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Everything You Need To Know About Flirting That'll Make You *Irresistible*!

Everything You Need To Know About Flirting That'll Make You *Irresistible*!

Flirting with a guy may seem like an impossible task but it’s actually a whole lot easier than it looks. With a few tips to keep in mind, you can totally bat your lashes at him and ace that wooing game. Believe it or not, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to flirting with a cute guy at the bar or even over a text. You can’t come off as too nonchalant that he doesn’t even know that you’re trying to get with him and it can’t even come off as too cheesy; there’s a thin line you’ve to tread and OMG, the guy is by your side.

Flirty Texts To Send

Tips To Flirt With A Boy In Person

Tips To Use Body Language To Flirt

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Texts

Flirting can be nerve-wracking and flirting over text messages can be even harder. This is because a lot of things can be lost in translation as your crush can neither hear your tone nor see your facial expressions. But there are also a whole lot of advantages of flirting over messages as it can be easier than actually going up to a person and taking the risk of rejection head-on. It’s also a whole lot better because you can take your own sweet time to reply and come up with the perfect message. Ask your girls for advice or check some of these flirtatious text messages we have for you and trust us, your crush will be falling head over heels in love with you.

You’ve to come off as a strong and confident woman and yet not be overbearing. Ideally, it’ll make them know that you’re running on their mind and also help you set up a date. What should a flirty text have? Well, don’t overthink, keep it short and sweet, funny but not cheesy. Trust us this just the beginning, midnight strolls are coming your way.

Flirty Texts To Send

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Ask him a flirty question

  • Why are you so damn cute?!
  • In the mood to have some crazy fun?
  • Do you miss me?
  • Should I let you in on a secret?
  • In the mood to have some fun? 😉
  • Want to grab some ice cream together?
  • Want to have this conversation in person?
  • Want to have a crazy night?
  • I kinda like you a latte. What’re you gonna do about it?
  • Hey, how are you so adora-bubbles?

Be bold and own your feelings for him but punnily

  • You’re one in a minion.
  • Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me.
  • If you were a triangle, you’d definitely be acute one.
  • I soda think you’re cute.
  • There’s no otter like you!
  • You octopi my thoughts.
  • We make a nice pear.
  • I donut know what I’d do without you.
  • You’re the pineapple of my eyes.
  • Time fries when I’m with you.
  • Like you, pho real!
  • This may sound cheesy, but I think you’re grate.

Be upfront about how much you like him

  • I’m not caught up with all these dating rules, I wanted to text you so I am.
  • When I see your name pop up on my screen, don’t know why but I grin wide and silly.
  • There’s nothing really to say, so I’m saying, “Hey!”
  • My stomach does these weird turns when I see you.
  • You’re pretty freakin’ amazing!
  • Just thought you should know, I realised that this whole butterflies thing, it’s real!
  • I really like getting to know you.
  • This thing we have going on is great!
  • You make my heart happy.
  • I can’t seem to fall off to sleep, I’m blaming you!
  • I kinda sorta like you a little. (Okay a lottle!)
  • I’ve been really thinking about you.
  • You’ve been on my mind all day and it’s just 8 am.

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Flirty texts to send the next morning

  • Last night was great, thought you should know.
  • I really liked the shirt you wore yesterday.
  • Our date was really fun. Can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.
  • You looked cute last night!
  • I think we were in a crazy zone yesterday.
  • The place we went to last night was so gorgeous.
  • You really had me in splits yesterday.
  • I can’t stop thinking about how attractive you looked last night.
  • You clean up nice!
  • I’m still smiling from yesterday.

Talk about the next time you’re going to be together

  • We should probably go on another date soon.
  • Wanna come over sometime?
  • I really wish you were here with me right now.
  • Busy this week? Any time to fit me in?
  • Oh my God, I have to go to this party today, wish you could come with me.
  • I’m really looking for a stress buster this week, want hang?
  • We should totally meet again!

Just go all out, make the plan yourself

  • Hey, I’m not one for being coy, want to go out with me?
  • This is me asking you out, what say?
  • Coffee this Saturday?
  • I’m craving Chinese, free tomorrow?
  • Let’s get dinner this week?
  • Listen, there’s this movie on, all my friends have seen it, you want to go with me?
  • I’m having a terrible day at work, want to grab a beer later?
  • There’s this new cocktail bar opened, want to check it out?
  • I have passes for this event, should be fun. Wanna come?
  • I’m going to this club with a bunch of my friends today, want to join us?

Flirt with emojis, nope not just the eggplant and peach

  • *burger*, *pizza*, or *taco* tonight?
  • After work *building* *arrow* *beers clinking*?
  • You deserve these *bouquet emoji*
  • *movie clapboard* tonight?
  • I *donut* want to hang with anyone but you!
  • Me when I see your name flash on my screen: *heart eyes*
  • You’re *sweet* but also *fire*
  • Hey *honey pot*
  • In the mood to celebrate, want to join? *champagne bottle*
  • I’m in the mood for some *salad*!

