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13 Sweet (And Naughty!) Ways To Wake *Him* Up In The Morning!

13 Sweet (And Naughty!) Ways To Wake *Him* Up In The Morning!

Waking up next to your partner is a beautiful feeling, even if you hate mornings. Waking up to your partner waking you up sweetly is even better. Here are a few sweet and spicy ways to wake your boyfriend up that can make your mornings (and his!) brighter!

1. Kiss his neck

The neck is a sensitive area for everyone. Use that to your benefit, girl. Wake him up with gentle but quick kisses to his neck. His smile will be priceless! 1 ways to wake your boyfriend up

2. Take matters into your own hands

If you’re up before him and in the mood for some morning action, what better way to wake him up than taking the ‘matter’ into your hands! *Wink*

3. Cuddle and stroke his chest

Couples tend to move away from each other while sleeping. Just snuggle into him when you wake up and lightly run your fingers all over his chest. 3 ways to wake your boyfriend up

4. Wiggle your behind

If you’re both spooning, just gently wiggle your behind into him. That’ll wake him up right away. Your bottom will surely turn the heat up too!

5. Climb on top of him

Forget all foreplay, if that’s what you're in the mood for. Just climb on top of him and start kissing him. He’ll take the lead from there and thank you for it later! 5 ways to wake your boyfriend up

6. Sweet nothings

Text him something sweet and mushy right in the morning to let him know how much you love and appreciate him. He’ll wake up with a smile on his face!

7. Ear ear!

Scoot over closer to him, whisper ‘I love you’ in his ear and then gently nibble his ear. This will put a smile on his face and then he’ll work extra hard to put a smile on yours. 7 ways to wake your boyfriend up

8. Song Request

Call him in the morning, if you’re away from him,  and play his favourite song or a song you both consider as ‘your song’ in the background. He’ll be humming that song all day for sure!

9. Hearty breakfast

Who doesn’t love waking up to the delicious scents of breakfast? Make your man feel special by bringing him breakfast in bed and both of you can have a great start to your day. 9 ways to wake your boyfriend up

10. Tickle him

Men are just as ticklish as we women are. In fact, they sometimes actually like being tickled too - although in a fun way and not as a form of torture. So gently tickle your man and make his morning a happy one!

11. Text him something naughty

If you don’t live together, drop him a text before he wakes up so that the first thing he sees in the morning is your message. Whether a sexy text or a sexy selfie, get him in the mood right in the morning. 11 ways to wake your boyfriend up

12. Shower together

Routines can become boring. Switch up your morning routine by pulling him into the shower with you. He’ll be smiling ear to ear at work all day long!

13. Alarm Clock

Depending on your schedules, offer to be his personal alarm clock and wake him up with a phone call. Listening to his sexy, sleepy voice will bring a smile to your face as well. 13 ways to wake your boyfriend up Go ahead and put a smile on his face right in the morning so that both of you have an amazing day! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

Published on Mar 22, 2017
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