#HeSays: 7 *Naughty* Games Your Guy Wants To Play With You!

#HeSays: 7 *Naughty* Games Your Guy Wants To Play With You!
Okay, so when we know we're going to have sex - we don't always try to jump straight to it. Sometimes, yes, but not always! We enjoy foreplay too and what better foreplay than some extremely naughty games? Here are a few that we ALL want to play with our girlfriends!

1. Strip Beer Pong

Your standard old beer pong but with an additional rule - instead of you just drinking from the cup when we score (which we always do!), you also owe us a sexual favour of our choosing. And we have plenty to choose from, ladies!

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2. Who'll Give Up First?

The ultimate teasing game! Whether in a public place or in the privacy of our home, we would love to play this anyway. All we have to do is turn each other on with words, gestures…but also, at the same time, resist temptation from the other person! Whoever gives up first and pounces loses! And to be honest, we don't even care if we always lose this one!

2 naughty couple games

3. Tag You're It

Never thought your favourite childhood game could be turned into something naughty? Well, when we tag each other to be the one in charge while we're actually doing it… Oh, it can be so much fun!

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4. Spelling Bee With You On Me

You, on top of us, is awesome in itself. But when you add a spelling bee challenge to it? It's exciting when only your tongue does all the talking, if you know what we mean!

4 naughty couple games

5. Seven Minutes In Heaven

Yes, very high-school of us, but it would be so much more fun now than it ever was back then. Also, technically, a little bit of a teenage fantasy that didn't go away. But instead of playing it with a bunch of people, we want to play this just with you - but wherever we go!

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6. Lips Or Cheek Or…

You know those naughty dice? Where one says an action (like kiss or lick) and the other says a body part (like lips or cheek)? Well, we want to roll those just with you!

6 naughty couple games

7. Hide & Oh-Go-Seek

Not hide yourself…but candy! So you have to take a piece of candy and hide it somewhere on you. In your hand, your pocket, your mouth…anywhere! And then we go on the hunt to find it.

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