10 Men Reveal What Turns Them Off… During Sex!

10 Men Reveal What Turns Them Off… During Sex!

As much as we love our man, there are days when we feel turned off while making love to them. And guess what? It happens to guys too. Reason could be anything and if you want to know some of those reasons, here is a thread we found on Reddit where men shared what turned them off during sex…and the answers are worth reading. They are hilarious but can also help you to avoid such situation while romancing bae!

1. The one where she pretended to be more turned on than she actually was

ShigglyB00 answers on Reddit: Pretending to be more turned on than you are. I mean, I know some girls have trouble getting comfortable and achieving orgasm through sex. That's cool and understandable.

1 what turns a man off during sex

2. The one where he wish she was careful while giving him a blowjob

SecamTO answers on Reddit: Toothy blowjobs.

3. The one where she made animal noises

TrukThunders answers on Reddit: When my wife inexplicably starts making strange animal noises to see how I react.

3 what turns a man off during sex


4. The one where the ex came in beṭween

The_Kool_Kiddo answers on Reddit: ‘Well, my ex would do ....’

5. The one where she HAS to smell amazing!

ScotsTots answers on Reddit: Smells...I'm pretty tolerant...but some body smells can hit you like a two by four.

5 what turns a man off during sex

6. The one where she didn’t take his compliment

Effingeenyus answers on Reddit:

Boy: ‘Oh yeah babe, you're so hot!’

Girl: ‘No, I'm so gross. I'm like soooo gross and fat and disgusting’

Boy: ‘Oh... well ok then.’

7. The one where he needed privacy from pets

Jaypinion answers on Reddit: When we change positions and I notice our two dogs staring at us, tails wagging. Straight 12 to 6.

7 what turns a man off during sex

8. The one where he gets turned off just by thinking about it

Marvelous2000 answers on Reddit: Thinking ‘I hope I don't lose my erection.’

9. The one where he needs to lock the room

User_name555 answers on Reddit: My god damn cat, we named her ‘Stupid’ for a reason.

9 what turns a man off during sex

10. The one where he doesn’t want to cause any pain

The_xxvii answers on Reddit: Accidentally causing pain to my partner is a turn off. Like getting the angle wrong and slamming into her cervix, or a sudden groin cramp.

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.


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