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9 Ways To Be A *Patakha* In Bed This Diwali!

9 Ways To Be A *Patakha* In Bed This Diwali!

Some articles might have led you to believe that you need pornstar-esque qualities to be amazing in bed but let us just stop you here to tell you that none of that is true. Great sex does not involve you learning 55 types of different sex positions but just a few simple tricks that can blow your man’s mind. So with the long weekend, and celebrations around the corner, how about using some of these tricks to make the festivities even more special? As they say, don’t burst firecrackers, be one…in bed! And here’s how to do it just right.

1. Tell Him What You Love

We cannot stress on the importance of communication, both inside the bedroom and outside. Sext him your wildest fantasies, leave little notes to let him know just what you want (but make sure only he finds them) or just have a conversation with him in the bedroom about what you love. You’ll be surprised to see the difference a little conversation can make.

1 firecracker in bed

Leave little love notes for him all over the house to find. Buy these post-it notes here for Rs 220.

2. Just Make Out

Remember the good old days? When making out in a forbidden place was the most risque thing you’d done? Trust us when we say it’s worth reliving those moments again. Find a secluded corner at the party you are at for a secret rendezvous and just make out. The thrill of sneaking around will totally drive you two crazy with desire.

3. Innovate

Innovation is the key to all things good. Doing the same thing again and again can make something as amazing as sex also a little boring. So innovate, change things up and do things you’ve always wanted. Like pulling him into the room with his tie and then using the same one to tie him up so that you can have your wicked way with him!

And if you don’t want to ruin his tie, handcuff will do the same job. Buy them here for Rs 1,200.

4. Accessorize A Little

Sexy lingerie, sex toys, vibrators, porn are just little things that can go a long way in making sex more exciting and crazy. So consider these little add-ons just as important as the accessories that complete your diwali outfits.

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Vibrators can make the experience so much better for you. Buy it here for Rs 3,600.

5. Take Lead

We know that relationships are all about equality, but dominating (only in the bedroom) once in awhile never hurt anyone. So take lead in the bedroom and show him the magic you can create when you have the reins.

6. Foreplay Is A Must

Foreplay is the appetizer of sex world. No course is complete without it. So make sure there is a lot of kissing, caressing and massaging involved in the bedroom and see things go from blah to aaaah in seconds!

Red is the colour of love. Buy this sexy red lingerie here for Rs 600.

7. Get A Little Loud…

… And crazy! Your moans are not only an aphrodisiac for him but for you, too. While you shouldn’t force or fake it, it is very important to let out your moans when he’s taking you to pleasure heaven. Not only will he know that he’s doing something right but you will also feel a wonderful release when you do.

7 firecracker in bed

8. Take It Outside The Bedroom

Why limit things to the bedroom? Take advantage of the fact that you two have the house all to yourself and have sex somewhere else as well. In the living area in front of the television sounds great, doesn’t it? Or the kitchen slab? The possibilities are endless!

A comforter for cuddling on the sofa after sex sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Buy it here for Rs 3,495.

9. Just Have Fun

This one has to be the most important one of all. Don’t have sex like it’s a task you need to complete. Just like you don’t celebrate Diwali simply for the sake of it! Have sex because it is so much fun and it’ll help you two bond. Have sex because you want to and make sure you are having a good time while doing so.

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