Real Women Talk About The Best Fashion Advice Their Mother Gave Them!

Real Women Talk About The Best Fashion Advice Their Mother Gave Them!

Sometimes the best advice that we get is from our own moms and many a time we don’t even realise it's valued till we fail to follow it. Our moms without a doubt have also played a major role when it comes to defining our personal style. From introducing us to wearing dresses as kids to the perfect red lip gloss, they’re the ones who give us the confidence to rock whatever we wear!

As Mother’s Day is around the corner, we at POPxo are weighing in on the one best fashion advice we received from our favourite ladies.

1. Flare For The Win!

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Since my mom and I, both have a similar body frame which is petite, without a doubt she gave me the best advice and helped me discover what flatters my body. The one piece of advice which has always stayed with me is how I should not always follow trends blindly but wear solid colour outfits and flared pants which cover my high heels for a taller illusion.

- Arushi Sakhuja, Editorial Coordinator

2. Like Mother Like Daughter!

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Taking all my genes from my mother, we both have a pear-shaped body (narrow shoulder and heavier thighs). I have always admired my mother’s dressing sense and how she would wear clothes that would compliment her body type. She taught me to wear fitting tops and loose bottoms. Heels are a must to give our body an elongated effect. She has advised me to invest in quality heels that I can carry off with just about any outfit.

- Saachi Bamba, Editorial Coordinator

3. Go All Out!

My mom and I have different tastes. She thinks I can do better in the shoe department, but a smaller shoe size limits me to flats and wedges. However, she agrees that dresses suit my petite frame the best, so I wear them a lot. I have recently discovered CoverStory and this black ruffle dress is an absolute favourite.

- Apeksha Bhateja, Branded Content Editor

4. Keep It Simple Silly!

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I idolise my mother in every possible way. Needless to say, I adore her fashion sense a lot. She always carries herself gracefully but the key is to keep it simple. Even if it is a simple saree or blue jeans white shirt set, she believes minimal accessorising and keeping her hair simple. This was one of the best fashion advice she gave me and it works for me every time!

- Krithika Kumar, Senior Features Writer

5. It’s All About How You Match Colours/Shades

Be it her sarees, her brown bag or her pink lipstick, I’ve always idolised my mom. And not blindly. Her aesthetics were always about keeping it classic. Instead of going all out, she’s always spoken about balancing an outfit: to pair neutrals (like cream, beige, off-white) with colours, florals and prints. And to this day, it’s never failed!

-Manavi Siddhanti, Beauty Editor

6. Experiment With Colours

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As someone who is inherently scared of bright colours because I don’t know how to match them, my cupboard solely consists of blacks, whites and greys. But my mom loves experimenting with colours, so she often convinces me to buy a red dress or a pink top, which ends up turning into a staple. All in all, she has surely managed to make my life colourful.

- Akanksha Bhatia, Lifestyle Writer

7. Dupattas Go A Long Way

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My mom and I love wearing Indo-western clothes. One thing that my mom has taught me is to add a dupatta to your suit for the sake of aesthetics. Even though I find dupattas really annoying, I still try to add them whenever I can!

- Isheeta Sharma, Junior Lifestyle Editor

 What's the best fashion advice your mother has given you?