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11 Silly & Cute ‘Love Riddles’ That’ll Make Him Laugh!

Krithika Madhavan

Features Writer

You know how we have actually wasted (or invested) our time in cracking silly riddles in school? Reminiscing those amazing school days, we realize that we have laughed, got punished and have also teased our friends over silly nothings because of these riddles. Well, it’s time you actually make your boyfriend laugh too. If you’re wondering how to crack him up then here are a few silly love riddles that will definitely come in handy!

1. What did the sculptor say to his sculpture girlfriend?

Answer: I love you with all my art

1 love riddles

2. It starts with V, every woman has it and it can get her to do almost anything!

Answer: Her VOICE!

3. And he finally proposed to his Korean crush. Can you tell me why?

Answer: Because she is his ‘Seoulmate’

4. What do you call two birdies in love?

Answer: Tweet hearts

4 love riddles

5. What did the Valentine’s day card say to the stamp?

Answer: Darling stick with me, we’ll go places!

6. What is yours but you can’t really grab?

Answer: My heart, silly!

7. What will a man with a broken leg tell his crush?

Answer: I have a crutch on you!

7 love riddles

8. What is the difference between love and marriage?

Answer: Well, love is a sweet little dream but marriage is more like an alarm clock!

9. If you were a Dracula, I’d marry you right away. You know why?

Answer: Because I had a love at first bite with you.

10. Three words that are said too much but are never enough?

Answer: I love you!

10 love riddles

11. What did the boy pickle say to the girl pickle?

Answer: You mean a great dill to me. (Hint: dill pickles!)

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Published on May 21, 2017
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