Girls vs Guys: What “Packing For A Weekend” Is Actually Like!

Girls vs Guys: What “Packing For A Weekend” Is Actually Like!
Packing for a weekend? Great!

No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do… you will definitely relate to this!!! We bet!

How men do it: Done!!

How we do it: pink top.. Blue top.. Red dress..white pants.. Red socks.. Purple skirt..maroon pants.. That cute dress..those hot shorts..the red lipstick, the pink one, the ‘if i meet a cute guy dress’, the heels, the platforms, the flatforms.......... SAY HI TO THE NEVER ENDING LIST! :P

We girls can never pack enough, be it for a day or for a week. We want to be prepared for any SOS situation, be it encountering a cute guy or a random mood swing that wants us to wear a particular dress from our wardrobe!

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We leave no stone unturned in looking our best at the most random hour of the day and HELLO,, even weekend trips cannot stop us.. Even if that means carrying our world in our bag!

We will do it all!!

Presenting this hilarious video that appropriately portrays how men pack vs how women pack. Believe us, You will die laughing!

Watch the video here!
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