#HeSays: 10 Tiny Things Girls Do In Bed That Blow A Guy’s Mind!

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There is an endless list of sexy things girls do that totally blow a guy's mind in the bedroom, but here we're actually talking about the little things that unexpectedly make our heads go boom! In a good way, of course - in an awesome way even. Anyway, here are some of those little things!

1. Nibble on our ears

There are parts of our body we wouldn't like to imagine next to your teeth… But our ears are not one of them. So when you nibble on them lightly during foreplay, we kinda lose it a little bit.

2. One dirty little word

Dirty talk is hot, yes, but can be totally unnatural if you're not a pro at it. Which is why sometime just one dirty word that we might have never heard you say can do the trick for us!

3. More tongue

Your tongue + our body. We're ALL about this one.

3 sexy things girls do

4. Moan our names in our ears

This one is just really, reallyyy hot. But if your guy has a super complicated name, or shares his name with his father or just doesn't like his own name, even a pet name would also do (a pet name only you refer to us by, though)!

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5. Touch yourself

You know that moment when you're totally into what we're doing but still want more and then suddenly you're taking things into your own hands and touching every place we can't reach? WOW.

6. Match our Pace

That urgency with which you try and match our pace - or sometimes even just to make us go faster - is so freakin' sexy that we almost finish right then and there.

6 sexy things girls do

7. A little bit of back scratching

Not to leave marks that would burn for a week after…but maybe just for a day. We like the reminder of what a crazy, amazing, wild time we had with you!

8. And a little bit of begging

We don't often tease you in bed, but when we do, it's almost always to see you beg for us to just get on with it already. It's a major turn-on for us.

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9. Some aggression

A little bit of tie or hair pulling or grinding against the door are little moves that wipe our minds blank of nothing but pure pleasure for a few moments!

9 sexy things girls do

10. THAT look

You know that moment when're so, so close? And your mouth opens slightly, you don't give a damn about the sounds you make and your eyes just kinda roll up? THAT look. Phew!

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Published on Oct 21, 2016
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