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How To Cheer Up Your Boyfriend When He Is Feeling Low!

How To Cheer Up Your Boyfriend When He Is Feeling Low!

Everyone has bad days, but no matter how much we try to deny, we can’t go through this phase alone. Despite knowing what’s right and what must be done, sometimes we need a little push from someone we trust to help us see the bigger picture in life. And in most cases when your boyfriend is sad or feeling a little low because of something, we, girlfriends ask each other one common question ‘how to cheer up your boyfriend’. Well, here we have got that answer for you. The soft words to calm him down, cute little cheer up messages for boyfriend, or a tight hug that acts as the most powerful spell in the world to obliviate all his worries. Have a look to know what to do when your boyfriend is sad!

When He’s Sad And Away   
You Sense His Sadness Over A Text    
Cheer Him Over A Call  
He’s Stressed Out At Work  
He’s Not Feeling Well
When He’s Upset With You   

How To Cheer Up Your Boyfriend?

What’s worse than having a bad day? When your most favourite person in the world, aka your boyfriend, is having a rough day and his mood is completely off! Even if he wants to deal with his stuff in his own ways or is unable to think of a solution for a problem, you can still follow some amazing ways to cheer up your boyfriend, make him feel loved, appreciated and most importantly, understood. Want to know how that’s possible? We’ve got everything covered in our ‘How To Cheer Up Your Boyfriend’ guide.

When He’s Feeling Sad (Right In Front Of You)

1. Go on a long drive – Head somewhere without a destination. Play his favourite music, pull down the windows and make him feel ALIVE!


2. Plan a weekend getaway – A change from his mundane schedule is what he needs for a little peace, whether it’s at a sweet little cottage in the hills or at a beachfront resort.

how to cheer him up through text-1

3. Plan an adventure sport – If he gets high on thrill, there’s nothing better than making him do what he loves the most at his lowest point. Check out ziplining at Neemrana Fort Palace or paragliding in Goa.

4. Play his favourite sport – Take him out for squash or bowling, or a game he enjoys most. Be his fun partner and #1 cheerleader, just the way you are in all the ups and downs of his life.


5. Lots and lots of cuddles – Last time I checked, this was a scientifically proven way to release all the stress hormones in your body. Just hold him super tight, kiss him gently and assure him that however messy life may be at the moment, everything will work out soon.

6. Make his favourite food – The only thing we all like better than talking about food is eating! So, get his favourite dish ready and see him feel better instantly. This idea surely works on anyone and everyone!

7. Plan an activity together – Whether the two of you cook his favourite food together or head out for a dance class or even just go get groceries, curate a special experience. Make sure you let him know that you’re always there for him. Hear him out and then divert his attention to something else. If he doesn’t wish to talk yet, go ahead and do something fun together.

When He’s Sad… and Away

8. Send him an adorable video message – Compliment him. Tell him what he means to you. Try to be as expressive and romantic as possible. These out of the blue, priceless videos are guaranteed to make him feel super special and important, instantly.


9. Arrange a boys night out for him and his best friends – Get his friends to take him out. Let him forget his worries for a while over an evening full of laughter, drinks and fun.

cheer up your boyfriend when he is feeling sad

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10. Surprise him with a visit – Show him that his happiness is your topmost priority by taking a day off from work and spending the whole day with him.


11. Give him some space, if necessary – Talk to him ask him about the problem, but if you think and if he says that he needs some time alone, then give him space.

12. Encourage him to go out with his family/friends – If he is sad and away, then make sure that at least he has a company around whom he can feel better. So, encourage him to go out somewhere happening with his family or friends.

13. Order his favourite food – Make your angry-hangry guy feel better by ordering his favourite food from his personal favourite restaurant. Trust me! You won’t have to make any extra effort to see smile on his face.

14. Send him a funny gift – Well, this one’s a bit risky and can go either way but if you’re really trying to make him laugh you should definitely try doing this. Shop for something unusual and quirky. A gag gift can make his day brighter, 99%!


When You Sense His Sadness Over A Text

15. Send him cute and ridiculously hilarious selfies – Smile like a Dracula, show your whole set of teeth, get cockeyed and pout like a pirate – the goofier, the better. These exclusively-clicked funny selfies for your man are guaranteed to make his day!

16. Send him the cheesiest pick-up lines – Make him blush and laugh-his-brains-out at the same time. After all, isn’t he is your most favourite cup of coffee – hot and lip-smacking?

17. Cheer up messages for boyfriend – When he is sad and you can only message him, then send some cheered up messages, which can be funny, motivating or anything that can cheer him up.

18. Make a clip singing a sweet song – No matter what the problem is, but watching your girlfriend singing a song for you, can make any boyfriend’s mood better. So, make a clip of yourself singing a sweet song and send it to him.


19. Have a conversation and ask him what’s wrong – The best option to make your boyfriend feel better over text is to actually ask him about the problem. Have a serious conversation with him, know the problem and comfort him accordingly.

20. Send them memes – If you’re wondering how to cheer up your boyfriend through text, try this! After all, who doesn’t love some memes? You can either run a search on the internet or slide through your Instagram feed, if you wish to take things up a notch, you can custom create your very own memes! 