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Take flirting up a notch, yes, we’re talking PG 13 stuff

  • Wachha wearing?!
  • I might send you a selfie tonight, you’re gonna wanna stay up for that.
  • I may or may not be wearing underwear right now.
  • Are we going to be alone tonight?
  • I’m giving you a tip, knowledge is power so use it wisely- if you kiss my neck I’ll just about do anything. 😉
  • Just thought I’d tell you, I’m a still a little wet….. from the shower I just took.
  • My thoughts about you are more R-rated than normal today.
  • Can’t wait to get a lil frisky tonight.
  • I’m craving some yummy, send me a sexy selfie?
  • I can’t wait to be by your side, or on top, if that’s what you prefer.
  • This text means you can kiss me deeply, once. You gotta choose wisely.
  • Just thinking about all the things we’d do when we meet.
  • I can think of at least 10 ways we would rather spend our time doing, and 9 of them involve a bed.

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When you’re seriously in doubt, go with what you’re thinking of.

  • Oh Gosh, stop thinking of me so much, I’m getting hiccups!
  • My phone is running on 2% battery and I using that to tell you that you’ve been running on my mind.
  • Look at this cutie, Snowy is saying, “Bow cutay bow!”
  • You look amazingly handsome right now, I really can’t see you but I’m assuming you look good.
  • This song reminds me of you.
  • Instead of tagging you on a cutesy meme, I thought I’d text you.
  • Everything you do makes me smile.
  • You’re always on my mind, HOW?!
  • I dreamt about you last night….
  • Stop making me blush!

How To Flirt With A Boy In Person


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Flirting over texts and bringing on your sassiest A-game is easy peasy at times but saying the same thing can scare the living daylights out of you. Even the most confident people can turn into a stammering ball of mush when made to confront their crush. So if you’re struggling to flirt, we’ve got the sweetest tips for you so that you approach your beloved future bae with an air of owning it.

Tips That’ll Make You Totlly Irresistible

Draw attention to your lips: Yes, it does sound a bit ridiculous, but drawing attention to your lips is a big plus point. A bright, poppy lipstick during the day or even some lip gloss for that extra juicy look is always a good idea. To do the trick more subtly you can even slap on some chapstick and voila, you’ll look stunning! He’ll definitely be thinking of the taste of your cherry chapstick (just like Katy Perry!)

Smile and say hi when you pass them by: You don’t understand the power in one wave coupled with a smile. We understand the flips that happen in your stomach when your boo arrives or crosses you but keep your cool and smile warmly at him, you can add a little wave and give them that tiny bit of attention that makes them understand you’re thinking of them. No need to get into a long conversation, but ignore those instincts telling you to hide away and make yourself known to him. You’re one step closer to being with him!


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Bump and flatter the hottie: Nail that “oops I accidentally bumped into you” at a crowded party and shyly look up and say, “I become such a clutz around cute people.” The gorgeous boy will know that you’re interested and that you find him cute. You’ve already broken the ice this way then the conversation that’ll follow will be easier.

Play that hot and cold game: Now we know that it may sound counterintuitive to ignore your crush and then pay attention to him, but trust us it works. Suppose you run into your crush somewhere, start talking to his friends first and be warm and friendly. He’ll get a tiny pang of jealousy in him and then say hi to him and chit-chat nicely, he’ll feel all better. This may also make him more aware of his feelings for you.

Let your confident side come out and play: It may seem scary when someone catches you staring at them, but you can use it to your advantage. Next time you’re checking out your crush and he catches you looking over on his side, don’t look away embarrassed, own it! Smile back at him with affection and maybe even add a wink. This will show him that you’re a confident woman and know exactly what you want.

Notice things about him: Yep, we’re telling you to check him out from top to bottom. If you really notice things about him like a cool graphic tee he’s wearing or the faint dimple on his face, your crush will know that you actually care about getting to know him on a more personal level. If he’s carrying a special notebook or actually talks about something he’s passionate about, it’s easier to start a conversation about it.

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Start it off with something funny and cute: Pick up lines may seem very lame but trust us they work. If not to actually ‘pick-up’ the guy they can work as they ideal ice breaker. You can both laugh at the cheesy line and that in itself will get you two talking, and that’s what we all want right?! Some pick-up lines that you can start with “Hey my laces must have been open, cause I fell for you!” or “Are you a keyboard cause you’re definitely my type!”

How To Use Body Language To Flirt

1. Eye contact FTW

Make eye contact and hold the gaze for a lil longer than usual. Meeting someone’s gaze is a sign of confidence and it works all the time in letting the other person know that you’re interested.

2. Smell awesome

Make it absolutely irresistible for him. That’s half your job done.

3. Go touchy feely

Compliment him on his biceps or keep your hand gently on his shoulders in a suggestive but not encroaching manner.

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4. Play with your hair

Twirl that one strand that will make him go weak in his knees.

5. Compliment him

Don’t go overboard with this one, but feel free to compliment him on the things that you like about him.

6. Lean in

At a crowded place, use the surrounding noise as an excuse to get closer and say something sweet or naughty. Make your presence felt.

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7. Surprise hug

If you are happy about something when he is around, give him a bear hug (don’t catch him off-guard though). Let it linger a bit longer.

8. Smile at him

A smile is at once welcoming and also a potent weapon in your flirting arsenal. When you make eye contact with someone, make sure to follow it up with a smile. Nothing beats a sexy, suggestive smile. 

9. Tease him

Once you have been introduced to him, drop him an ‘accidental’ text if required to start a conversation.

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10. Watch out for his response

If he reciprocates your moves, that’s surely a head start for something more tangible!

So now that you’ve got all the ways you can make him your man, we’re sure you guys will live happily ever after together. After all, you’re mint to be! (Okay we’re stopping with the puns.)

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