9 Unexpected Ways To Turn Him On Instantly!

9 Unexpected Ways To Turn Him On Instantly!

Men have a way with us; with the way that they always manage to get us hot and bothered. Maybe it was a trick he played; maybe it was something he whispered in your ear… you know what I mean. It somehow makes you want to do the same, and more to him. Let him know what it feels like to be all hot and turned on because of something you did, so subtly and yet, so suggestively, that he simply can’t get you out of his head.

Here’s a few unexpected things you can do to turn him on, enough to make him stop everything he’s doing and well, do you, instead. *wink*

1. Come home drippin’ in sweat post a gym workout  

There is nothing as sexy as seeing a woman sweat while, or post working out. If you don’t believe me, pay more attention to the men around you when you hit the gym next time! Seeing you walk in after an intense gym session is going to make you want to cool you off… he might be imagining a nice shower… together. That should do it, no?  

2. Wear an irresistible perfume on a date night

The one thing that lingers long after you’ve left the room, his car and his apartment, is your scent. So, you want to make it memorable to the point where he associates every similar whiff with an image of you smelling the way that you do. The idea is to have a signature perfume; and let it be one that isn’t accessible to all. A little Chanel No 5, or YSL’s Opium never hurt your wallet if it is engraved in his senses.

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3. Perform a strip-tease

No matter how fit a man may be; or how unfit you ‘think’ you may be; the rule is gold: Men like women naked. And it’s all the better when it’s enticing him and getting him worked up about what is about to come once the last item of clothing on your body drops to the floor. Performing a strip tease isn’t difficult. All you need is some Victoria’s Secrets lingerie, a pair of stilettos, and a song that makes you feel like Kim Kardashian. He’ll be drooling all over himself.  

3 unexpected ways to turn him on  - striptease

4. Play Sexy Music

Music is so important. It helps manifest feelings you never thought you could have. Especially when it comes to getting turned on, music can get him there in no time, with a little helping hand from you, of course. It’s time to make a playlist. It should definitely have The Weeknd’s I Feel It Coming, Selena Gomez’s Good For You, Zayn Malik’s Pillow Talk. If you’re a Bollywood person, play Jism’s Chalo, or Hum Tum’s Saason Ko Saason Mein. You get the gist.

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5. Touch Him In All The Right Ways

Touching is an art. You have to master the art of touching a man in a way that isn’t the least but suggestive, yet, intense enough to make him want your hands all over him. The nape of his neck is a good place to just let your fingers run up and down, maybe give him a light massage while you’re fingers are there. Let your fingers gently graze along his forearm, tracing them down till his fingers; yet, not holding them; all this as you pass him by. And then, see if he doesn’t just grab you out of nowhere because he wants more.

6. Doing Yoga In The Morning

Watching you spread your hands and legs in gravity-defying angles will leave him imagining what other ways you can bend. Something about a woman doing yoga turns every guy on like a siren on a police car; no kidding! Make the most of that and stretch ‘em far and wide!

6 unexpected ways to turn him on - yoga

7. Look Into His Eyes In A Suggestive Way

Unlike every other time that you look at him, let your eyes linger longer, smolder him a bit more and make him wonder if there are unspoken words hidden in that look. He’ll be hooked in no time. Give him a gentle smirk as you really penetrate his head; albeit in a subtle, romantic way.

8. Send Him A Sneaky Photo Of You Looking Hot

When he’s at work, getting bored of the same old monotony (because, you know he is), surprise him with a picture of you wearing your naughtiest delicates. It will be better still if he knows you’re at work and sneaked away from your work station just to be a little naughty for him. Need we say more?

9. Make Him breakfast in bed

Men love women who can cook them a hearty meal. It has to do with their feelings of being loved, pampered and taken care of. It doesn’t just build instil stronger feelings for you in their hearts; but, it also builds their desire for you. Surprise him with breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning. It doesn’t have to be a lavish spread; just some crisp toast, eggs the way he likes it and a glass of juice, or a smoothie. You’ll be satisfying his appetite, in more ways than one.

9 unexpected ways to turn him on  - breakfast in bed

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