When You Hear His Low Voice Over A Call

21. Let him vent – Tell him to take you through his entire day – from the beginning to the end, so you’ll feel just as much part of it as he is. Even if you can’t think of a solution, just be a good listener and let him pour his heart out. The sooner he does this, the sooner he starts feeling better.

22. Take his mind off things for a while – If he doesn’t want to talk about it, give him some space. Pressuring him into telling you what’s wrong might even worsen the situation. Give him as much time as he needs and be there for him whenever he’s ready to talk about it. Till then, engage him in a funny conversation that distracts him and most importantly, makes him smile!


how to cheer up your boyfriend-2

23. Indulge in the conversation and make him believe that his perspective is right – When we are angry or really sad, we need a person who can agree to us, it makes all of us get relaxed and feel better. So, agree to his perspectives and give him the comfort that he is looking for.

24. Try and make him think in a positive way – There can be numerous problems in life, but one needs to be positive about certain things to take the right decisions. To make sure to make him feel positive which will help him to take the right decision for anything that is disturbing him.

25. Cheer him up with good news – This tip surely works sometimes, but only when you have actual good news. So, if there’s something special that you are planning or something amazing has happened, then cheer him up with one such good news. This will change his mood and divert his thoughts.


26. Start singing a song – A love song to remind him you love him or a funny song mocking the situation, make him laugh by singing a song out of the blue. 

When He’s Stressed Out At Work

27. Get his favourite food delivered – There aren’t many things in the world that a scrumptious cheesy pasta or spicy chicken momos with an iced latte can’t solve.

28. Spontaneous texts are magic – In the middle of the day, when he’s bogged down by a deadline and work becomes overwhelming, send him a sweet little text message saying, ‘I love you, and I’m proud of you.’ It can do wonders as a stressbuster!

29. Lend your ear – If you want to comfort your boyfriend when he is stressed at work, then simply lend your ear and listen to his problem. First, ask him what’s wrong and make him say it all. This will help him to feel better at work.


30. Use your sense of humour – Your sense of humour is the key to make him smile. No matter how stressed and sad he is, your silly jokes can make him smile as you are an important part of his life.

31. Ask him what else you can do – He may not say directly but there is always something that your boyfriend is expecting you to do if he is sharing his problem with you. Comfort him as much as you can and then ask him what else can you do to relax him.

32. A surprise visit will work – Doesn’t matter if he is away or at work, you can surely spare time and visit him to make his mood better. Make sure it’s a surprise visit so that the bubble of gloominess bursts as soon as he see you. 

When He’s Not Feeling Well

33. Taking a day off from your work to stay with him – Taking off from your busy schedule and spending a whole day with him to take care, will be the sweetest gesture of care that you can show. So, take off from work and stay with him. 


34. Take him to the doctor – Guys always try to show that they are too tough and can handle anything and everything, but if he’s not feeling well, even after taking proper rest, then take him to the doctor, then spend a whole day with him. He will love this sweet gesture of care.

35. Make it a Netflix and chill kinda day – No matter how unwell a person is feeling, but watching a good movie or series will help him recover more. Also, if you’ll be sitting by his side, it will make him even better.

36. Spoil him silly – Whatever he wants – a bowl of hot soup, a greasy plate of pasta or some home-cooked cookies. Pamper him and he’ll get better soon!

37. Give him a nice massage – Help him relax. Light scented candles in his room and pepper the house with potpourri to reduce his stress. This might even put him in a pre-slumber mood and calm his nerves.


38. Longs hug are a big relief – Sometimes all a person needs is a hug from the right person to melt away all the stress. So, be that right person, give him a long hug because a warm hug is known to relieve stress.

When He’s Upset With You

39. Take him out for a walk and talk it out – Fresh air does more good than you know. Don’t forget to hold his hands and show some PDA to make him smile.

40. Plan a cosy date at home – Binge-watch his favourite movies or TV series (ideally, comedy) while gorging on some delicious food and snuggle under one blanket till you both fall asleep. 

how to cheer up your boyfriend-3


41. Made a handmade gift for him – Handmade gifts are surely much more special than buying gifts in exchange for money. So, if he is upset with you, then you can spare some time and make a special gift for him, be it a greeting card, a collage of your pictures or any gift that includes a fun activity. But make sure to follow this handmade gift with a sincere apology.

42. Make your actions speak louder than your apology – Leave him cute notes around the house to remind him why you love him. It can be the first thing he sees on his bedside table when he wakes up, on the bathroom mirror when he heads for a shower or behind a refrigerator magnet when he enters the kitchen.

43. A baby face always works – Spread the magic of your baby face and apologize to him in the best way possible. That innocent face can work wonders to get a smile from him. But make sure your apology is a sincere one.

44. Sing for him – There’s obviously nothing more romantic and daring than serenading his favourite song in front of everyone, to clearly show how much he means to you. Even if you end up sounding like Vikram Seth’s frog, at least it will make him laugh.


45. Run some errands for him – One of the best things to cheer your boyfriend, take some load off his to-do list. Does he have some pending tasks? Does he need to get some things done? Do them for him. Oh! And make the apology sincere, choose the right words. 

So, these were some of the amazing and cute ways to cheer up your boyfriend over text or planning something cute for him.

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21 Nov 2016

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