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9 HOT Sexting Ideas That Will Turn Him On Like Crazy!

9 HOT Sexting Ideas That Will Turn Him On Like Crazy!

Let me just say it out loud: as hot as sexting is, it is a task in itself! I mean the struggle to be the sexy and clever is real, guys! Don’t get me wrong, I want to tell my boyfriend how I am ‘longing his caresses and strokes’ but what I am actually doing is eating Pringles out of the box. So yes, sexting is a little tough. But hey, being ‘hard’ is not the worst thing when you’re in the bedroom! Here are some new sexts to get your creative (and other) juices flowing!

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1. “How long does it take for one man to unhook my bra? We’ll find out tonight!”

Posing a challenge is always the easiest way to go. Men love a bit of adrenaline rush and so do we, right?

1 sexting ideas - deepika padukone badtameez dil yjhd

2. “For your birthday this year, I’m wearing the shirt I got you. With nothing under it.”

His birthday could not get any better! Just imagining you in his shirt...just his shirt is bound to get him going!

No man can have enough white shirts so we found one for your man from U.S. Polo Association (Rs 1,599) and you just heard from us how to put them to good use too!

3. “I can’t wait to jump on you when you get home. Darling, you need to get laid before the dinner does!”

Giving him a little preview of what awaits him is a great idea. Also, eating after sex is the best ever!

3 sexting ideas - couple cuddling

4. “I’m burning down there. I’m dying to feel your fingers inside me, loving me, soft and hard, gentle and fast. Come home soon, please?”

Sometimes you need to get a little graphic in life. After all, if you can paint some good visuals, you can do almost anything!

Here are some naughty games (Rs 499) to engage you for the rest of the evening.

5. “What would you do if my arms were tied up against the bedpost and I was sprawled on the bed wearing nothing? Would you take advantage of me?”

Have you ever considered testing out your fantasies over texts before you actually talk about them IRL? It’s practical and, sometimes, it can turn you on better than your bedroom talk!

5 sexting ideas - bondage tying her up

6. “You’re coming over for dinner and I just realised I’m wearing the red thong you love so much. Coincidence? I think not!”

Two words - tease him! This is a mixture of giving him a preview and testing out your fantasies. You can always back it up with some well shot pictures!

Make all his wishes come true in this red, hot piece. (Rs 699)

7. “I’d give anything right now just to be held tight and kissed hard the way you did last weekend. You almost ate me out that night – you remember?”

Play with the things you already have - the hot memories. You want to remind him how amazing it was and how you absolutely can’t wait to try it again.

Capture all your great memories in this photo book by Pioneer. (Rs 1,335)

7 sexting ideas - naughty girl

8. “I really need to go shopping. I was wondering if you’d come along and help me pick a few lingerie pieces. After all, if you get to take them off, you need to help choose too.”

Sexting doesn’t always have to be out there. And this is the best way to make it less subtle and a little more productive. Make him an offer he can’t refuse and you will not just have great sex but also a shopping date!

Or, if you want to surprise him, this gown (Rs. 999) is what you need to pick.

9. “I love how you do me. I almost forget my name while calling out yours. I just can’t get enough of you!”

Everybody needs a little ego boost once in awhile! So go ahead and tell him what just looking at his profile picture is doing to you!

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Published on Sep 13, 2017
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