Desi Mom With Sign Gives You All The Gyaan You Do (Or Don’t) Need

Desi Mom With Sign Gives You All The Gyaan You Do (Or Don’t) Need

While it could be annoying to constantly receive those pearls of wisdom from your mom, let's face it, we do need gyaan from our mothers who know us the best. And even if we don't, our moms will never let us feel left out by saying things like, "don't spend too much time on your phone", "wake up early" and what not!

If you aren't staying with your mom and missing out on her concern, comments and remarks, we've got an Instagram handle for you that has desi mom lending out endless advice to her son. 

The account called, @motherwithsign, has just eight posts but over 7,000 followers already. Let us show you all the posts with some message or the other that is sure to touch you in ways that are just so motherly. 

Here are some of the catchy, humourous, wise and yet fun signs that can instantly make you feel loved. 

Dose Of Positivity

There are times when many of us feel low and an 'everything will be alright' kind of affirmation wouldn't do us any harm. That is when these quotes come into play like a refreshing dose of encouragement.

Marriage advice given right!


A reminder to self :)

Motherly Concern

From what you must eat to what should you wear to stay healthy- mom knows it all!


Battle that #DilliKiSardi

The Eye-Opener

Given the constant hustle-bustle of life- juggling between friendships and work, how often do you think we manage to give time to our parents? Here's what almost every mom would say. And, this, my dear friends, is a sweet eye-opener for us to value our parents.


BRB, going to call my mom!

Featured Image: Instagram