#SuiteLife: 8 Best Hotels in Asia For Your Next Getaway!

#SuiteLife: 8 Best Hotels in Asia For Your Next Getaway!

With 2017 being the best year yet for explorers across the world, the travel and tourism industry has definitely gone all out to give this year their best shot. If you are planning your next big trip to exotic locations that Asia has to offer, we are here to help you pick the perfect location to set up your home away from home. Here is our list of the hottest new hotels in Asia that you need to book right away, for some much-needed pampering and the best hospitality that the industry has to offer.

1. 137 Pillars Suites Bangkok, Thailand

1 hotels in asia - 137 pillars bangkok

Get your pick from 34 of the most luxurious suites that have been named after royal periods in the history of Thailand - Thonburi, Ayuthaya, Rattanakosin, and Sukhothai. Located in Bangkok’s prime Emquartier & Emporium Shopping area, you will be treated to an executive abode in the heart of Thonglor district, truly making your trip worthwhile.

2. Four Seasons Private Island Maldives at Voavah, Baa Atoll, Maldives

2 hotels in asia - four seasons - Maldives

Nothing speaks grandiose and luxury louder than a private island that has been catered to suit your every need. Live in the seven-bedroom hideaway resort, with a 62-foot luxury yacht, a white-sand beach, and a UNESCO ocean territory, that you can call entirely your own. Let Maldives make you feel like a sea princess, and live like a sea princess!

3. Glad Live Gangnam Hotel, South Korea

3 hotels in asia - glad live korea

Classy and elegant, you can’t beat the sophisticated design of the Live Pool Suite in South Korea’s Glad Live Gangnam Hotel. The space is lavishly designed with marble walls and herringbone floors, with your mini pool adding to the soothing villa vibes of the suite. This is how you bring together the holy matrimony of design and space, indeed.

4. KK Beach, Sri Lanka

4 hotels in asia - kk beach sri lanka

The gorgeous Sri Lankan coast has been blessed with KK Beach offering scrumptious cuisine paired with plush accommodation. The artwork that has been showcased in the hotel have been commissioned by Sri Lankan artists and are for sale if you wish to buy them. You know you’ve entered paradise when beachfront boutique hotels have made their way into your life!

5. Katamama, Bali, Indonesia

5 hotels in asia - katamama indonesia

Picture yourself at the edge of the universe, looking into the horizon, with the ocean at your footsteps. Throw in a rooftop garden with a jacuzzi, and Katamama gives you the perfect vision of heaven on earth. The suites are adorned with specially commissioned Indonesian art, and tie together the elements of rich culture and luxury living, to give you the once in a lifetime experience, you know you absolutely deserve.

6. Hoshinoya Tokyo, Japan

6 hotels in asia - hoshinoya tokyo

In what they call “the quintessential hotel experience”, Hoshinoya promises the perfect amalgamation of nature and local cultural experiences to be served with excellent hospitality. Guests can access each floor as their exclusive domain, with credible staff fulfilling your every need, and maintaining traditional Japanese customs known as ‘ryokan’ that have been honoured in inns for centuries.

7. Four Seasons, Marunouchi, Tokyo

7 hotels in asia - tokyo

Located at merely a stone throw away from Tokyo station, the Four Season Marunouchi strives to give its guests the state of the art facilities with the introduction of “farm-to-table French cuisine” at the newly opened MOTIF Restaurant and Bar, that is promised to leave your taste buds immensely satisfied. The hotel staff will also personally pick you up and drop you off at the Tokyo Station, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to hospitality at its finest!

8. Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia

8 hotels in asia - nihi sumba island

Make your childhood dreams come true and live in a luxurious tree house for your next great holiday escapade! At Nihi Sumba Island, get access to Indonesia’s best hiking trails, surfing spots, sport fishing locales and more, for unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. Get away to the gorgeous resort that sprawls across 567 hectares of land, and become a part of the community and culture that the land has to offer.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get booking!

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