I Used Normal Emojis To Sext My Boyfriend And Here’s What Happened!

I Used Normal Emojis To Sext My Boyfriend And Here’s What Happened!

Keeping in line with all the social experiments I’ve been conducting on my boyfriend, the previous one being blow job tips, I decided to do one more. This time I wanted to know just how easy it was to turn him on and what it would take to get him in the mood. For a successful experiment, I decided to only converse in emojis after telling him that I was in mood for some sexting to see where he’d take it from there and how well he would understand my emotions. Let’s just say it was a fun and really confusing time for both of us!

Again, for the sake of objectivity, he wasn’t told about the experiment until afterwards. So here are the emojis I used to turn on my boyfriend!

1. Kiss Face

1 emojis to sext

This one is an obvious and was the first I sent!

His reaction: “Aww baby, I love you and want you too!” (He is a sweetheart, isn’t he?!)

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2. Hand Job Time

2 emojis to sext2a emojis to sext

It was kind of an obvious one again, since I was easing him into it. After all, we’ve come to associate our beloved eggplant emoji with a penis!

His reaction: “Is that all? I was expecting some oral action!”

3. Spank Me

3 emojis to sext3a emojis to sext

We’re the kind of couple who are always trying something new. So I sent him this because I really wanted some spanking that night and he wasn’t surprised by it!

His reaction: “I will and hard!”

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4. You’re Evil

4 emojis to sext

Since he’d compiled to my request so easily *wink*, this was the next I sent.

His reaction: “Just wait for tonight to know just how evil I am!”

5. Let’s Make Out

5 emojis to sext

I was deliberately going a little easy on him, as you must have noticed. I did not know how perceptive he would be but he’d been doing pretty well so far.

His reaction: “So tonight is on then? I’m glad! But can we stop this emoji business? It’s a little annoying.”

6. A Bikini

6 emojis to sext

How can sexting be complete without telling my boyfriend exactly what I’m wearing? I know that this is an instant turn on for him since he is a lingerie fanatic!

His reaction: “Haha! You know just what gets me going instantly!”

7. Let’s Have A Bath Together

7 emojis to sext7a emojis to sext

I love showering with him. It is so much fun! He really is the goofiest person ever and something as simple as the shower together also becomes the highlight of my day even if we end up doing nothing else!

His reaction: “Yaasss!! It’s been so long since we showered together. You’re really distracting me now though. I am getting no work done!”

8. Blow Job For You

8 emojis to sext8a emojis to sext

Not surprisingly, both of us love oral sex. So obviously, he needed to know he was in for some fun tonight.

His reaction: “Hahaha, does that mean what I think it does? If that’s what you want love!”

9. Losing My Mind

9 emojis to sext

Since, I knew he was going to ‘return the favour’, I wanted to tell him that I was so excited for it! Sadly, he did not understand my emotions at all! *sigh*

His reaction: “Totally did not understand this one! When are you going to start texting again?”

10. Show Me The Stars And Make Me Orgasm

10 emojis to sext10a emojis to sext10b emojis to sext

If he was having a hard time deciphering the last one, I was sure he wouldn’t get this either. But my man keeps surprising me!

His reaction: “I will show you the stars and the constellations and probably give you a glimpse of heaven as well. But can you just leave your place to meet me already?”

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11. Tie Me Up

11 emojis to sext11a emojis to sext

Again, kink is in my soul! And since we were meeting after a while, I needed some hard core lovin’!

His reaction: “Do you want me to tie you up and do you? Happy to be of service. Anytime, anywhere!”

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12. Some 69, Please?

12 emojis to sext12a emojis to sext

By now, the poor guy was just done with this emoji business and I could tell. But I decided to push him a little more.

His reaction: “Yes we will but not if you keep texting me emojis. It’s a buzzkill!”

13. You’re Gold, Baby!

13 emojis to sext

I was totally done with the experiment too but I loved him more for not losing his patience with me mid-way. I knew I would have. So kudos to him!

His reaction: “Yes, I love you too. Come fast. Bye.”

Later, I told him about this experiment to turn him on using emojis . He laughed his head off and asked me how long was he expected to be a guinea pig for all these crazy little trials? I haven’t told him that this is going to continue for a while, because I can’t have him expect them and not react naturally!

The things I do for you guys! *sigh*

Emojis: Getemoji

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