7 Times You SHOULD Give Your Guy The Space He Needs

Nasrin ModakNasrin Modak  |  May 5, 2016


The words “I need some space” can be quite intimidating in a relationship, no matter who out of the two of you says them. Pragmatically, it’s only natural to want some personal space in a relationship – a space when you can indulge in the “state of nothingness” without being judged, or do whatever the hell you want without having any expectations to meet. So, how do you decide when to give each other that space? We have here 7 times you know you SHOULD give him the space he deserves.

1. He’s having a rough time at work

Men are usually very attached to their profession. While you would want to stand by your man in crisis, if it’s a work thing, let him be. Some things only silence and time can heal.

he needs space

2. He’s stopped communicating

He has reduced his calls and texts considerably for no apparent reason (or so you think). While you can’t sleep before reading his “good night” message, it’s cool to let him have his space if he wants it. You pestering him with questions is not going to lead to any good.

3. He’s unavailable

As much as you want to spend time with him, relax if he turns down your invitation or if his plans don’t include you once in a while. He needs to see his buddies and spend some girl-free time. It’s OKAY! Don’t you want to hang out with just your girls sometimes?

he needs space
4. He’s being over-critical

When he criticizes everything you do – eat, drink or wear, don’t take it to heart. Most probably, it’s not going to be about you. If this behaviour has not been consistent in the past, don’t lose your sleep over it. Let him be for the time being.

5. You two are fighting often

From debates on world politics to being argumentative about something wrong either of you did on your eleventh date – if everything is leading to a battle – slow down. Let go till the winds are calmer.

he needs space

6. He’s having his quiet phases

When he is with you, you can see him withdraw into a shell. It could be some baggage from the past or a recent conversation that has upset him tremendously – do not try to confront him in the moment. Give him his space and talk about it eventually if things don’t get back to normal.

7. He’s having a hard time outside of the relationship

May be it’s with his family or that he’s had a fight with a dear friend – if he is wanting to be on his own or wants to spend time to mend what’s broken – give it to him. There are some things and some people in life who come before you. So, take a deep breath, and try not to involve yourself.

he needs space

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