breath.

    I crave nutritious and healthy foods that are good for my skin and body.

    I love the taste of fruits and vegetables that keep my skin glowing.

    I love every cell in my body.

    I radiate confidence, love and hope.

    I greet and welcome everything that comes into my life with enthusiasm and smile.

    Everything I say and do makes me a healthier and prettier person.

    I feel safe and comfortable in my body.

    I am grateful for the natural beauty that I have.

    Affirmations for work

    I further my career with every action I take.

    I am a valued employee.

    My clients appreciate and value my work.

    I attract new clients every day.

    I am rewarded for doing my best.

    I engage in healthy stimulation during my breaks.

    I eat healthy, nutritious food during my lunch break and my body is grateful, granting me energy and good health in return.

    My positive attitude, confidence and hard work naturally draw in new opportunities.

    I am enthusiastic and excited about my work.

    I have my dream job.

    I love every day that I work.

    My career brings me closer to my family.

    My job brings me financial abundance.

    My co-workers love being around me.

    My boss values the work I do.

    My enthusiasm for my job is contagious.

    My workplace is peaceful and full of love.

    I make decisions easily.

    I speak positively about my coworkers and they respond by speaking positively about me.

    I radiate success.

    I am grateful for the work opportunities that I receive.

    Affirmations for an abundant life (I AM)

    I am powerful.

    I am love.

    I am letting go.

    I am accepting of who I am.

    I am safe.

    I am honouring myself and others.

    I am confident.

    I am freedom.

    I am connected to mother earth.

    I am worthy.

    I am magnificent.

    I am loving all that I am.

    I am creating a life of my dreams.

    I am loving all that you are.

    I am a part of the greater whole.

    I am aligned with my inner power.

    I am wellness.

    I am abundance.

    I am appreciative of all that I have.

    I am happy.

    I am healthy.

    I am at one with all that is.

    I am in the flow of life.

    I am here to grow and expand.

    I am a joyous being of light.

    I am gratitude.

    I am all that is.

    I am healing.

    I am peaceful.

    I am loving.

    I am honouring my higher self.

    I am soul.

    I am truth.

    I am accepting of change.

    I am life force beyond belief.

    I am light.

    I am allowing.

    I am loved by Universal source.

    I am here to learn.

    I am co-creating a Universe of magnificence

    Ia ma comfortable.

    I am choosing my life moment by moment.

    I am life itself.

    I am connected to everything that is.

    I am guided.

    I am guarded.

    I am grateful.

    Affirmations for gratitude


    I feel gratitude for everything that I have received in life.

    I always receive exactly what I ask for and I appreciate that.

    I am grateful for excellent health, love and prosperity.

    My life is filled with abundance and I express never-ending gratitude for it.

    All the challenges I face turn into opportunities for growth and I am thankful to the Universe for giving me the chance to evolve.

    I am grateful for my friends and family who always support me.

    I am always open to more blessings.

    I am grateful for the Universe’s support for my desires.

    I co-create my reality with the help of the Universe.

    My surroundings are beautiful. 

    Nature unfolds for me beautifully.

    I see everything around me as divine gifts

    I am thankful for the help of my elders and guiders throughout my life’s journey.

    I feel blessed and I thank the Universe for it.

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