11 Sex Tips To Gain Insane Confidence In Bed!

11 Sex Tips To Gain Insane Confidence In Bed!
Have you ever struggled with being confident when it comes to sex? Yeah? Great, we ALL have. Tons of questions run through our minds - How do I look? Does he like me this way? What is good sex, after all? And it goes on and on. It’s not uncommon at all! But these 11 sex tips are our sure-shot bits of sex advice to build some dynamic confidence in bed!

1. Quit the overthinking

First and foremost, put all the negative thoughts aside. Just pick them, bundle them and put them in a sealed tight box at the back of your mind. Yup, just like that! Feels good, doesn’t it? It’s easy to overthink but remember that overthinking almost never leads anywhere fun.

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2. Fake the big ‘C’ not the big ‘O’

Fake it till you make, girls! No we don’t mean the climax, we mean the confidence. Not feeling confident enough? Just pretend you are and see where that takes you. In the words of Frozen - conceal it, don’t feel it, don’t let it show.

3. Dim the lights

Can’t keep them on but don’t want to switch them off? That's totally fine! Dim the lights just a bit to get that alluring, romantic lighting that will definitely help set the mood and will flatter your body too!

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4. Get in the groove

“Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on…” Nothing like a good music track to shake that booty to!

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5. Put the dirty back in the talk

Sounds tough? C’mon you can do it! A few well thought out comebacks and you’ll find yourself on top of the game in no time! And it so doesn't need to be A-rated, just something slightly naughty!

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6. Slow motion stripping

What’s better than stripping? Doing it slo-mo, of course! Get ‘em moves on, gurl! Watching your guy's jaw hit the floor will give you all the confidence you need to keep on going!

7. Splurge on some sexy lingerie

Forget whether he will notice it or not. You know you will notice it and that is all that matters. Wearing new sexy lingerie will definitely make you feel like a million bucks, so DO give it a shot.

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8. Smell the part

You’d be surprised how a sensual smell can get your man in the mood and give your confidence a sudden boost! Here are some suggestions to help you decide!

9. Take charge!

Nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants! It will be difficult, initially, but that’s what baby steps are for, right? Slow, steady and sexy wins the game! So go on and tell him what you like, ask him what he likes and get ready to have some fun!

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10. Get comfortable with some games

You know you want to try that sexy game you read about. Chances are, he wants to try it too - or he will, once he knows what it involves! So let your inhibitions go and get into it. Think about a game and think about what you will do while playing. In short, play it in your head so that you are prepared when it finally comes down to it.

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11. Imagine thyself!

No, for real, don’t get creeped out. Think about what you would be looking like - a sexy, hair-in-place, sensual woman just getting in the mood. You can look like absolutely anything you want to. Like what you see? There you go! If it was so easy to imagine, it can't be all that hard to achieve!

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